How To Obtain A New Driver’s License In Nigeria Easily

Driver’s license in Nigeria is been issued by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) to motorists after passing the necessary requirements for driving. This post will show you how to apply and obtain a new FRSC driver’s license or renew your existing driver’s permit.



1. Before you can get a new driver’s permit for yourself, you need to get trained in an accredited driving school and get tested for driving by the Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) who then issue you a certificate of proficiency.

2. Proceed to the Driver’s License Centre (DLC) nearest to you and get the application form and fill it correctly.

3. You can then pay the License fee either online or at any Bank recommended and get your acknowledgement slip which contains on it your payment details and transaction number.

4. Take along with you the acknowledgement slip and completed application form to the VIO and Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) office at the Driver’s License Centre (DLC) for endorsement after which you can then go to the FRSC office at the centre to get your biometric data captured.

5. You would then be issued a temporary Driver’s License valid for 60 days after which your original Driver’s license would be ready for collection.


1. Go to the Driver’s License renewal page on the Official FRSC website.

2. Fill the required information such as the Driver’s License number and your date of birth.

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3. You can then print out the application form after reviewing and making sure it correct.

4. Print out the payment form and pay the fee either online or at any recommended bank and get the acknowledgement slip.

5. Go to the nearest DLC and present your application to the Board of Inland Revenue office and VIO office for endorsement after which you can then proceed to the FRSC office at the centre to get your biometric data captured.

6. A temporary Driver’s License valid for 60 days would be issued to you after which your original Driver’s permit would be ready for collection.


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  1. chukwuma amarachi sonia

    The frsc should ensure that individuals meet all this criteria in order to protect lives (111)

  2. Driving license according to my understanding should be accorded to an individual by FRSC after meeting the necessary requirements/criteria(27)

  3. Onyeka Onyinye Precious.

    with this move, I believe acquiring a drivers licence will be easy for Nigerians.(89)

  4. with this move by the govt, the issue of fake drivers licence will be sloved and a thing of d past (102).

  5. Drivers license is one of the items every driver’s very essential as it could be requested for at a checkpoint.(88)

  6. Nigerians who have cars should try as possible to obtain a driver’s license to avoid harassment from the FRSC(011)

  7. Before you can get driver’s license ,you can trains your self in any driving school

  8. This system is ok. Even the Federal road safety corps (FRSC) Mr Nobody Oyeyemi warned that it is a criminal offence for anyone to possess a fake license, and anyone caught would be prosecuted…

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