Poorest Tribes in Nigeria: Top 5 (2019)

The poorest Nigerian tribes

In Nigeria, there are three major ethnic groups (Igbo, Yourba and Hausa/Fulani) with about 300 different tribes. These Nigerian tribes are existent in the 36 states in Nigeria. But which among them is the poorest Nigerian tribe?

poorest-tribe-in-nigeriaNo one can deny that Nigeria is a wealthy country. We listed 5 richest Nigerian states that can even survive without help from the Federal Government. That being said, the poorest Nigerian tribes and states are areas and villages that are vulnerable  and have been left neglected by the Nigerian government for donkey years. These tribes lack basic social amenities, welfare, good health care system, increase death rates e.t.c all which form the criteria of poverty in Nigeria

These criteria are the most prevalent that shows the poverty rate in tribes of Nigeria. Now, lets look at the states in Nigeria that are poor according to the National Bureau of Statistics poverty ratings

Table Showing the Poorest states in Nigeria 2019

National Bureau of Statistics poverty ratings
Zamfara 70.8%
Kebbi 72.0%
Bauchi 73.0%
Ebonyi 73.6%
Plateau 74.1%
Jigawa 74.1%
Gombe 74.2%
Adamawa 74.2%
Katsina 74.5%
Sokoto 81.2%

The poorest tribes in Nigeria 2019

From the above table, we can see the level of poverty within Nigeria states, lets now see the poorest ethnic groups, living on the territory of the country.

  1. Igbo. After the Civil War, people of this ethnicity continued to suffer. Although they boast of rich business men, they are seen struggling for their rights. They are still neglected by their various state government. That’s why they have become one of the poorest tribes in the whole country. Many Igbos had to move from their native places to the west because of the lack of infrastructure, poor business environment and other facilities.
  2. Yoruba. This is another great ethnicity of the country. But many people claim that the youths in this tribe are really poor. This is because of the bad leaders in this region. Apart from Lagos, they do not have access to all the modern facilities, such as, for instance, roads. Though many of them are creative and intelligent, they are neglected and badly treated by the government.
  3. Fulani. This group lives in such states, as Plateau. And as you know, it is very liable to clashes, herdsmen and terrorist attacks, which have made this tribe not very rich. They are the poorest tribe in the country today.
  4. Hausa. Just like the Fulani’s, they also live in the most suffering states, such as Sokoto. Thus, it is impossible to avoid poverty in such case.
  5. Kanufi. They are one of the biggest tribes as well. And they occupy the most suffering lands. This fact has added them into our list.

Nigeria is vast and is still a developing nation with various problems, among which includes economic and security problems. There are much more causes of such high poverty rate in many states. These include corruption, ethnic clashes, economic instability, among others. All these must stop so that the tide may change for tribes in Nigeria.

Among all these tribes listed above, the Hausa and Fulani speaking tribes are the poorest tribes in Nigeria even though they boast of having wealthy business men and also control political power in the country.

Reference: Naij.com




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I am simply known as Ikenwa Chizoba, a seasoned blogger and the Founder of Nigerian Infopedia. A very simple person who loves writing, reading and research.


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  1. loko

    I think you simply miss this, if Igbos are among the poorest tribe, Yoruba lacking basic amenities then which tribes is considered rich?

    1. Jide Webmaster

      Chizoba, you did not point out the poorest tribe. For me, i think that the nothern tribe is the poorest tribe in nigeria

      1. Then if you said so, who are the famer in Nigeria as whole.?

        1. Halima

          the northeners who re meant to be d farmer left agriculture for crude oil.

      2. Muktar

        Yes…but all the people of the so called rich state lives in their state…..which prove the statistics as wrong.

    2. Al- Wisdom Chukwunenye Emeanaa

      None of these tribes could be classified as poorest tribe. Actually, people from these tribes control the nations economy, politics and others.

    3. Pastor

      I wonder oo taking the richest tribes as poorest ones who now rich again in Nigeria

  2. Odunayo

    It is true, the nothern tribe is the poorest tribe in Nigeria

  3. skyline. net

    How can you mention the Igbos as poorest tribe in Nigeria?

    1. ebube

      Honestly. Not to mention that igbos quickly picked up after that war. And even after the war do you know how tough things were for them. How many beggars on the streets are igbos. Personally, I haven’t seen an Igbo begger with complete body parts. This is because igbos are hard working. They are always on their feet. They don’t settle for poverty. This article is nonsense. To add more, you can never get accurate statistics of this because people differ and because of immigration from their states.

  4. So-Nature

    Bloggers are free to write nonsense. I think Nigeria needs strong Internet regulation laws to contain some of this madness

  5. Jubilanto

    There is no state in Nigeria dat u will not see poor family unlike others,but to me i think the northern part are the poorest.Again “neva u mention Ebonyi State as one of the poorest’.

    1. ORIUWA

      yoruba should be the richest because there is well develop,than igbo will follow.

  6. zabi

    What is ur definition of poorest, is it those that don’t have food or government infrastructure? I think it will give us a batter answers.

