How to Renew UK Visa in Nigeria Easily

Before travelling to the UK, you must secure a visa and to obtain one, you must pass the rigorous screening process. Well, that you scaled through doesn’t guarantee that you will be granted a visa in Nigeria for travelling to the United Kingdom if you attempt the second or third time.


How To Renew U.K Visa in Nigeria Easily: Step by Step Guide

This is because, the process of renewal is even difficult as when you applied the first time. With the various terrorists attacks in the United Kingdom, the UK Government has put in place strict guidelines for visitors who apply for visas. This measure will help reduce the number of illegal immigrants that travel using the visitor’s visa into the country.

In order not to allow the visa officials at the embassy to be suspicious and deny your application for the UK visa renewal, we advise that you properly fill the application form, avoiding unnecessary mistakes that may make you loose not only your chance to travel but your hard earned money, time and resources.

This post will help list the procedures to renew U.K visa in Nigeria easily so as not to risk your renewal visa being declined. We shall also list the various categories of visitors’ visa which of course will be the first step in the application process.

General Visitors

This category are for those who are visiting a family member or a friend. If you also have the intention for travelling to the U.K for reasons such as personal vacation or tourism, then you should be applying for the general visitors’ visa. When filling the application as a general visitor, you will have to prove to the officials that you can afford the flight ticket, accommodation and any other attached expenses associated with your trip. For those under sponsorship, you will have to indicate it when filling the form.

However, if you are currently employed, you would be required to obtain a letter from your employer, stating the specified period of absence and approval of your leave from the organization, your family ties, bank savings, statement of account for the last 3 to 6 months,e.t.c.

Business Visitors

Renewing your visa as a business visitor is specifically for those travelling to the U.K for a conference or a business interview. There are rules you have to know before you apply for this category of U.K visa. One important rule is that this visa permit is usually for 6 months and you would be allowed to exceed the period of your stay in the country.


There are other visa categories under the visitors’ visa which includes the entertainment visitors, sports visitors, and the special visitors. All depends on the reason/purpose of traveling. You can also apply for a visitors’ visa if your reason for travelling is for medical treatment, marriage, or as a parent visiting one’s child in a school located in the U.K.

Normally, requirements for visitors visa no matter the type are all similar. Information such as evidence of bank statement for 3 and 6 months; adequate funds to finance your trip; evidence of ties to home country,etc will all suffice here. You can apply for the normal 6 months visa or even the 2 years visa. If it is the renewal  visa, you can apply for the 2 years option which allows you to travel multiple times within the specified time frame.

Know you know the visa type for applying, you would need to know the list of visa requirements before applying for the visa.

  • A valid travel passport, usually an ECOWAS Passport.
  • Letter of invitation.
  • The visa fees.
  • Passport sized color photo on a white background with sizes 45mmx35mm wide.
  • Marriage certificate if required of you.
  • Financial evidence.
  • Birth certificate for children travelling with you if you are the parent.

The application process is normally done online via a form. Try to apply for a U.K visa at least 3 months prior to your travel date. There are two legal ways of applying for your U.K visa from Nigeria. One is to apply through the Teleperformance also known as the (TLS Contact) which is the private company that normally manages UK Visa application in Nigeria. The second option is to apply directly through the U.K Visa and Immigration Office via the U.K Government official website.

When you are done completing the form, the next step is to pay the stipulated visa fees which will allow you book an appointment at any of the UK visa offices in the country. If successful, you should receive an email confirming your appointment date and time.

Find below the various addresses of the U.K Visa and Immigration offices located in Lagos and Abuja respectively

UK Visa Office in Lagos

  • 1st Floor, Churchgate Tower, 2 Plot PC31 Churchgate Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • 11 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos

UK Visa Office in Abuja

  • Dangote House, Aguyi Ironsi Street Maitama District, Abuja

If you want to reach the TLS Contact Processing Offices in Lagos or Abuja, we have listed their addresses below

TLS Abuja Office

TLS Contact Processing Services Ltd.
3rd floor El Yakub Plaza, Plot 1129
Zakariya Maimalari street, opp war college
Central Business Area, Abuja

TLS Lagos Office

TLS Contact Processing Services Ltd.
Etiebets Place, 21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way
Ikeja, Lagos

Things To Note

  1. It is at the appointment centre that you’ll submit your application forms, your biometric information will also be taken.
  2.  The normal time for processing of the UK visa takes between 3 to 5 working days, but It may take longer if there are any issues in your application that need clarification.
  3. All inquiries, questions related to your visa application should be sent to Sitel UK via email. This is the company that handles all customer related problem for a fee of £5.48 (equivalent in Naira is N2250).

Hope this information to renew your UK visa is clear to you.


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