Which Bank Is The Most Customer Friendly Bank In Nigeria?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsWhich Bank Is The Most Customer Friendly Bank In Nigeria?
Maduawuchi Staff asked 3 years ago

There are so many banks in Nigeria that pride themselves as the best when it comes to being customer friendly.

We have compiled a list of banks that have won customers trust and offer the best banking service. The basis for the rankings are:

-customer friendliness

-speed of problem resolution and transactions

-use of information technology

-employee salary, pay and benefits

-management effectiveness, experience, education, knowledge and exposure


-marketing and advertising of products and services

-nice design, furniture in buildings and banking halls

-ease of credit and loans access and facility (for mortgage, cars, personal, asset acqusition, corporate/project fianance etc)

-international trade (import/export) assitance

-tax and utility bills collections

-other auxillary and saundry services such as bureau de change, vehicle rental, western union, airline booking, equipment leasing, hold mail, free bank email, foreign cheque clearing, financial/retirement advice etc

We have carried out our research and based on our findings, below are the top banks who are trusted as the customer friendly bank we have in Nigeria:

1 GT bank (Guarantee Trust Bank)

2 Zenith Bank

3 Bank PHB

4 Access Bank

5 Ecobank

6 ETB (Equitorial trust bank)

7 Standard Chartered

8 Spring bank

9 First City bank

10 Standard Bank group


From customer’s reviews and complaints on the internet,  the worst banks are:

  • oceanic
  • diamond
  • union bank
  • intercontinental bank
  • uba
  • skyebank
  • afribank
  • unity bank
  • sterling bank
  • first inland bank