  7. sadiq

    I think u pple are just being defensive of ur states or tribes, the author writes from his research work if u ve any doubt then also do ur own research and come out with a reasonable results for our consumption… If u said northern tribes are the most poorest, then u also spoke like the author, which of the northern tribes is the poorest? or rather u know nothing about the North yet u speak of the northern Nigeria.

    1. kneri

      The point is, if the Igbos and Yorubas are among the poorest tribes in Nigeria then which is the rich(est) tribe in Nigeria?. The whole thing is confusing and meaningless to me. At the same time, poor people can be found in every tribes and states in Nigeria.

  8. Since we discussing an issue that has to go with research, i think any one will refer to a certain tribe as poor should give us the followings:
    1. Word wide accepted definition of poverty (or poorest)
    2. the criteria for classification which should be a standard one.
    3. base on what observations are this classifications made

  9. Hank

    Interesting read…and educational comments. Keep it up guys…we need more educated decisions like this one. Peace!!!

  10. Salihu hassan Misau

    You are not serious surely, Who tell you FULANI are poor? You got wrong in your research. If you can recall 87% of Our domestic Animals belonged to them. Fulani are the Richest In Africa all.

  11. JAZZ


  12. Arevalo

    Igbos are poor because they struggle for their right, Yorubas are poor because they are intelligent and creative, Fulanis are poor because they are “liable” to clashes and terrorist attacks. This report can only make a decent head spin if one tries to read meaning to it.

  13. david

    I pity the writer. Like u don’t seems to know wat you are writing. How can Fulani be among the poorest tribes. Pls dig your fact well. Like u do have natural hatred towards our belove tribes abi.

  14. EVANS

    nna obi adihokwa gi mma oo.
    who on earth told you igbos travel because they lack basic amenities.
    igbos creates basic amenities privately we dnt really depend on the incompetent nigerian leaders. on this note i stand to correct you. IGBOS TRAVEL TO DEVELOP OTHER PARTS OF THE COUNTRY AS OUR LAND IS TOO SMALL TO CONTAIN OUR CREATIVITY AND SUCCESS. POOR PEOPLE IN THE EAST ARE NOT UP TO 20% OF OUR POPULATION.

  15. Meshak

    I am sorry to say that this article is so poorly researched that It’s author doesn’t know that the population of the fulani on the Plateau is so insignificant that it can’t be ethnic group that can be used to describe the poverty indices of Plateau State.

  16. Emmanuel Dang

    Fulani are not in plateau state we don’t know where they come from please dont mislead readers please

  17. Iyke Jacobs

    With the existence of state allocations from FG, Landmass, Mineral resources and Labour…No state in Nigeria is poor! The problem of under-development in these mentioned states boils down to their “poor minded” or daft state government and leaders.

  18. Jacobs Ike

    With the existence of state allocations from FG, Landmass, Mineral resources and Labour…No state in Nigeria is poor! The problem of under-development in these mentioned states boils down to their “poor minded” or daft state government and leaders.

    1. I totally agree with you

  19. Abu haleem

    Poverty is never an identity for a single person talkless of particular tribe,ethnicity or region. It is also not ones making, but some thing every sound mind will try to get rid off.

    1. Godwin

      A baseless and senseless write up ever.

  20. No tribe we need hardwork and Nigeria also need more development[11O]

  21. No tribe is poor we just need hardwork and Nigeria also need more improvement[11O]

  22. The northern part is the poorest tribe in Africa self not only Nigeria….
    Quiz no:(57)

  23. Igbos are self centered but they are making the money than any other tribe…..
    Quiz no(04)



      1. Nuruddeen

        why segum you say that.

  24. I read all the comments here and I totally agree with them. Chizoba they are all pointing out to one vital point – the claims of this article is false and baseless ,especially with regards to Igbo and yoruba making the list .N/B DO YOUR HOMEWORK SCRUTINY BEFORE PUBLISHING (don’t scare us admin chizoba DALU)

  25. udorji ozioma yvonne

    yet we have rich politician around us
    ,that too bad.(2015054032) (9()

  26. agu gabriel

    igbo cannot be one of de poorest,

  27. Peter Onwe Iduh

    Ur rating of Ebonyi among d 7 poorest states proves any thing but truth.Becos a state that has enough natural and human resourses and no major catastrophies can never be counted among the 7 u listed.If Borno state which is just picking up her pieces after 8 yrs of distruction of any thing noble can be counted among the rich,then the analizer a BH suspect.If u had said Ebonyi state is among the least dev in South East,no one will fault u,so pls set the record straight.I m from Ebonyi and have travelled extensively so I know what I m saying.

  28. Ahmed

    this your statistical analysis was wrong. re statistic


  29. Otasalam

    that is ur personal finding which is very very wrong. if Igbos or Yorubas r poor bcos of no infrastructure nor access road then who r the owners of all mentioned. what of Lagos, Ibadan onisha Enugu etc pls go n review ur statistics

  30. solomon

    Lets Face the fact here.. It seems this person
    is either from the north or has never been to his hometown thereby categorizes him as an outcast… We all know which is the poorest and need not ask bcoz its obvious

  31. kabir

    those who said that the poorest are the northern state and even include the Hausa/fulani among the poorest tribes you don’t even know that the richest man in Africa Alhaji aliko Dagote is a northerner and a Hausa tribe

  32. Olumide victor

    Yes, the guy is strictly and pragmatically wrong. How can u mentioned Igbo/Yoruba as a poor ethnic or tribe? They are the gifted tribes to our Dear Nigeria. Let leave politics aside, Igbo/Yoruba are well educated and with a lot of mineral resources in both region eg, Ondo State/Delta state Nigeria are today surviving true the region’s.

