How to Register a Trademark in Nigeria: Procedures & Requirements

The law in Nigeria under the Trademarks Act Chapter 436 of 1990, provides for the registration of Trademark officially with the Commercial Law Department in the Ministry of Trade and Investment in Nigeria. You can also register a slogan, name, logo, domain name or website name, colour, e.t.c as your Trademark online in Nigeria.

This post outlines the official procedures and requirements for filing for trademark registration in Nigeria.

Requirements for Filing a Trademark in Nigeria

  • Honest information of the applicant which must include the following: full name(s), nationality and physical address of the applicant.
  • The Information/details about the trademark.
  • A clear neat and separate representation of the Trademark. Please note that for Trademarks filed online, a soft copy in .JPEG format at a minimum of 1200 dpi will be requested with a dimension of 120px by 100px.
  • If you want to file for a trademark on your goods in Nigeria, note that the International Classification of Goods is the standard used in Nigeria.
  • Power of Attorney or signature of  authorized agent simply signed, with the full details of name(s), address (es) and nationality of the applicant(s). Also, it must contain  full name(s) and capacity of the signatory.

The Procedure for Registration of Trademarks in Nigeria

  • An application for Trade-mark registration is filed by way of an instruction to a local Attorney/Agent in Nigeria, whose responsibility is to file and process such applications at the Nigerian Registry of Trade Marks, Patents, Designs and Copyright.
  • Next, the Registrar then issues an official acknowledgement which reflects the official number given and filing date of the application.
  • A preliminary thorough search is carried out so as to validate the uniqueness from already existing and pending registrations. This is to avoid possible conflicts with prior registered or pending Trademarks thereby not making a mistake.
  • Once the registrar validates the uniqueness of the trademark and is acceptable for registration, the applicant will be given a letter/notice of acceptance.
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NB:All trade-mark applications under compulsion must be advertised in the Nigerian Trademark Journal, and would be open to opposition and criticism for a maximum period of two (2) months from the date of advertisement.

If there is objection received within the specified period, you will be informed on the necessary steps to take and if there are no objections, the Registrar will proceed with issuing the applicant with a valid certificate of registration of his or her trademark name.



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