How to Register a School in Nigeria Legally

Just like any other legal business in Nigeria, running a private school in Nigeria is also considered legit according to the Corporate Affairs Commission act. You would need to have the school registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission legally before you can operate it fully.


Procedures To Register A School in Nigeria Easily

Below are the steps on How to register a school legally in Nigeria

  • Go to the nearest Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) office to register the name for your school. To be on a safe side, have two alternative names to be submitted just in case the proposed name you chose has been taken. Note that the names chosen must not contain words such as ‘national’, ‘government’, ‘state’ and other official terms. Your private school name must also not be similar to any name registered previously.
  • To register your school, you will be given a form by the CAC to fill after which the business name you choose will then be subjected to availability and reservation. Normally, it takes about two weeks for the commission to check the name with a fee of N500 (might have increased).
  • When the two weeks elapse, if the name is available, you will get an approval of your registered school name but if the name you choose is not available, the CAC will conduct a second round and a set of new names will be suggested you with another fee of N500 (might have increased).
  • Once the name you chose has been approved, you will be given a registration form to fill. Information required of you to fill includes: Your approved business name which is the name chosen for your school, business address, name(s) of business owner(s), Address of Business Owner(s), Two passport photographs of business owner(s), nature of business which should be registering a school in Nigeria.
  • Once you have completed the filling of the form, you would submit it with N4,000 (might have increased) and wait for about two to four weeks for a reply.
  • Finally, the Certificate of Business Name Registration is then released to you which stands as a proof that your school has been dully registered legitimately in Nigeria.

That’s the legal way/procedures to Register a School in Nigeria Legally


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  1. Ibeh happiness

    Interesting.. Funny enough.. But it’s going to take a long while before I build a school Talkless of registering one.. (117)

  2. mary

    lectures of different school does that and which is not fair because it doesn’t help for the success of us

  3. i personally think all school owners should undergo this process(19)

  4. (no 20)

    Those who have the ability to open a university should please follow the instructions to attain a good and conducive institute for learning

  5. Emenanjo Onyinye

    after the legal registration still yet no addminssion (my number 37)

  6. Emenanjo Onyinye

    school owners should be serious

  7. Alex ifeyale

    Well, i agreed with all the comments so far. But how faithful is our government after the registration ? Wouldn’t they raise another issues of payment that will warrant penalty ?,,,,

    1. Honestly, this government should not be trusted

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