Ranks In The Nigerian Military: Summary of the Ranks In the Nigerian Navy, Army and Air Force

The Armed forces of Nigeria, also known as the Nigerian Military is made up of the Army, Navy and Air Force with the President presiding over all three as the Commander-In-Chief. This post will brief you on the summary of the Nigerian Military Ranks for Army, Navy and the Air Force.


Ranks In The Nigerian Navy 

For commissioned officers, The Nigerian Navy ranks commence at mid shipman and this finds its way up to the highest rank which is Admiral Of The Fleet. Below are the ranks in the Nigerian Navy.

1. Admiral of the Fleet

2. Admiral

3. Vice-Admiral

4. Rear Admiral Commodore


5. Captain

6. Commander

7. Lieutenant Commander

8. Lieutenant

9. Sub-Lieutenant

10. Acting Sub-Lieutenant

11. Mid-Shipman

For Non-Commissioned Officers, the Nigerian Navy ranks is as follows:

1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer

2. Chief Petty Officer

3. Petty Officer

4. Leading Rating

5. Able Rating

6. Ordinary Rating

7. Trainee

Ranks In the Nigerian Army 

In the Nigerian Army, the highest ranking officer is a Field Marshal who is then followed by a General. The complete ranking order of the Nigerian Army for commissioned officers is listed below.

1. Field Marshal

2. General

3. Lieutenant General

4. Major General

5. Brigadier General

6. Colonel

7. Lieutenant Colonel

8. Major Captain

9. Lieutenant

10. Second Lieutenant

For non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Army, the ranking is as follows:

1. Warrant Officer Class I

2. Warrant Officer Class II

3. Staff Sergeant

4. Sergeant

5. Corporal

6. Lance-corporal

7. Private

8. Recruit


Ranks In the Nigerian Air Force 

The ranks in the Nigerian Air Force is as follows:

1. Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force

2. Air Chief Marshal

3. Air Marshal

4. Air Vice-Marshal

5. Air Commodore

6. Group Captain

7. Wing Commander

8. Squadron Leader

9. Flight Lieutenant

10. Flying Officer

11. Pilot Officer

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  1. oke eniola coker

    Naval Commodore is the equivalent of Air Commodore in the AirForce or Brigadier General in the Army. You mixed it up with Rear Admiral
    Secondly, there is no rank like Major Captain in the Army.Just like the highlighted one you also joined two ranks together. an officer rises from the rank of a captain to a major.
    Thank you.

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