Pastors With Private Jet In Nigeria: Full List

Is Your Pastor Among them? Check The List Of Pastors With Private Jets In Nigeria.

As much as we don’t love rating any man of God in term of riches, power and wealth, we believe it’s one of our responsibilities to let our readers know many things about some popular men of God in this country.

In today’s post, we shall be listing some respected men of God in this great nation that can boast of having an aircraft which they can call their own.

This aircraft (jet) are only meant for personal use which in turn helps in the establishment and enlargement of God’s kingdom on earth through their ministries.

It is believed that getting a private jet is no small achievement, but these pastors and prophets are also among the richest pastors in Nigeria who are blessed; no wonder they can afford aircraft for their individual ministries so that kingdom services would be enhanced.

See the list of pastors with private jets below:


1. Bishop David Oyedepo

This prophetic man of God is the founder of Living Faith Church which is popularly known as Winners Chapel across the country.

The protestant church was founded in 1983 by the 64-year-old man of God. Since its creation, Winners Chapel has continued to grow tremendously and as as at the time of this post, it can be found in over 63 countries.

According to highly rated finance-related website, in 2011, Bishop Oyedepo was rated the richest pastor in Nigeria.

According to Wikipedia, Living Faith has one of the world’s biggest auditorium with 50,400 seat capacity.

This reputable pastor have hangars at Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos. He equally possess not less than four private jets of different models including – including gulf-stream 1, gulf-stream v, gulfstream 4 and the greatest of them all, the challenger 604 model.

2. Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye


This is another powerful man of God who was once a mathematical professor at the university of Lagos.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye popularly known as daddy G.O among his church members in and outside the country is not the founder of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)  but has been with the ministry since 1973 and he eventually became the general overseer some years later.

He was recently promoted from being a national General overseer in Nigeria to being International leader of the great ministry in over 193 countries of the world. Daddy G.O, as he’s fondly called, owns a private gulfstream 4 model jet.

3. Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua


Popularly known as T.B Joshua, the 55-year-old is the founder and leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN).

Having seen and heard most of his free-giving activities, we can confirm that this prophet is a philanthropist who loves reaching out to the needy.

He is in charge of Emmanuel TV channel which serves as a medium to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua owns a  gulfstream G550 aircraft meant for his personal movement.

4. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Having served as the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Ayo Oritsejafor was appointed as National president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) not quite long.

He is the leader and founder of Word of Life Bible Church located in warri, delta state of Nigeria.

A good preacher, mentor, author, Pastor oritsejafor owns a Bombarder challenger 601 aircraft. According to him in one of his speech, the aircraft was given to him as a gift.

5. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


Pastor Chris is the President and the founder of the World Incorporated also known as Christ Embassy throughout the world.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is not base in the country but he often visits the country to see how his church and congregation are faring.

Apart from being physically helpful to his members across the  country, the London-based man of God is spiritually endowed that he helped his many of his church members in the spiritual world.

Apart from standing on the  pulpit to minister, Pastor Chris is a motivational speaker, a television host and an author of inspirational books, which include rhapsody of realities among others.

Pastor Chris owns a private jet which was surprisingly given to him  as a gift by his church member. However, he chose not to reveal the amazing mystery behind the jet.

6. Apostle Johnson Suleman Private Jet

Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International now owns a private jet like other men of God on this list.

This is coming after the pastor told his members that they should help the poor rather than acquire such expensive cars and jets as the case may be.

The pictures and videos of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s private jet was made available on the Omega Fire Ministry Dubai Facebook page.


These set of pastors are known to be among the richest men of God in the country. They are equally in the list of the most powerful men of God in their generation.

While you might not see your general overseer name in the list above, that doesn’t mean they are not spiritually fit to be a priest over a large pull of congregation. Neither does it mean they are not financially buoyant to get one as it depends on choice.

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  1. Pearl

    Living in luxury is good, but pastors should not be using private jets whereas some of their congregation have nothing to eat , so what is love if they do not start with their congregation

  2. marycynthia nkemjika ogonna

    Wawoooo!!!that great ,may GOD give them more health and wealth to heal and help others.

  3. Jessi Jay

    “Wow, my daddy G.o’s name is among the pastors with private jet”

    Jessi Jay

  4. Dibia Esther

    Let me believe they are all blessings from God..

  5. Ojicash

    Help the poor with the money my opinion, just saying


  6. Vivian chioma

    Great men of God, with private jet




  8. Ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    Good tho dia worth it!


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    I fear some pastors of nowadays oooo


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    More grease to their elbows…

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    More blessings to the real men of God

  12. Ahanonu chiazom

    Hmmmm never knew o

  13. Pearl

    Having private jets is cool but these pastors instead of living in luxury should use this money used in buying jets to help the business of some people who are poor in their church __Pearl

  14. Vayounce Love

    Working with God is one thing I adore.More grace men of God

  15. Awogwo winnifred

    This is very surprising

  16. Maxxi

    Nice one
    Great pastors.



    It’s their right because they work for it but they should keep reaching out to the poor ones who attend their church… SALLY

  18. Mr.Baron

    Who said there is no money in church..


  19. Cele bobo

    The Bible said that the wealth of the gentiles is ours. I’m happy for all of you.

    Cele bobo

  20. Nwobu chidimma Evelyn

    Great men of God


  21. Nwobu chidimma Evelyn

    Great Men of God


  22. This is incredible

  23. Baby la hot

    There is money in church oo..

    Baby la hot

  24. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    Yes, my Pastor is among them. Pastor Chris. The jet is to help in the great spread of the gospel.

    Cherry V

  25. Dearly

    I hope they use it for the minstry work

  26. beauty

    it pay to serve God. thank God for then at list we are proud of them.

  27. Obi chika

    Good life matters,life of a man of God

  28. Sopy

    It’s really good to know that some pastors have private jet.

  29. Vannylove

    Do they really need a private jet

  30. Mayy

    Don’t mean to judge why will a pastor have a private jet.

  31. Wow nice, my His grace children of God are not to be poor


  32. Jagaban

    This is why church z everywhere now…


  33. Bless

    all these are goio on while some people are suffering

  34. BERE

    Na to open my own ministry o lolzzz


  35. blissy

    congrats to them

  36. Hottie

    wow dia merit it!

  37. Miss Ella

    God is great in all ramifications

  38. Youngduke

    With God all things is possible

  39. Rolex

    Thanks be to God

  40. gift

    Am not judging ,but is not good for a pastor to have a private jet bcos is a worldly thing

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