  33. ogochukwu ojukwu

    woaw many tribes many of us never knew of quiz 78

  34. Gabriel precious

    If it being northerners re the most poorest tribe their re other rich men who came from there for example Dangote so i don’t see any reason of them being poor anyways i pray that the government do something fast on how to help this poor tribes so their won’t be high death rate in any tribes
    Gabriel precious quiz no 21

    1. Solomon

      Any tribe that leaves their state to another state to look for greener pasture is considered poor. That is the reason Nigerians go to other rich countries to look for better living. Same thing with tribes leaving their original place to other places to get better life.

      1. steve

        So if an american comes to invest in nigeria, does it mean that he is poor



  36. bramson

    This is a very interestimng topic. Every country talk about poverty, including Britain, China and Spain, but on their own terms and perception. One must do a research on this matter. It is a good economic, social and political issue. Infact, this is what we should be talking all year round because that is why we formed government. But only many experienced investigators can purplish a valuable report on this. So you have a job now.

  37. shehu shaba

    This writeup is characterized with sentiments and chauvinism, well am not amazed considering the region the author of this article comes from.

  38. Mubarak

    You lie on fulani the are not terrorist there is not any tribes in Nigeria that is no terrorist among theme

  39. Chinweizu Imo

    Pls admin, how are igbos poor. Pls check that list again


    How can you say that igbos are poor and you went further to mention Fulani as the tribe in Plateau state. As if they are from the state and their are no indigenous tribe of the Plateau.

  41. Shakespeare

    supposedly you rewrite inversely of what you have written bro chuzoba or is it because you are Ibo

  42. musa haliyu

    I seriously Disagree!!. the northerners always always make Nigeria seem like a really really really poor country. if you check medical teams like doctors without borders, you would see it is only the northern states that need serious help and because they populate most f the states it seems like it is the whole country.

  43. The author needs to get his facts right. For instance,I am hearing of a Kanufi tribe in Nigeria for the first time.

  44. chris sam chika

    your write up is pretty fictitious and misleading, how on earth can you examine yourself as a property of this country, I doubt if you are not one of those nomadic who just got a new phone and trying to make fool of yourself, go and reedit your perception about Igbo/Yoruba and be reasonable

  45. Udokwu M.C

    Gud one

  46. Kumuyi

    Our nation needs God’s intervention

  47. Kumuyi

    Our nation needs God’s intervention.

  48. Kumuyi

    With all the wealth this nation has, poverty should not be mentioned at all.

  49. Ubest

    This country needs serious orientation.

  50. Esther

    where did you get the statistics and information from that Igbo is the poorest tribe in Nigeria? Igbo’s are the travellers and they bring infrastructure and build infrastructure to Nigeria. Since the country does not want to recognise the Igbo’s they travel outside of Nigeria to make a living and money. Hausa is known to be the poorest tribe in Nigeria.

  51. Oscar lee

    We need to bend backwards and considered why that tag on Igbo, Igbo rich men are more at the top, then Igbo men who are poor too are many, when you considered their population, the way they scattered all over Nigeria eking out a living speaks volume, majority of other tribes especially the Yorubas stays in their region which make it relatively easier to eke out a living, so it is that, when you see an Igbo boy and a Yoruba boy trading in Keke Marwa or Danfo buses, the likelihood of 80% of those Yoruba boys coming out from his father’s house and having his wife selling tomato and pepoer infront of his father-in-law house, with probably another room and shop inheritance from his mother, likewise even the wife, apart from the nouveau rich Igbo, then the fewer middle class, the rest are struggling, NBS or no NBS we can see them and they give birth to many children,all these factors are taken into consideration in the report and the poverty index will be come higher, because all the arears and practices that used to be the past time of Igbo alone are being ventured into by the indigenes of the area they migrated to now,that is why if Igbo should leave Nigeria for Biafra, it will take the next 30 years before things can normalize for Ndigbo

  52. Lukboy

    I think your absolutly wrong by saying igbo fulani hausa yuruba are poor in this country ok if their all poor then tell who are the rich tribes if not them?

  53. Sunday O. Ajayi

    Sunday, 4rm Kaduna.
    You who say or write : A is poor, B is poor and C is this and D that, as a person, what are you doing to better the lives of the poorest of the poor within your own immediate vicinity?
    It is easy to comment or mock others, permit me to use that word than do the little you can do to help your fellow human beings.

    The bible says, ‘love your neighbour as yourself’.

    Yes, NBS says and then what.
    Do your best to that poor boy, that poor man,that poor girl and that poor women and leave the rest for GOD

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