Oluwatobi Adesanya: What Baby Car Seats Taught Me About Business

What Baby Car Seats Taught Me About Business. 

Actually this is not about safety procedures or some driving lessons, it’s something unrelated but yet related…


Baby Car seats are specially designed to fit babies safely in a car, they are designed in such a way that the baby is kept at the back seat strapped tightly with the seat belt. At one point I asked a friend why the Baby is not allowed to be strapped in front. She said it’s so as to prevent the child from flying out of the car if the vehicle were to have an accident.

I thought it was wise… But on a second thought, what if the car was hit by the side, or hit from behind, or perhaps a container fell on it, what’s the probability of the baby surviving? Probably very little.

What’s my point?

UNCERTAINTY. In a bid to be in control of life, Man has deviced many strategies to solve complex problems and as long as we live, more strategies to solve problems will continue to be created.

So how can you safeguard your baby (business, initiatives, Organizations) from accidents (bankruptcy, debt or closure) like was painted above?


1. Engage your Imagination: the imagination can project into the next century or Millennium, as a matter of fact, that’s where inventions are first birthed, problems are first solved and solution are generated.

Think of all possibilities, examine worst case scenarios, what if your baby (business) can’t feed (get clients and make profits) well in the next year? What happens when a major client decides to engage the service of a competitor? You may feel you have your baby safely strapped in but he may get an unexpected side hit. Think and generate all possible scenarios you can…. The next step will help as you will need to….

2. Examine and learn from the experiences of others. There’s wisdom in learning from the experiences of others. Read about businesses in your niche- those in existence and those who aren’t, learn about their growth strategies, learn about what made them fail and determine not to fall into the same trap. After all, the unexamined life is not worth living. The next step is to…

3. Develop solutions and strategies for each scenario. I made some amazing discoveries about THE BEAST, the official vehicle that conveys US Presidents. That vehicle is simply amazing. Not because of its design or beauty but because of its features.

I believe these features were thoroughly thought out to ensure that the baby (The President) doesn’t get hit unexpectedly. This car is bomb proof, in any case the tyres are punctured in an attack, it can run conveniently on its rims, it’s got cameras, shot guns and a Satellite phone that can be used by the President, it links directly to the Pentagon.

Inside the car, lies the Blood bag that matches the president’s blood sample incase he looses blood in the process, plus more that aren’t made known. Why did they go this far?

They examined every possible scenario and created specific solutions to combat them. What strategies can you come up with now? The last but not the least is to…

4. By all means, PRAY. YES! Uncertainty is a part of life. We have our part to play in it all, but a large chunk remains unseen and sometimes unknown. That’s why, there’s a need to be connected to the Ultimate Source of Infinite Intelligence, He can help us get prepared for the unimaginable, like deciding not to drive at a slower pace, or taking a different route… (You get the point)

I hope this helps someone.

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