Official Tecno Mobile Office Addresses in Nigeria: Full List

Full list of all Tecno Nigeria Office Addresses

TECNO Mobile Nigeria is the leading smartphone company in Nigeria and was the first dual SIM mobile phone brand in Nigeria and Africa generally. TECNO till date has produced about thirty different Android phones and about a host of affordable Tablet which runs different Android version and also Windows in their Tecno Winpad.


Tecno Mobile has also carved a name for themselves as the most popular phone brand in Nigeria surpassing the likes of Samsung, Infinix, Gionee, Injoo and the most respected Apple. You should be aware that most new Tecno Phones and tablets are mostly powered by the Android operating system.

Many Tecno users over the years have complained about the durability of the product as most Android phones and Tablets manufactured by Tecno normally develop software and hardware related problems. Are you one of such users experiencing such and is looking for the address of Tecno office in Lagos to repair your phone or tab or any Tecno offices around Nigeria where you can buy original Tecno mobile phones with warranty, then you are at the right page.

Below is the full list of all Tecno Mobile Service Centers in Nigeria, office address in Nigeria, phone number, Facebook, Twitter handle and Tecno official website as seen on Nairaland

Tecno office in Lagos/head office in Nigeria

Address: 19, Olowu Street, Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria.

Phone: +23418821234


Facebook: Tecno Mobile Nigeria

Twitter: @tecnomobileng

Carlcare Service Centre Contact Details

77 ,Opebi Road, 2nd Floor, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Tecno Office In Abuja (Address)

Carlcare Office Abuja,
Mobile Phone Repair Shop
1st floor, No16, off IBB Road, Gwani St
Opens 9AM Mon

Tecno Office In Ibadan

Isolak building, queen Elizabeth road, Mokola, Ibadan.

Other Tecno office addresses:

Tecno Office in Kano: No 25 beirut road Kano.

Tecno Office in Port-Harcourt: No 290 Aba road, Port Harcourt.

Tecno Office in Onitsha: No 13 okwei street Onitsha.

Tecno Office in Benin: No 15 obakhavbaye street , oba market road, Benin city.

Tecno office in Kaduna: Plot f6/g5 Ahmadu bello way Kaduna.

Official Tecno Nigeria Website is


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  1. SHEGO

    pls I upgrade my tecno c8 to marsmallow 6.0 after the upgrade successful. my phone keep restarting by himself after the screen at sleep . and now downgrade back to lollipop 5.0.2 after that my phone battery didn’t charge fast as before. and again when the battery reach 25%. he will start going down to 1% within 2min and off. pls what to do pls abeg o. bishop Thanks

    1. its best you take your phone to any of the addresses of tecno service offices listed above for them to look into the matter.

  2. Layemi

    Plz how can i get to the one at ikeja and can i swap my phone in their office

    1. Their office is located at opebi in ikeja. It is called carl care. From maryland, board a bike to tecno office.

  3. Andrew

    My wife techno L8 phone was stolen, how do I destroy the phone. I didn’t copy the imei no. But I have the email address used for the phone.

  4. Nene

    Pls is there a tecno office in plateau state or Enugu state

    1. i doubt, but they might have a collection center at onitsha

  5. isaac

    Pls from agege how can get to your OFFICE in opebi

  6. Adekunle

    Is their any techno office in Maiduguri?

  7. Xtraha

    So far, Tecno now has more stores where one can buy their devices and make repairs

  8. Emjay

    Left my phone charging beside me, n nothing happened to it, infact was using it b4 I decided to leave it to charge. Wasn’t touched by anyone. Put it on afterwards and saw a major screen wash out. Blacks are now med. grey. When going back to the homescreen you can see the previous screen through the homescreen. My phone now looks like a black n white tv. This phone is just a year old. Tecno 8h.pls what can I do

    1. If you are in lagos, take it to tecno office at okpebi

  9. Peace

    Please I just got a Tecno camon Cx on friday and it got stolen on Sunday. Can it be tracked with its IMEI number and can it be done from any of your offices?

    1. take it to carl care and report the issue, i believe they will do that for you

  10. Femi

    Hello, I just bought a Camon cX recently, since when I got it some apps such as Google Play services always crash, recently my Xender app also refused to start even after deleting and re-installing. Please what can the problem be?

