How to Obtain Ecowas ePassport
Nigeria Immigration Service (International Passport)

The Ecowas ePassport (international passport)  is the official identification document for all citizens of Nigeria. It is required for all forms of travel outside the country even inside Africa and it is essential you get one if you plan to take a trip sometime. All Nigerians by birth, nationalization and registration qualify for the national passport.

General Procedures for Passport Application

1. Visit the Home page of Nigeria Immigration Portal

2. Locate & click on the appropriate application form to start the process:

  • e-Passport Application Form
  • MRP – Passport Application Form (Not Applicable In All Missions)

3. Select a passport type “Standard e-Passport” OR “Official e-Passport”, then click on ‘Start Application’ button

4. Fill the Application form; check the ‘I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM’ check box then click the ‘PRINT’ Button to print filled form.

5. Click on ‘Submit Application’ button to view ‘Applicant details page

6. Click on “Proceed to Online Payment”


7. Click to select Payment Currency “Pay in Naira” or “Pay in Dollars” option then Click on ‘Continue’ button.

Please note the Cost of ePassport is N20,000

Documents Required for Obtaining a Standard Nigerian Passport

  • Guarantor’s form duly signed by a commissioner of oaths
  • Photocopy of the data page of guarantor’s passport and either a photocopy of your national identity card or driver’s License
  • Father’s Letter of consent for minors under 16yrs (Mother’s letter of consent if father is deceased)
  • Marriage Certificate where applicable
  • Husband’s consent letter (for married women) or letter of introduction for employee of government or corporate organization
  • A sworn court affidavit and police report if your passport was lost
  • Birth Certificate or evidence of age declaration
  • Letter of identification from Local Government of origin or residence
  • 1 passport photograph
  • Acknowledgement slip and receipt of payment
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