Official Canada Visa Fee in Nigeria: See How Much

How Much Is Canada Visa Fee In Nigeria? Find out below.


Are you about to travel to Canada and you are looking out for things you need to know regarding their visa application of which how much it cost is a key part of what you want to know? Read on, this page has been specifically written to discuss the Canadian visa fee in Nigeria.

Canada is one of the three countries that makes up the core North America, the other two being the United States of America and Mexico. Aside these 3, other countries are also part of North America such as the Cuba and it likes. The capital of Canada is in Ottawa and it is the home to the popular Niagara Falls.

Other major cities in Canada includes Toronto, Quebec City and Montreal. Canada having a close proximity with the United States and also sharing similar characteristics to an extent, it has become one of the go-to places for people of other countries, Nigeria inclusive.

Canadian Visa Application Fee In Nigeria

The Canadian visa is issued by the Canadian Embassy and the application fees depends on the type of visa you are applying for. Types of Canadian visa includes visitor’s visa, study permit, work permit, etc.

Generally, regardless of the type of visa you are applying, your biometric data have to be captured and this have it cost. For a person, it cost about $85 and for a family, the price is put at $170.

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Visitor’s visa fee

  • Visitor visa (including super visa): $100
  • Visitor visa (family of 5): $500

Student visa (work permit) fee

  • Study permit (including extension): $150
  • Restore your status: $200

For others

Generally, there are other kind of visa and each comes with it specific guidelines and fees. On a general note, check the below breakdown.

  • Visa application excluding permanent residence fee: $550
  • Processing fee and right of permanent residence fee: $1040
  • Your partner/spouse without permanent residence fee: $550
  • Including a dependent child: $150

How Long Does It Takes For Canadian Visa Application To Be Processed?

While the Canadian embassy will tell you it takes about 34 days, take it with a pinch of salt, this is Nigeria. the visa processing time is usually between 3 to 16 weeks.



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