Why is IBB not among the list of richest Hausa men in Nigeria

Q&ACategory: QuestionsWhy is IBB not among the list of richest Hausa men in Nigeria
Godswill asked 5 years ago

IBB is among the list of richest Hausa men in Nigeria but isn’t always mentioned due to the way he got his wealth.

Apart from late Abacha, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, simply known as IBB is rated as the richest Nigerian politician ever. During the military regime, he was seen as a “no nonsense” military man. He was the former Chief of Army staff between January 1984 to August 1985; a position succeeded by Lt. General Sani Abacha. IBB was a prime figure in most military coups in Nigeria. During his rule in office, there were many evidences of human rights abuses during his regime.


IBB was also listed among the greatest looters in Nigeria’s history and also among the list of wealthy/richest Hausa men in Nigeria. It was during his regime as the military head of state, it was said that he looted over $14 Billion earned during the 1992 Gulf War oil windfall. He is known to own more than 20 buildings (real estate investments) in different parts of the country and over 42 buildings (real estate investments) around the world. IBB mansion in Niger State is one of the most expensive houses in Nigeria at the moment.

His assets are so much that it was reported that he owns about 65% of Fruitex International Limited in London and 24% of Globacam shares, the second biggest telecommunications company in Nigeria. IBB net worth according to Forbes is $50 Billion, which makes him one of the richest Hausa men in Nigeria