Official Addresses of Gionee Service Centers in Lagos and Nigeria

Official Gionee Service Centers in Lagos and Nigeria

Gionee mobile phones are becoming more popular in Nigeria. Just like Tecno smartphones, they also experience some faults which can be software or hardware related.

Are you one of Gionee smart phone users and are looking for any Gionee service center near you where to repair your Gionee mobile phone or tablet? or To buy, change your Gionee batteries to original ones, below is a table showing you where you can locate Gionee Mobile service centers in Lagos and Nigeria

Table Showing List of all Gionee Repair service Centers in Lagos & Nigeria


To contact Gionee customer care service in Nigeria for inquiries, complaint or clarifications, call 01-4539110. Find them also on Facebook at Nigeria.


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  1. Sgt Dickson.

    I regret buy this phone, I have been going to Abuja service center for two months now all they say is no spared parts for m5 mini, please do something about it.

  2. Mrs Joy Kelly

    Hi, I’ve being using my gionee P4 for 2years now and my screen is bad.How do I send it for repairs? I live in Akwa Ibom state.


    My Gionnee SPlus Smart phone Is very slow in charging. What could have been the course? I am very worried about this development.


    Blessing Ehis

  4. George

    My Gionee M5 just went blank, when I on the phone it will on but not displaying

  5. Vivian

    My M5 marathon screen is bad, how much is it if i want to change the screen

    1. It will cost 8 to 15 thousand naira.just take it to a gionee repair centre for repair

  6. Anwuli

    My gionee m6 mirror screen just got broken and the phone is less than two weeks, I don’t know what to do

  7. Zinnia

    My front camera is not working, what’s the problem please

  8. Barr. Yusuph

    I just bought a gionie m5 mini. It is not up to 3 days and I cannot enjoy the phone any longer because the phone will just go off at will. Again the battery doesn’t give the correct percentage. I went back to the dealer but he is telling me stories. I now have the impression that gionie produces fake phones. I regretted leaving Tecno for gionee. If nothing happens I will be left with no option than to test their warrantee in the court of law. I can’t be cheated this far.

    1. Henry

      my dear d Gionee M5 mini is not a bad phone have been using it for over a year now, the issue u are experiencing in the battery percentage is bug u need to fix by going to the settings of the phone , about phone then system update, it will take a little MB to finish up the update once it’s done the percentage bug will be fixed

  9. user

    where can i get Gionee p5 mini Battery

  10. Clement whyte

    08182603729 is my number… Call me for any complaints concerning your gionee phones… I am available to help sort out your problems

    1. Mark

      Bro, just in less than a year my Gionee s-plus smartphone battery started having issues, used the specified charger alongside with a type C cord for charging up the phone yet no improvement….been going to their office in Benin, staffs telling me stories…….I need a new battery…..please Epp….names Mark from delta state 08035574223

    2. Adogbeji Samuel

      Hello, my gionee f103 3g and 4g does not work, as I have check the bands are not available I Nigeria. can it be made to browse on 3g and 4g network

    3. Loki prime

      My gioone m5mini screen is not displaying I don’t know what to do

  11. Ocheme Linus I

    Please my m5 screen is bad and I want to change it and they is no part in Abuja what can I do please

  12. nancy

    Good day sir/ma, please my Gionee m5 mini screen broke, I want to fix it back,how much do I need to pay?

    1. It should be in the range of 15 to 20k.

  13. Jacob

    My gionee touch pad has broken.were can I see the new touch pad of my gionee n151?