    1. have you tried hard ressetting the phone. If you have tried it and it is not working, i will suggest that you take the phone to Tecno office located in Ikeja or any of the adresses above so that they will flash the phone for you. it is a software realted problem

  11. daud yunus

    I have Tecno w4 jst a year old i charge the phone and the phone doesn’t on any more. pls find solution to my problem

    1. can you take the phone to tecno office in ikeja, they will repair the phone as long its on warranty. Thanks

  12. Forte

    Can I take my Tecno phone to Tecno Office for repair even though it no longer has warranty

    1. yes you can but it wont be repaired for free

  13. Onwuokwu mmesoma Vivian

    Please my tecno cx air battery is having fault where can I repair it am in onitsha where can I locate techno office that will repair the battery.

    1. have you checked the address in the post?

  14. Effiok Udoh

    Is there any tecno service centre in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

  15. Adenike

    My cxair front camera is not working n I don’t know y is not working I have actually wipe my phone still not working update d system the Same thing please I need ur help

    1. If you reside in Lagos, i suggest you take it to Tecno office at opebi in Ikeja

  16. chukwuka wisdom

    my camon C7 was stollen how can i destroy the phone ? I have the emeil number.

    1. i will suggest you take it to Tecno office at Ikeja

  17. Edwin

    Good evening please I have a problem, concerning one of your Staff Mr Nnamdi Okafor who reside at no24Obiomma Street Achara layout, I transacted a business of phones worth 150,000 naira on Friday 21st July 2017 which he was supposed to deliver the goods or my money, he didn’t and I have tried to reach him all to know avail, please sir I need my money back from him, this is his mobile number 09068922982

  18. Okubadejo Abolanle

    Good morning my phantom6 phone the screen went off without any effect and I was told either to repair or to swap and to swap with any Tecno of my choice I have to pay additional fee of #19500 to take phantom6+ or camon Cx. Someone in ur care center told me this just want to know if this is true. Reply

    1. Okubadejo Abolanle

      Still under warranty

    2. As long as it is at Opebi, Ikeja it is possible to swap. Make sure the Tecno customer care agent is certified



  20. Abdulnafiu AbdulSalam

    Good day. Please I need H6 screen and calibration also battery to b fix on my phone. I live in Abuja I want it to deliver. What will be cost of it. Thanks

  21. Adun Alexandra Aisosa

    Greetings. I have a canon CX air (which is 4G enabled). And my problem is… I have a Glo 4G LTE sim card, but it doesn’t browse at 4G speed in my phone. I called Glo customer care and was told their sims only work at band 28 frquency. I checked the pack of my phone and saw band 3,7,20 and 40. But still looked it up on the net. And all searches showed that CX air supports band 28, and all 4G sims in Nigeria.
    I’m confused and I just want to be clear on why my Glo 4G LTE sim isn’t browsing at 4G speed on my phone.
    -Alexa (Benin).

    1. i would advise you take the phone to tecno office because most of these phones have factory error

  22. Balogun billy

    Pls what are the steps to be taken if I want to return tecno boomj8 and swap with another techno phone how much will it’s cost and wat are the terms and conditions applied bcuz the is given a lot problem.

  23. Balogun billy

    Please if I want to swap tecno boomj8 with another tecno phone(tecno camonc9 or camoncx) what are necessary things i should do and how much will it’s cost.

    1. Nigerian Infopedia ADMIN

      it will depend on the place or stores where Tecno phones are currently sold in case you want to swap. Camon cx costs about 75 to 90k

  24. Sunmbo

    My phone Camon Cx suddenly stops charging fast. It became slow that it then stops charging at 84% after several hours. Plz, what can I do

    1. It might be software related issue or battery. Take it to the nearest tecno office as such cases are now common and reported there for speedy repair

  25. Amaka

    Pls can I get fast charger for tecno droipad 8d in opebi office?

