Oldest Universities In Africa: Top 10

Oldest Universities In Africa: Top 10

Africa is home to some wonderful ancient universities you can think of. So many great people have emerged from the four walls of some of these universities.

This post will brief you on some of the oldest universities in Africa. Read along.

1. Al-Azhar University, Established 970-972 AD:

Established by the Fatimids as a centre for Islamic learning in AD 970-972. This University is located in Cairo, Egypt and is one of the the first universities in the world and also the oldest University in Africa.

2. Fourah University, Established 1827:

Founded on 18th February, 1827, and located in Freetown, Sierra Leone, this is the oldest University in West Africa and the second oldest University in Africa.

3. University of Cape Town, Established 1829:

Formerly called South African College, it is a public research University in Cape Town and the oldest South African University.

4. University of Liberia, Established 1862:

Located in Monrovia, Liberia, it is one of the oldest tertiary institutions in the whole of West Africa.

5. University of Khartoum, Established 1902:

This is the largest and oldest University in all of Sudan. It was renamed from Gordon Memorial College in 1956.


6. Stellenbosch University, Established 1903:

This was the first African University to sign the Berlin Declaration on open access to knowledge in sciences and humanities. Old and prestigious.

7. Cairo University, Established 1908:

This state institution, located in the Egyptian capital enrols around 155,000 students in their 22 faculties. Three graduates of this varsity are Nobel Laureates.

8. University of Algiers, Established 1909:

Located in the Algerian capital, this varsity is a product of different higher education institutions formed in the 19th century under French colonial rule. This University has seven faculties with a total of 100,827 students.

9. American University In Cairo, Established 1919:

Originally intended to be both a university and a preparatory school. The American University in Cairo is a non-profit, independent, Liberal arts, English language University and offers American-style learning programmes.

10. Makerere University, Established 1922:

Situated in Kampala, Uganda, this University was originally established as a technical school and has transitioned from faculty-based to collegiate system. With nine colleges and one school, and an enrolment of about 36,000 undergraduates and 4,000 postgraduates, this University ranks as the largest University in Uganda.

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