Postal codes For Nigerian States

When filling forms on delivery of goods, letters and packages, most people get confused about the right postal code for Nigerian states and end up getting their goods not delivered at the right destination.

It should be worthy of note that all postal codes for states in Nigeria are not the same and varies from area, region and city.

Most people end up confusing Nigeria’s International dialing code which is +234 or even 234, 23401 or even 100011 when writing down the postal code of a particular state which is totally wrong.

Nigeria postal codes are usually six digits in number. It was fashioned by NIPOST, Nigerian Postal Service to know the area to make a delivery of goods, merchandise or letters.

Please use 00176 for Nigeria’s zip code generally in case you are asked.

This article highlights all post codes of different Nigerian States, but if you want a more reliable source as to where you can get the post codes I’ll suggest you visit “” which is the right framework to get the right postal code for any area in the country.

Below are Nigeria’s Postal Code for Different States

  • Abuja (FCT) – 900001
  • Abia state- 440001
  • Adamawa state – 640001
  • Akwa-Ibom state – 520001
  • Anambra state – 420001
  • Bauchi state- 740001
  • Borno state – 600001
  • Delta state- 320001
  • Edo state- 300001
  • Ebonyi state- 840001
  • Enugu state- 400001
  • Imo state- 460001
  • Jigawa state-720001
  • Kano state- 700001
  • Kaduna state- 800001
  • Kastina state – 820001
  • Kebbi state- 860001
  • Kogi state- 260001
  • Kwara state- 240001
  • Lagos Island – 101001
  • Lagos Mainland – 100001
  • Niger state- 920001
  • Ogun state – 110001
  • Ondo state – 340001
  • Osun state -230001
  • Oyo state- 200001
  • Plateau state – 930001
  • Rivers state- 500001
  • Sokoto state- 840001
  • Taraba state- 660001
  • Yobe state- 320001
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Hope this information on postal codes for Nigerian states helps.


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  1. Roland

    no cross river state.

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    no benue st8?

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      thanks for pointing it out, its 970211

  3. IRepNorth

    What about zamfara state?

  4. Lee E . E

    Delta and yobe has the same same code. Which of them is correct

  5. Ganiyu ayobami

    for posting it out.

  6. Jennifer odiri jimmy

    Delta and yobe has the same code pls which one is correct

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