    1. Yes, you can get the original charger for any tecno device at Opebi which is preferable to the quack chargers they sell in the market

  26. Muhammad musti

    Pls am having problem with my CX i cant use the draw down notification panel while in app only when i rotate the phone but it is working normally on the main menu???help out pls

    1. Have you tried resetting the Canon x.if you have tried and it didn’t work, take it to tecno office for software correction

  27. segun abolaji

    I just got a tecno Cx not more than a month and now it’s just operating by itself until i lock the screen and unlock it again. Moreso the middle of the screen stopped working. Any help/

    1. Take it to the nearest Tecno customer care center and they will fix it for you

  28. Buhari Lawan

    Screen of my phone L9 plus crashed. How much you will repair it to me?

    1. take it to the tecno carl care and they will give you the latest price for tecno l9 screen

      1. John Arum

        I buy a tecno phone in slot someone called to tell me I just won one million is it real or not

        1. We are not currently aware of any promo going on with Tecno or slot company


    pls were can I get l9 plus with finger print shippings am in Victoria island and how much is the price in techno office directly


    pls how much is l9 plus in techno office and were can I get it am im in Victoria island

  31. Olayiwola

    Hello,please I bought my tecno L9 with my office cooperative and eventual get crack at face and I wish to swap but I only have cooperatve receipt with me,what can I do to make swap easy?

    1. Honestly, that would depend on the advice of the Tecno customer care Representatives at their office in Lagos

  32. herbolargy

    I have a problem with my touch screen, please where can I take it to am in Lagos. the techno is canon c9. please I much will it cost me.

    1. You can take your phone to Tecno office at Opebi in Ikeja

  33. Olayiwola

    Can I have there phone contact to speak to the customer care agent first before embark on the journey because techno office us far from Epe in Lagos state

  34. ifeoma

    pls my tecno w3 entered into water mistakenly, pls where can i take it to. am in portharcour

  35. Adeniyi Temidayo

    Pls… What’s the price of tecno pp7II touchscreen.

  36. Pls, wen will tecno spark plus k9 be available in Nigerian stores?, I really wanna get the phone

  37. Gideon

    Please how can I get the Tecno i7 in Nigeria. I really love the phone. so please I need more info on the phone. so please notify me about the phone if the phone is in Nigeria

  38. Taiwo

    pls I use techno C5 and it hangs whenever I use xender and also the battery drops rapidly when it get to 40%. it discourage me a lot pls what can I do?

    1. Please take your phone to the nearest tecno office near you for them to repair. You can also hard reset the phone first before you take it to their office. Don’t forget to backup your files and contacts plus whatspp messages

  39. aduragbemi Eliot

    Hello, I’m glad to come across this post. I use a tecno L6 and i so cherish this device, i need a new back case for it and I’veso searched Ikeja but someone said i didn’t search well, please i so need the back case, my volume buttons are off and power button. Got other phone but this is my machine….i wish u can relate. Please help out on where to get the case. Tecno L6. Thank you.

    1. I also had a tecno l6 but it seems the device body parts is out of stock at the tecno office when i checked last but you can still check or contact them

  40. Mary

    Am having a problem wit my phantom 6plus pls which office can I take it to for repair?

    1. Please take it to the lagos office. it is the head office of tecno

      1. aduragbemi Eliot

        Please where is d head office?

        1. Its is at opebi in ikeja lagos

  41. Kingsley Okoro

    I have a case against this Tecno company. I bought a Y2 phone and after two months it went blank totally. I took it to them in Opebi, they said I would pick it up in just four days. In 4 days time I called and I was told I had to bring 15k; I bought the phone 14,900 and I have to repair it for more. when I asked why I was told water was found in it. It never fell into water; rain never beat me. How come water? Isn’t that fraudulent? I will fight them.

  42. Olamide

    plssss I lost my techno CX air can you help me find the exact location

  43. sadiq m

    I am unable to connect my techno L8 lite hot-spot with my HP system, it’s showing No internet access from the system, I tried to use other phones nd it worked successfully. I tried three other different techno L8 Lite phones and it doesn’t work, so it means techno L8 Lite phones has a problem of sharing hot-spot with system, so how do I fix it?

  44. Tejiri

    How much will it cost me to change a cracked tecno cx screen and body mentainance

    1. Osossy

      pls @tecno office’s when are you starting price bonanza for the year 2017?

  45. olayiwola blessing

    Pls l recently bought tecno k7 about a month ago.2 days ago d screen stop responding to my finger touch. Pls l wat can l do?

