The Politics Of Restructuring In Nigeria: Are We Properly Carried Along


“The structure of a country does not determine her development rather the behavior of the leaders and the led and the level of understanding between the components of the country”

For some time now, the polity has been heated up by issues of restructuring, secession and quota system. It has continue to elicit divergent views from Nigerians, also, desperate politicians who wish to gain relevance politically have not been quiet on the need to restructure Nigeria.

These agitations are good but the way and manner it is being politicised to gain relevance politically is a total wickedness by people that was in the main stream of government, even at the decision making cadre; which gave them all the right, opportunities and previleges needed to decide on these issues.

Just to pave way for themselves politically, some politicians who contributed to the problem of this nation have continue to talk about restructuring Nigeria as if the sole problem of Nigeria is her political structure, ignoring the fact that most of them occupied relevant and major positions to have made it easy; even when the opportunity came knocking in 2014 when the purported National conference, ignoring the political conference of 2011 where organised to further deceive Nigerians by the previous administration.

I support restructuring but do not support politicising it. It is true that restructuring Nigeria is a topic that should be discussed but care should be taken to avoid handing over the country fully to our selfish and corrupt politicians who will stop at nothing to amass the wealth of the nation.

This agitations makes no sense if it only focuse on devolution of power and allowing state to generate and retain their resources, while ignoring the question on how it would improve the lives of the Nigerian masses who have suffered from these present structure and the activities of those on the seat of power.


The kind of restructuring Nigeria needs today is one that can build strong institutions that checkmate our political class from looting our wealth and making accountability and transparency in governance a normal practice.

Although restructuring could be a way to right some of our structural flaws, but it muat be led by responsible and committed leaders. With proper restructuring, there are possibilities that it would attract development across the country, as states will be forced to be more productive, proactive and responsible. It will further relieve our federal government of certain issues that have constantly affect them.

The structure of our present day Nigeria is not the real problem but those occupying the seat of power in different tiers of government in Nigeria. They are the ones who have monoplised Nigeria’s wealth and democratised poverty, unemployment and hopelessness amongst the masses, at the same time. These gave birth to several agitating groups and triggered series of tensions that nearly led to another civil war.

Nigerians are not making unrealistic demands on government at all levels. All that an average Nigerian seeks is a good life; quality education to be the deaired leader of tommorrow, a good job to lead a comfortable life, infrastructure, justice and security

If in our present structure, our political class, their children, family members and cronies are leading a comfortable life, it means Nigeria’s problem is not on the structure rather on the people that occupied the seat of power in various tiers of govenment of this great nation.

My major worries include;

  1. Restructuring Nigeria by devolution of power and the allotment of more resources to our existing irresponsible governors can not enable the average Nigeria to access a much better life; rather, is a death sentence to the suffering masses.
  2. Restructuring will not make our political leaders who are more concerned about themselves become responsible rather it will make them worst since they are in now in full control of the resources belonging to their states
  3. Our state governors with the present resources at their disposal and nothing to show other than simply enriching themselves, friends and family members, while there is increasing poverty, unemployment and infrastructural decay in their various states can not be trusted with being in total control of the state resources.

This is an opinion article written by Jomo Iroha, a public analyst. You can contact him at

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