Business Ideas in Nigeria with Low Capital

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Odunayo Omokejimi Staff asked 5 years ago

Can you list some small business ideas I can start with Low capital in Nigeria which are profitable and lucrative?


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Nigerian Infopedia Staff answered 5 years ago

Every business need capital to start and survive. Not every body fingers are equal as some can start with a million naira while others who have little can start with as low as N30,000 or N50,000 as the case may be.
To begin a profitable business idea, you do not need to invest with millions. We list below lucrative business ideas in Nigeria with low capital that will certainly fetch you a good return on investment (ROI) that cost you capital of less than N50k:.

  • Fashion Design
  • Knitting
  • Football Viewing and Game Centers
  • Bag Making
  • Caregiver (Children and Elderly)
  • Professional Cleaning Services
  • Laundry
  • Life Stock Rearing
  • Foodstuff Farming
  • Jewelries and Accessories
  • Consultancy
  • Catering and Confectioneries
  • Make-Up Artist and Sale of Cosmetics
  • Hairdressing/ Barbing Saloon
  • Rental Services
  • Event Planning and Interior Design
  • Freelancing