Reasons Why You Should End Smoking Habits

The addiction of smoking habit among Nigerians over the years have seen a significant rise in death rate and worst of all cancer among her people. While there have been significant campaign to end smoking or better still reduce it among Nigerians, the success rate of such campaigns are usually futile as the urge to stop smoking addiction amongst Nigerians can’t be totally annihilated.


This post seeks to enlighten you on the reasons why you (smoker) should stop the habit of smoking, be it cigarette, weed, marijuana, gum and all type of narcotics that is harmful.

Smokers crave cigarettes, feel extremely hungry all the time, get irritated often, cough at times, and have concentration related troubles. If that is not enough, then it causes heart disease, increased risk to blindness, artery damage, lung cancer and even a decline in mental function.

Can you muster up the courage to snub cigarettes and quit smoking forever? If you still need more incentive to end smoking habit, here are a list of reasons that are surely going to have you change your mind when you pick up that cigar and want to light it up.

1. There’s a High Risk of Impotency

Puffing cigarettes can  endanger one’s healthy sex life and smokers are highly susceptible to experience erectile dysfunction (ED). Men who are okay to pop up Viagra pills need not worry about smoking much. However, the ones who are worried about the performance in bed should seriously think about quitting. Once you stop smoking, your blood will flow drastically and that will lessen the chances of impotency. Men will get better erections and women will get better orgasms. You can easily cut down the risk of ED once you’ll stop smoking.

2. Desire Younger Looking Skin

If you desire a young and healthy looking skin and you are a smoker, then you surely are ready to compromise with your looks. The habit of smoking is one thing that wrecks your looks completely. It does a major damage to your appearance and results in the premature development of facial wrinkles. Smoking Cessation means no more Carbon monoxide blocking the way of oxygen and blood in your body. With the collagen production being back to normal, your skin will get more nutrients, thereby delaying the facial aging and appearance of wrinkles. Quit smoking if you desire to look better.


3. Smoking Invites Infection

Researches show that the chances of contracting infections caused by pneumonia- causing bacteria are higher for smokers as compared to non-smokers. As smoking habit can badly damage the protective mucous membrane of one’s respiratory system, it becomes easy for the infection to latch on. Without adequate immunity, the ability to fight infectious organisms is compromised. Smokers are thereby more prone to a series of severe illness that may require hospitalization at some point of time.

4. It Distorts the Quality Of Air You Breathe

Within nine months of smoking cessation, you can notice a grave difference in your breathing patterns. As the lung capacity increases by 10% within a short span of time, coughing stops and a person is able to breathe more easily. Lung capacity tends to diminish with age and time. So, in your early 20s or 30s you wouldn’t be able to notice the effect of smoking until you go for a run. After few years, though the effect of smoking on lungs would become apparent when you would not be able to climb stairs without coughing and wheezing.

5. An Increased Risk Of Macular Degeneration

Smokers are four times more susceptible to blindness in the course of time due to age-related macular degeneration when compared to the non-smokers. Nevertheless, quitting can cut down the risk. Age-related macular degeneration is a condition where a loss of central vision occurs. This severe condition causes blindness as it disrupts the part of the retina responsible for activities like reading, driving,or sewing. Smoking is perhaps one of the major causes for this condition.

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