    1. Take it to the gionee repair center as written above

  14. Emanuel aremu

    my Gionee P103 is not bringing out 3G or 4G but only 2g pls I need solution

  15. Chidinma

    I dropped my gionee S6s at your Ikeja office and was told I would be sent an SMS to come pick up within 3 to 4 days. A week later I am yet to get the text message and nobody is picking the phone of the contact number stated in the service jobsheet. Kindly assist urgently so I can pick up my phone. Thank you

    1. please go to the office and request for the status of your phone thanks

      1. Chidinma

        I need to confirm its been sorted before I go all the way there. they have not been picking their call that’s the problem

        1. unfortunately, i cant tell cos i don’t work there. There has also been a number of complaints concerning calling gionee customer care staff from other users

  16. Lawal Abiodun

    Good evening,,,,, pls my Gionee S plus got scratched nd its giving me hard time. Pls how much is the screen. I need an urgent reply pls.

    1. We can’t give a definite price of the screen of your gionee s plus but recent findings suggest that gionee screens are in the range of 25k plus and above. Its best you take it to the authorised Gionee office for repairs

  17. Lauretta

    My text message icon shows I have unread messages. When I open my text msg box, it shows ‘no messages! ‘
    2. My call log is empty! Still shows empty even after making and receiving calls
    I have switched my phone on n off. Removed n put back battery. Situation remains same. Other icons and apps working well

    1. Take it to a Gionee office. But you should first hard reset the phone

      1. Cynthia

        Please I bought geonie m5 plus and I have not use it up 3weeks and the the charging is not fast it will take up to one full day to charge but it will not get fully charged.please what do I do.

        1. take it to the gionee office for repair

  18. Uwanabi Ebube Sydney

    Can i use my 2 sim cards and memory card all at the same time in my m6 mirror and is it possible to swap a gionee phone with a higher one with additional funds on it? If yes, please where in Lagos can i do that?

    1. it is possible but I doubt if swapping in still in vogue. Check 3chub and slot in Ikeja for swapping

  19. Miss Esther

    Is it possible to trace my stolen gionee fone with d IMEI number?

    1. that will be for the Gionee customer care but i think it might be possible at least using a samsung device

  20. Miss Esther

    I don’t get, pls can u come out clear

  21. Christabel

    Gionee phone is the stupid phone I have ever used,if the producers are not sure of their products, then the shudnt release into the market.this is crazy, got m5 plus and it has not worked fully for a day, took it back to were I bought it, givers phone shop in portharcourt, was told the don’t do replacement that I have to take it for repair, this was 3 days after I bought the stupid phone, as pissed as I was, I did as the said,the flashed it,still didn’t work, after which the said the have to take it to Lagos,hmm, took it to Lagos for 2 weeks, and came back the same. Hanging as usual, goes off at will, gets extremely hot most times. soon upset, I will send these messages until I get to the China producers.its crazy honestly.

    1. Sorry about that, the truth about Tecno and Gionee phones is that they produce phones with low standard materials and build thats why problems are mich on their phones

  22. Mr Akujekwe

    My gionee m6 can’t connect to phone audio Bluetooth, it only connect to media audio, what’s the solution?

    1. it might be with your settings, i suggest you unpair the device with the bluetooth gadget and reconnect it again

  23. Ewah Chris

    I bought gionee M6 mirror less than two months now I can use it, I give it to gionee customers care here in portharcourt to repair but the problem still remain. What will I do?

    1. You would have to take it to them for a swap, but you might pay a little money extra

  24. Dimonye

    I got m5 plus d camera is rush,very blut and Nt clear.infact am nt impress n d phone is expensive.can i swap to m6 or A1

    1. That will be for the gionee agents to answer but i think its possible to swap

  25. superson

    my gionee just pause music while am still listening even Dis happen to the media not music alone like randomly pause

    1. have you tried to hard reset it?

  26. Orji Stephanie Nnenna

    I bought my M5plus 5months ago,d screen started acting up of late going blank, sent it to d gionee head office in lagos through my mum, got it few days back n d speaker is nt functioning, doesn’t ring out. D speaker has bn tempered with….

