Registered Political Parties in Nigeria For 2019 Elections (New)

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has released a new list of registered political parties in Nigeria that are dully registered to contest elections in Nigeria in 2019.

While some of the popular political parties are known, there are some that you might not be aware of. The election period in Nigeria would surely see all these registered political parties compete actively through the ballot box as to who will win the major seats both in the Federal and state level.

For informative purposes, we have compiled below a full list of these 52 INEC registered political parties in Nigeria and their slogans so that you could easily identify with any of your choice and become a party member if you feel that their manifesto and programs during their various campaigns will move the nation forward.

Although, during the elections proper, you would see the names and party logo inscribed on the ballot papers, and maybe their slogans for those who want to vote. This article will easily help you identify these new parties and the full meaning of their various acronyms.

Below is the official list of registered political parties in Nigeria for 2019 elections.

  • A – Accord
  • AA – Action Alliance
  • ACD – Advanced Congress of Democrats
  • ACPN – Alliance Congress Party of Nigeria
  • AD – Alliance for Democracy
  • ADC – African Democratic Congress
  • APA – African Peoples Alliance
  • APC – All Progressives Congress (The current ruling pary with CHANGE as its slogan)
  • APGA – All Progressives Grand Alliance
  • CPP – Citizens Popular Party
  • DPC – Democratic Peoples Congress
  • DPP – Democratic Peoples Party
  • FRESH – Fresh Democratic Party
  • HDP – Hope Democratic Party
  • ID – Independent Democrats
  • KP – Kowa Party
  • LP – Labour Party
  • MPPP – Mega Progressive Peoples Party
  • NCP – National Conscience Party
  • NNPP – New Nigeria Peoples Party
  • PDC – People For Democratic Change
  • PDM – Peoples Democratic Movement
  • PDP – Peoples Democratic Party (The opposition party as of 2017 with power to the people as its slogan)
  • PPA – Progressive Peoples Alliance
  • PPN – Peoples Party of Nigeria
  • SDP – Social Democratic Party
  • UDP – United Democratic Party
  • UPN – Unity Party of Nigeria
  • UPP – United Progressive Party
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The current chairman of the APC is Adams Oshomole while the current chairman of the People’s Democratic Party is Uche Secondus. We would keep the list updated as more new political parties emerge.

See the remaining 23 new political parties that was registered this August 2018 by INEC

  1. Advanced Alliance Party
  2. Advanced Nigeria Democratic Party
  3. African Action Congress
  4. Alliance For A United Nigeria
  5. Alliance Of Social Democrats
  6. Alliance Nation Party
  7. Alliance People’s Movement
  8. Alternative Party Of Nigeria
  9. Change Nigeria Party
  10. Congress Of Patriots
  11. Liberation Movement
  12. Movement For Restoration And Defence Of Democracy
  13. Nigeria Community Movement Party
  14. Nigeria For Democracy
  15. Peoples Coalition Party
  16. Reform and Advancement Party
  17. Save Nigeria Congress
  18. United Patriots
  19. United Peoples Congress
  20. We The People Nigeria
  21. Yes Electorates Solidarity
  22. Youth Party
  23. Zenith Labour Party

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