    1. Take it to the Carl care center

  46. adeola

    my camon cx air was pressed by a moving bus and it just 7weeks old,can I get it repaired at tecno office and do they open on Saturdays.

  47. Adequate

    I have been using my tecno g9 tab since December 2014…..rite now I can’t browse wit it freely as things are always popping up, n I have to put off d phone each time. Please can I swap dis phone to any other tecno product?

    1. I have also encountered the same problem. The best thing is to download the software and re-install it again. And mind the way you connect to the internet

  48. abundance Paul

    Pls were can I buy tecno c9 plus full casing

    1. you can buy it at slot

  49. abundance Paul

    Pls which branch in slot can I get the tecno C9 plus full casing

    1. First check Konga or Jumia before trying any slot branch near you

      1. Zainab

        How much is spark2 KA7

  50. Olojede j.b.

    Pls I bought techno l9 plus in Jalingo Taraba state n d following day of purchase d phone felt down n d screen crack.. Pls what is next step to take,or is possible for to return d handset back to techno head quarter in Lagos with prove of purchase.

  51. hi good evening I just got my new phone which is tecno spark k7 but I haven’t being enjoying it since I got it cause whenever am using it the apps do crash and sometimes the phone will just hang on its own.

  52. Oluwaseun

    Plsss my camon cx air was stolen yesterday plss is there any way I can get it back with the imei number or any method

  53. Olayemi

    Where can I repair my L9 plus broken screen and how much can I get it done in Abuja

  54. maxwell

    is tecno w6 out???

      1. Stephanie

        I have some problems with my new tecno w4 that is not up to a week old,I bought it from Lagos through someone,but I reside in Kogi a has an inbuilt battery that is slow in charging and easily discharging, sometimes like 5% at a time or almost. Also it is supposed to have 16gb ROM,but there is not up to 2gb in it.I am a student and I need it for my project in a school where light is bad.I have tried factory reset but it didn’t work. I’m not happy especially for the battery. So I don’t know what to do.

  55. Gabriel Emmanuel

    Good day pls i bought TECNO L9 Plus, still under guaranty , i discovered that my speaker is not loud , i went to the office i bought the phone and i was directed to go to TECNO office in Abuja . pls what do i do?

    1. Just visit their Abuja office with your receipt of purchase

  56. Ruth

    I’m having issues with the charging point of my camon C8, can I have it fixed at any tecno office?. I reside in Abuja. Thanks

  57. Olatunbosun abayomi john

    Good evening
    My name is olatunbosun abayomi john
    I purchased one of your product at slot in Ilorin…
    After 3 month I bought it the cell phone started doing somehow..
    I took it to carcare in Ilorin…
    They flash it for me….after 2 weeks it started again and I took it to Ilorin again to flash it…now it has finally gotten spoid,it always tell me android processing error..
    The product is techno 7cpro!!!

  58. silas

    can I swap my tecno C8 for another phone in tecno office?

    1. As of last year it was possible, i dont know wether it is still possible to swap at Tecno office this year

  59. Ijalana Oluyemisu

    Please, can a stolen tecno phone be tracked by its imei number at the techno office? Please, I need a reply.

    1. Every phone can be tracked back but it depends on the mobile phone maker and network if they are willing to help you in this regard

  60. Dosunmu funmilayo

    I don’t know what’s wrong with my techno l9plus,I was charging it and it suddenly went of and didn’t come on again and it was so hot. Pls want do I do,its not even up to 6month I bought it from konga .before now ,nearly a month I got it,it stopped rotating. I need help

    1. If you have tried flashing the phone and it doesn’t still work, i will suggest you take it to tyhe nearest tecno office near you for software repair. Its better you do this than taking it to these road side guys that claim to repair tecno or android phones. They can end up spoiling your phone and voiding your warranty.

  61. Oghenekome

    where is techno office located at Agbara…need address

    1. The main tecno office is located at okpebi ikeja

  62. Sandra

    My tecno phantom 6plus has screen problem, half of d screen dont work…. And i cant find d screen here in alaba….. Where can i get it? And lik how much can i get it? And can i swap it lik dis?

    1. I will suggest you take the phone to Tecno office because most readers have complained that after repairing their phones outside Tecno office, the phone developed another fault.