    1. please take it back there. I would suggest that obce your phone is repaired, you test all features before you leave the gionee office

  27. Osime Emmanuel

    The speaker of my gionee p8w is busrt and not sounding well. I bought the phone 2weeks ago and am in warri for training for the next 9months. Wat can I do now

    1. The best thing to do if you cannot sell it is to return it as it my be under warranty from where you bought it or you take it to Gionee office for repair. Thanks

  28. ugochi

    i sent my phone to your care center for the pass one week and i have not gotten any response for collection and i was told it will only take 5 working days

    1. You would need to go back there and complain to them

  29. Endeee

    Hello, I am in Lagos. Can i trade in my Gionee M5 Plus for the M6 Plus with additional cost at any of your office locations?

  30. Walez

    goodday, p;ease where can i buy Gionee A1 plus in Nigeria?

    1. Slot offices around Nigeria

  31. Alli Kolapo

    Hello, please my GIONEE M6 is seriously hanging, I got it not quite long and even at times some apps will suddenly not responding. These issues are becoming too serious, please I need help on these and i don’t even mind swapping for a new phone if the problem might persist. I need urgent solution. Thank you

    1. Have you tried to reset the phone?

  32. chidiebere emmanuel ejiofor

    i have been going to the gionee care center in aba for my m5 mini but the keep trying of the the screen is not available pls when will it be already and at what price

  33. Blessing

    Please I bought my phone is just a month now and it fall from my hand and the screen got broken what are mine going to do now

  34. Okanlawon

    Please how much is to repair a gionee M5 phone screen currently

    1. Truth be said, i have a gionee M5 too. The last time a friend of mine checked, it costs N35k to repair the screen.

  35. Padiowei

    My gionee m5 suddenly takes too long to charge been charging for 3 days and it’s still 10% what’s the problem

    1. It might either be software related or the IC of your phone is faulty. I would suggest that you take it to any of the gionee offices listed above for repair

    2. esty

      Then how much is the phone itself
      Na wa

  36. muritala isiaka

    Bros I have a problem with my Gionee phone d screen has a draw line on d screen. I which u call me on 08188134960

  37. muritala isiaka

    Bros it p5w. and how much is d screen pls

    1. I honestly can say but you can check for the price at their office

  38. Ikhine roi

    Words can not express how much I hate gionee,i was robbed August and I lost my infinix phone. I had just 31kmy only money, I used it to buy goober p8w. I can’t enjoy the phone seriously hanging ,vibrating anyhow irritating me. I bought it at Omegatron. I went to their office They said I should coMe next week. I cnt even use the phone. I don’t even want to hear the name gionee 09060071981

  39. Adenuga bolanle

    Just got this goober p8m from slot Last week Saturday, have been unable to download from the play store, like wise have been experiencing network problem.
    The network is going on and off, tried turning it of and on, still experiencing same thing. Would appreciate your response. Thanjs

    1. Adenuga bolanle

      Typing error, it’s a gionee p8m.

    2. Try and reset the phone. If it does not work, contact Gionee

  40. IKENNA


    1. it might cost you 25 to 35k

  41. June

    I bought an M6 mirror in March but for the past 3days i have not been able to charge the phone. I have tried all sorts of chargers; original gionee charger inclusive. I think the charging port is bad, does the warranty cover this or do I have to pay and how long would it take to fix

    1. esty

      How much I buy phone when I go take 25 to 35k repair am???
      Iffa hear…

  42. Onos

    Are you sure please because the last time i fixed mine it was 10k for the screen why the sudden increase

  43. Olubanjo

    How much can I repair my gionee A1 screen

  44. Olubanjo

    How much can I repair my gionee A1 screen and is the screen available now

  45. Marshal

    I bought Gionee m6 mirror, 3days later the camera app wasn’t seen to snap then I took the phone to their care centre in calabar which they send to Lagos and try to work it but the camera is not bright as it used to be so what will I do? Because I’m not enjoying the phone

    1. I see many people complain about the gionee m6. You can either sell the phone or return it back for repair. Gionee to me is still better than tecno

  46. Adekanye Caroline

    My gionee A1 screen broken how much is the screen? Is just 8 months I want to know if I can add money with it and get new one I really like to replace it for new one by add money

    1. Oluwaseun

      Aw can I replace d glass of Gionee m6 mirror and aw much. Thanks

  47. salihu

    please my gionee p5w is just stolen,
    how can i recover it?

