Olamide & Phyno: Who Is the Richest and Better Rapper 2019?

Most people often ask who is the richest between Olamide and Phyno? Some even go as far to ask who is the best rapper among the two? Well this post will give an insight to that and would throw the floor open for you to decide on who is better and richer between Olamide badoo and Phyno Fyno?


The difference between Olamide and Phyno is that while Olamide raps mostly in Youruba, while Phyno is more of the Igbo descent. Both have sang songs together with their songs topping the charts in Nigerian music industry.

Although, they are currently on the list of top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria 2019, where the likes of Don Jazzy, P-square, 2-Face, e.t.c dominates, they are seen as the best rappers in Nigeria 2019.

According to our findings, Olamide’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million while Phyno’s net worth is said to be in the range of $1 million.

While most people in the western part of Nigeria prefers Olamide’s music, the same can be said for Phyno in the Southeast.

Since the duo came into limelight, they have flawed other rappers. One thing you should know about Olamide is that he has released about 7 albums since he burst into the music industry.


Phyno on the other hand has also released about 5 albums. Both artiste are celebrities and live rich lifestyles. They often collaborate together and have their record labels.

For the records, Olamide is the owner and CEO of YBNL music one of the most popular record label group in the country today. He has also featured in many other songs by other musicians.

As per what they charge per show, it is said that Phyno charges about N2 to 3million Naira while Olamide charges about N3 to 3.5 million per show.

Both have signed numerous endorsement deals. Chief among them is Nairabet which phyno is the current ambassador in a deal worth milliona of Naira and Olamide signed with Ciroc and Etisalat.

Both rappers are not yet married and have baby mama’s, which is the current trend among musicians in Nigeria today.

Do you agree with my analysis on who is the richest and better rapper between Olamide and Phyno? Let me hear your views in the comment section below.


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  1. Ike Austin And real

    Really I never disagree in your view but my main reason is if this two young rappers have something in common why can’t they make out single with out using dialect dialogue let’s we call for the best rapper honestly that’s the main reason why I like MI Abaga and ice Prince Zambia.
    Thank you am ike Austin and real from Imo State join me on Facebook
    Email me at ikeaustine205@yahoo.com

  2. emmanuel

    i know both are rapper but olamide is the senior

  3. Donb

    Both are good rappers but no best among them,cause all raps with there dialect yet olamide is better than phyno.in terms of wealth olamide is recher than phyno

  4. U shud get out. Phyno is more richer dan olamide. E b lik say u come 4rm yoruba land.

  5. Olamide is richer than phyno because olamide has been in the bussiness for years before phyno start getting fame

  6. Snapmodel


  7. Osman Shaibu(Tozique1)

    Truly, I admire my man Phyno Fin looking @ his way of dressing and swag. Besides,as he is 6ft tall and 75kg in wt, am 5.8ft tall and 72kg in wt and will like to meet him and take a pict. Also, as he is born 9th October 1986, am born on 10th April, 1986. So I will be pleased to be a friend to him

  8. Kevin

    Well I agree

  9. Onyi Nwa

    This Poster Self Phyno Get How Many Album? And Who Said Olamide First Phyno Start Music?

  10. Olamide paddy

    Is what u guys know..we don’t need to argue about it baddo gat everything in this life than phyno.. #gbam

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