President Buhari in Trouble

Those criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari believes that he is the cause to the various problems ravaging the country presently. These critics do not see anything good in what the president does. They also have rated his performance as extremely poor in the one year plus he took over the mantle of leadership from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Whether these critics are saying the truth or not, the looming national problems will tell.

On the other side of the divide, loyal fans of the former military head of state are of the opinion that Buhari remains the anointed saviour that will save Nigeria from her misery and pains. They believe that he is the chosen one, one whose garment has never been stained with the blood of corruption but whose presence backed up with action will flush out all corrupt individuals/politicians looting Nigeria’s treasury.Also on the argument table, the Buharists say their hero inherited a 16-year-corruption-infested-Nigeria from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). And as such, he requires time and patience for him to deliver his lists of promises to Nigerians.These arguments whether for or against Buhari will be judged by Nigerians come 2019. Nigerians will either crucify or magnify the President if these five viruses threatening Nigeria’s political health and unity are not treated on the long run.

1. Corruption/bad leadership

The cog in the wheel of Nigeria’s growth and development is corruption. Corruption has grown so mature in Nigeria that it is the mother of all other vices currently polluting the country. The worst part is that those who are known to stand for truth and justice in the country, once they occupy a position especially public positions are quickly initiated into th cult of corruption

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The bad breath of corruption is just too toxic that it would require more than surgery to repel such odour from the mouth of Nigeria. Bad leadership on the other hand is a husband to corruption as they work hand in hand. Ever since Nigeria gained independence from Britain, you cannot single out at least three leaders whose regime can be described as the best the nation has ever had.

The records are there for Nigerians to see. Nigeria has produced civilian presidents and military Head of States who have spent more than two terms in office with nothing to show for it. Infact, they even left the country in a total mess than it was before.

As for the current leadership, Buhari himself is already familiar with the leadership atmosphere in Nigeria, having ruled as a one time military Head of State and now, a democratically elected President. All eyes will be on him to provide the necessary leadership Nigerians yearns for. Well, 2019 will tell whether he is the solution or he is the problem of both corruption or bad leadership. 

2. Shattered economy and inflating unemployment

One might ask, Why can’t President Buhari resurrect the dead economy? Has he and his economic team run out of ideas?


Earlier this year in February, Nigeria’s inflation rate skyrocketed to over 13%. An economic expert put the situation then that Nigeria’s economy was suffering from ‘economic ebola.’ This forced many local and foreign investors to loose a lot and many businesses to wind up.

In today’s Nigerian market, a bag of rice rose from N8,000 to N16,000, Dollar is exchanged at N345 in the parallel market. Everything apart from salary continue to increase and this is alarming as the average man in Nigeria finds it hard to eat talk more of caring for himself and family.

As for unemployment, the rate at which undergraduates are churned out every year is scary that even the labour market might not be able to hold the labour that the pains of unemployment brings to our youths. No one has seen any positives that these problem will be put to bed. But the way and manner that Buhari is yet to tackle this problem is yet to be seen.

4. Regional Agitations

The different agitations by various regions in the country for one demand or the other during Buhari’s regime is just one of the many headaches of the Buhari’s administration. The way and manner in which he will address these agitators with more rising on a daily basis is yet to be seen.

With Boko Haram insurgency killing scores and scores of people in the Northeast, militant groups bombing pipelines in the Niger Delta and the IPOB demanding a sovereignty, the ball is within the President’s court to respond to these demands and find a lasting solution as these groups threaten the unity of Nigeria.


4. Religion

In Nigeria, religious extremism is at its peak with one religion trying to overthrow another religion. Religions in Nigeria are fighting for supremacy. When you check properly, you would notice that Nigerians are mostly made up of Christian and Muslims.

The Churches and Mosques littering the streets of Nigeria, just show how much these two religions are popular. Prayers have being said for lasting unity, but there is so much disdain between Muslims and Christians in the country. It saddens me, when I hear followers of a particular religion killing followers of another religion.

Funny Enough, there are many of his critics that say President Buhari himself is a religious extremists who care about the affairs of fellow Muslims.

5. Tribal sentiment

Tribalism is king in Nigeria. It has taken over the merit system in the country. Nigeria has over 250 speaking tribes of different tribes. The growth and development of Nigeria will be stagnant if tribal sentiments is put before merit. All Nigerians believe that their tribe is superior and this threatens our unity as a country.

This might be another headache for Buhari as he was openly criticized for allocating a greater chunk of his appointments to the North, knowing fully well that Nigeria is a multi-ethnic country.

Till 2019, these are just some key battles that If President Buhari must fight if he must win back the hearts of Nigerians that voted him in to change the existing change that has changed the atmosphere in Nigeria. Nigerians be the judge


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