  48. Gift

    My gionee M6 mirror is dual Sim plus a memory card but I can’t use the dual Sim and my memory card. I can either use a Sim or memory card or two Sims without memory card. Your customer care number is invalid…

  49. Josh

    Good day. Please how do I get my gionee m6 fixed. The screen is broken, and please can I get an estimate of the cost, and how do I deliver the phone to you so if could be repaired. Thanks in anticipation for your assistance…

  50. horlarenwaju

    pls i want to know the screen price of gionee M5 marathon phone pls

    1. Last time i checked, it was 35k for gionee marathon m5

  51. Olayinka Hamza

    Good morning please how can I get my M6 Mirror Glass is broken, how can I get it fix please?

    1. Take it to Gionee repair office at ikeja. The screen might cost you N35 to #45k




    Please my GIONEE S6s screen got broken.. I would like to know how much it would cost, the phone is still very much under warranty.

    1. Honestly i can’t say but know that the Gionee S6 screen is quite expensive. Also, the repair of the screen is not covered under waranty

  54. Seun

    I bought my gionee X1s just last year december and the whole screen got broken. Now how do i go about fixing it

    1. Please take it to the nearest gionee store near you to have it fixed in time

  55. Marian Chinenye Emeleje

    Pls my gionee m5+ screen is broken and I want to change the screen and also the whole body body of the phone so can that cost me? Thanks.

    1. It will cost you from 35k upwards

  56. Chris Odeyemi

    Am using Gionee X1s, i forgot my old password, now i want to change my password, but it keep tellin me to enter old password, please how can i change the password witout using old password?

    1. Kindly take it to a gionee store near you and it would be resolved for you

  57. Hameed Lekan Lawal

    Please, how much is going to cost me to replace Gionee A1 screen

  58. kelechi

    Hello Sir/Ma,
    I am having an issue with my Gionee M2 and i am seeking for help and solution.I noticed that the Play Store is not downloading again.It will show downloading and will remain there without downloading the app.Also,the phone is misbehaving these days,it will switch off and on itself back without booting.Please,i will need help to overcome these problems.What should i do?

  59. pius

    my gionee A1 has a minor scatch and i took it to Ikeja office to change the screen. only for me to be disappointed after collecting my N17000 the screen fixed was not compatible with my phone. I even begged them to returned my old screen so that i can find somewhere else and fix back my old screen but no response.

    1. Did you take it to the gionee repair office or to a shop at Ikeja computer village?

  60. quam

    charging point is doing my gionee 5001s aw much will it cost me

    1. We can give an amount here. You have to take your gionee phone to the repair centre where it will be checked well

  61. Israel

    Hi, my new Gionee A1 plus sends automatic messages to an international number ND this continues until my airtime gets exhausted. Pls how do I fix this.

  62. mohammed sambo

    i bougth gionee v13 i don see play store and google acount way i need to see

  63. Obikeli Onyebuchi

    Hi! My Gionee phone is showing blank and i am at lost what to do. Please could send your office address at Ikeja and customer care tel: no. as i am in Lagos

  64. Rebecca

    I just bought my gionee s10c it went off itself and it’s not coming up again, is not up to a month. I need response in my mail to know what is to be done

  65. Ikiouebi Jeff

    Hi, my Gionee phone is not up to a year and the battery got swollen as a result of over heat, can I get it fixed at the servicing centre?

    1. Ikiouebi Jeff

      is a gionee x1s android phone

    2. Yes it can but it will cost you

  66. Disu David

    My GIONEE M5 start malfunction since wen I on plane mode and wen I turn it off the network is automatic switching off by itself so have be unable to call or received a call or do anything. Please I need the next idea or option. Am david from Lagos

    1. Take it to the gionee office for repair

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