  63. aliyu umar yarima

    please i wanna buy tecno L9 Plus how much is the cost ?

  64. Asinobi victoria

    Pls my techno l9 plus screen is broken and its still under warranty pls can I get it fixed.and at where?

  65. James

    Please am planning to get a new tecno w3 i base in kaduna but i don’t know how much it will case me

  66. kevin

    where in onitsha can i see tecno shop or mall or office dat sells original tecno phone at company price?

    1. Please go to main market at Emeka offor’s plaza

  67. Victorlb

    Please i will want to know where can i change my TECNO C7 to a better big phone and add money to get it. I base in Abuja Nigeria.

    1. take it to the tecno office at Abuja as listed above in the article

  68. Moses

    My tecno M6 screen is bad, please, can i do a swap and where can it in Port harcourt?

    1. you can see tecno’s office in portharcout in the post above

      1. Moses

        Please, can i swap my tecno M6 with screen problem with a bigger one and add money? I based in Port harcourt. Thanks

        1. It depends on Tecno themselves. They only swap phones that are still in the market and are on demand.

  69. Anselem Okafor

    Good afternoon,
    I have L5 Tecno phone but I don’t know how to put on the GPS. Please how do I do that?

    1. The GPS is already installed as a hardware in the phone. Just go to your settings and turn on the location services

  70. Timmy

    Please, I have issues with my Techno C5 as regards casing, it fell and all of the casing from the power button key to the volume button key got destroyed. is there anyway I could get the casing as all efforts to get it had been in futility?
    I am presently in Bayelsa State.

    1. If you where in lagos, it would have been much easier because tecno office in lagos have the tecno engineers (chinese) who repair such issues

  71. Oyivbi Blessing

    Pls I learnt I can swap my phone to a new one if I add some money the phone fell from my hand and the screen got broken I just bought it this January.pls let me knw how much and were to my techno L9 plus

    1. If your phone is still under warranty, please kindly go to Tecno office in Lagos to either swap it or have it fixed

  72. Rhoda

    please i need a working tecno w3 panel urgently, how can i get it

  73. Anas usman

    My new camon CM phone got broken last night, please where is tecno office located in kaduna so that I contact them for swap or repairs?

  74. Kenny

    Pls does tecno swap phone????

  75. Alex

    Is there a Tecno office in enugu state? And how can I locate it?

  76. Abimbola

    Please, how much is the replacement of inbuilt battery for a techno android phone at the ikeja office. The battery of my phone is completely flat.

  77. Oni Olugbenga

    I bought a Tecno winpad 10 on December 23, 2015. it work perfectly. January 2017 i could not power it on but on geting to carlcare in Ibadan they help me to put it on. March 2018 the same problem occur and on getting to Ibadan carlcare i was told to replace the mother board. the price quoted was on the high side N30,000. as at today 24th April I was told that the motherboard is not available even in Lagos.
    Since I hardly use the tab and is like new i was thinking if i can swap it with new Tecno winpad10 2 and added some amount of money. Is it possible? If not how and where can I get the Motherboard? what price?

  78. Olaoluwa

    My tecno l9p fell and part of the screen got broken and moreso the I av lost the receipt, can the screen be change or can the phone be swap, even if I don’t av d receipt… Plz help

    1. the screen can be changed, take it to a tecno office but you will be charged

  79. Abdulateef

    pls I just bought techno phone phantom 8 and they told me it works with 4G but once I click on mobile network this is what he always show me that UNFORTUNATELY THE PROCESS COM.ANDROID. PHONE HAS STOPPED pls what should I do

    1. Take it to the nearest tecno office for them to hard reset the phone

  80. Faith

    Pls how much is techno x pro and when is it coming out

  81. Faith

    Pls how much is techno x pro and when is it coming out…

    1. No news yet but it might be from 90 to 100 and something naira

  82. Merah

    Pls were can I change my techno CX air screen in Enugu state.

  83. onyeka

    How much is th price of camon x pro in tecno office

    1. its within the range of 70-90 something thousand

  84. Abdullahi

    My phone techno Common c7 the software expire and i bought the phone last year. what is the problem

    1. if the software expired, take it to Tecno office so as they will upgrade or flash the phone to its latest firmware

  85. abua Clement oko

    my tecno w5 get hot when browsing, what is d cause?

