Phones With More Than 6000mAh Battery in Nigeria

Android Phones With More Than 6000mAh Battery capacity in Nigeria with 4 days heavy usage. With these phones you don’t need to carry a power bank or a charger.

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The battery is arguably the most important features in smart phones. A phone may have thousands of amazing features, but without a good and long-lasting battery, these features will be useless. Battery is the soul of every phone as it powers every other features. This clearly spells it out that more emphasis should be laid on the battery life when setting out to buy a phone.

One of the most frustrating scenario we could face is the low-battery issue. If your phone battery is poor, then you are bound to be seen around with chargers or power banks wherever you go to. When your phone is down, then you will be disconnected from other people.

In this article, we shall highlight the list of phones in Nigeria with long-lasting batteries of more than 6000mah in capacity.

Gretel GT6000

This brand may not be very popular in the country, but it ranks high in terms of battery life. This phone has an amazing battery rated 6000mAh. This phone is highly recommended for users who wish to buy a new phone that is affordable and has a very powerful battery. This phone can run for over 48 hours. It has the 7.0 nougat operating system, 2gb RAM and 16gb internal memory. This phone has many other amazing features that sum up to give users an unforgettable experience.

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Outkitel k6000, k6000 pro & k6000 plus

Outkitel has made its mark in manufacturing smartphones with titanic and powerful batteries. These brands have incredible 6000mAh batteries which have a run time of over 48hours. The pro version is the newest in the market. They have very brilliant framework designs, 4gb RAM and 64gb storage capacity.

It seems that this Chinese company produced these brands specifically for the Nigerian market having spotted the epileptic power issues in the country. So, if you are in need of a phone that can last you for over two days without the need to around with chargers, then we strongly recommend this outkitel k-series.


Gionee M6 plus & M6S plus

These Gionee series are highly power efficient. They both have a 6050mAh battery capable of powering the device for over 48hours. Another incredibly amazing feature is the 2GHz CPU processor speed. Gionee is a widely accepted brand in Nigeria. The M series popularly known as “marathon” is the best fit for users who are on the lookout smartphones with long-lasting batteries.

Blackview P10000 pro

I easily describe this phone as a “power monster”. It has an extraordinary 11,000mAh battery!!. This may seem very impossible, but its true. This phone has a 50days stand-by. It can be used for 7 days working once it is fully charged. The time of charging is also amazing as its qucik time charging technology makes it possible for it to attain a full charge within 3hours of charging!.

Blackview P10000 will allow you to have fun all day with your smart phone. It is of the latest android 7.0 nougat operating system. This phone does not sacrifice other specs for battery as it has a 4gb RAM, a 64gb storage capacity, a 16MP dual rear camera, etc. If you have been struggling with power issues, then we recommend this incredible phone for you. It will eliminate the low-battery problems and allow you to enjoy your phone extensively.

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Outkitel K10000S and K10000Pro

Outkitel has always maintained its status as the titans in the smart phone battery field. The k10000 series have a battery capacity of 10,000mAh. This is a feat!! It has a standby time of 6days. This phone is ideal for heavy phone users as it gives room for many operations to be carried out simultaneously without power issues. It has an average charging time of about 2 and a half hours enhanced by a powerful 12v/2A charger.

Innos D6000

This product may be relatively unknown to a lot of Nigerians, but it has a unique selling point through which it has created niche for itself. Innis D6000 ranks among the best in terms of battery life. It has a 6000mAh battery which is capable of a standby time of 72hours. This is incredible for a brand which maidened with this product. The battery is a combo of two separate batteries.

One is removable while the other is in-built. The removable battery is 3520mAh while the in-built and nonremovable is 2480mAh. It can work even when one battery is removed. This phone has a RAM of 3gb and an internal storage of 32gb. The cameras are great. It has two rear cameras of 16MP and a front camera of 5MP capable of giving you clear and mind-blowing pictures.

Are you planning to buy a new phone? Or you wish to buy a phone with a long battery life? Stop struggling with low battery problems. Stop going to church, mosque school, office, viewing centres and barbing salons with chargers. Simply get any of the aforementioned phones and your battery issues will be a thing of the past

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