What Oil Companies in Port Harcourt Pay their Workers

ShellIt is always the dream of every graduate to work in an any Oil Company in Nigeria simply because they are one of the very few companies that pay the highest salaries in Nigeria.

Given that the Oil and Gas sector in Nigeria is the strong hold of the country’s economy, it is no surprise that these oil companies dole out mouth watering salaries plus other allowances to their employees, especially the senior staff in such companies.

Note that all oil companies salary structure are not the same. Some pay as much as N18 million per annum while others can go as far as N50 million per annum or even more. Well, this depends on the department, nature of job and type of oil company. Nevertheless, the oil and gas sector still pay far better than any other sector in the country, unless you are a politician.


And so, I stumbled on a piece of information from a reliable source online that exposed what Oil Companies in Port Harcourt pay their workers with focus on basic entry level salary scale and put it on Nigerian Infopedia for all to see.

Entry Level Salary Scale of Oil Companies in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

1. Total E&P Nigeria: the highest paying oil company in Nigeria today, with about 1700 workers. Entry Level Salary is N7 million to N12 million a year

2. ExxonMobil: is the second largest oil producer in Nigeria, with an estimated total of about 4 million deep-water/shallow-water offshore acreage. Entry Level Salary is N6 million to N10 million a year.


3. Chevron Nigeria: boasting a daily production capacity of over 230 thousand barrels of crude oil, Chevron Nigeria is the third-largest oil producer in Nigeria with Entry Level Salary at N6 million to N9 million per annum.

4. Shell Nigeria:  known to be the oldest and also the largest oil producer in the country which produces about 600,000 barrels daily with 6000 employees of which about 90% are Nigerians. The Entry Level Salary for Shell Nigeria is N3 million to N8 million.

6. Aiteo Eastern E&P: Has its Entry Level salary at N3 million, six hunded thousand to N5 million a year.

7. Schlumberger Nigeria: Entry Level salary scale is N3.6 million to N6 million a year.

8. Halliburton Nigeria: a multinational upstream E&P service provider that specializes in operational and reservoir solutions. The salary for Entry Level: is N3.6 million to N4.5 million a year

9. Saipem Nigeria: Salary for Entry Level is N2.4 million to N4.8 million a year

10. Seplat Petroleum: Entry Level salary is N2.4 million to N4.8 million per year and is listed in both Nigeria and London stock exchange.

11. Oando Group: Nigeria’s first IOC. The salary for entry level for Oando is N1.8 million to N4.8 million per year

12. Conoil: with about 6 oil blocks, Conoil entry level salary is N1.8 million to N3.6 million a year.

What’s your take about this information or do you know of any job that pays higher than these oil companies in Nigeria as listed below ? We would like to hear from you using the comments section below.

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