  86. igo jackson

    good day sir. pls my tecno droipad 10 pro 2 charging port got bat and i noticed it comes with a flex that can be key to the motherboard… pls can i get a replacement from yor office.. of yes… how pls? if i need to place an order i wouldn’t mind…

  87. Abubakar Alhassan

    Good day I bought my tecno l9 plus in Kaduna and letter the finger print is no working what can I do pls it normally use to show me the enrollment is not working pls try again than you.

  88. kingsley

    pls were can I locate tecno office in enugu my new tecno spark is pressing ND touching it self

  89. ojajuni danie

    Hi I bought item p31 at the beginning of this year at lagos but the charger got burnt and I used different chargers for it but the battery has drain up so I don’t know if I can take it to the tecno office at ondo and it still has warranty of one year

  90. Tawose Idowu James

    I have a shop at Sagamu road, Odogunyan ikorodu. Lagos. Can Techno brand my office?

    1. Yes,It is possible

  91. Tawose Idowu James

    I have a shop in Ikorodu, can techno brand it for me?

  92. Amuda kemi

    pls I need to repair my tecno camonCM the glass just break and I need to know how much should I bring wen am coming have use it for 3month now.

    1. Take 25 to 35 thousand naira

  93. verasax

    what is the price of cx now

    1. The price is Fifty five thousand naira but it depends on the area

  94. Oladipupo Kehinde

    my phone techno canon c9 got spoil by not onnig again, wat can I do

    1. Take it to the tecno repair center

  95. Fawole Oluseyi

    Good morning,

    For how many year does Tecno warranty covers for a phone

  96. Muhammed

    please I want to repair my tecno L9 phone and I want to know the price of it

  97. Magana luka

    hello I bought techno spark2 a month ago and this morning while making call the phone went blank and it’s vibrating without been operated. Pls how do I fix it? I am from kebbi state

  98. faruq

    the middle of my phone techno k7 Is not touching and I want add money and get another new one where techno office in abeokuta

  99. IGO jackson

    My tecno droipad 10 pro 2 has charging port problem, the port is attached to a flex which is den clip to the motherboard.. Where can I get a new charging port for my phone Pls..

  100. mbama mykel

    is there any tecno office in victoria island?

    1. The only tecno office that is authentic in Lagos is the one at Opebi, Ikeja

  101. Rephaiah

    I would like to know the cost and location in Abuja that I will be able to get pouch for my tecno droidpad 10A 10.1″

    1. Sorry for the late reply, we can’t give you the cost but Tecno Abuja office address is at Carlcare Office, Mobile Phone Repair Shop,· 1st floor, No16, off IBB Road, Gwani St. Opens 9AM Mon

  102. Titilayo Afolabi

    I bought techno pop1 pro since September and I’ve been having issues with the battery. I want to swap it possible and where? I’m in Agege.

  103. Ogu Ogedi

    A Techno L8 fell inside water and refused to come on even after taking to a repair. Where else do you have a service center apart from Ikeja? Do you have one Preferably around Asaba Delta state?

  104. bamidele ibukun

    i have been having issues with my tecno K9 since i got it, it keeps saying system UI not responding. i have done factory reset and there’s no difference. Now it says invalid IMEI invalid when i dail *#06#. what can i do pls?

  105. LANRE

    Can get the full phone casing of tecno Y2 in your office @ Ikeja

  106. Joseph

    Gone morning I bought a tecno phone f3 pop1 in December last year now it requested for update which I did now my phone is not buttin


      Good afternoon.. plz where can I get Techno droipad 8h inner screen… I’m in sokoto.

  107. Jeminusi David mercy

    Do u guys accept phone swap I wanna swap my phone to another one the phone is tecno camon c8…… so do u guys accept swap ????I live in sagamu ogun state……

  108. Adewale

    How much for pop2 the one with fingers print

  109. meerah

    plx how much is techno spark 3 pro in your office?

  110. Faibol

    my battery doesn’t last longer at all, what can I do to to get it fixed? Techno camon CM CA6

  111. Abimbola

    Please how can i track my lost phone with IMEI:

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