How To Obtain & Check Status Of The Nigerian National Identity Card

The National Identification Number (NIN) together with the General Multi-purpose card known as the National Identity card is been issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) in order to have an assured identity system in the country. Since it started operation in 2012, millions of Nigerians had been enrolled into the system and the registration is still ongoing. You need to obtain your own National ID card as it would be a prerequisite for doing many things in this country in the nearest future.


The Step By Step Guide To Obtain The Nigerian National Identity Card

To enroll for the NIMC, you can follow the simplified procedures below. These procedures where broken into 2 to make it easier for you. The first procedure is the Pre Enrollment while the second procedure has to do with the main registration or Enrollment.

National Identity Card Pre-Enrollment Procedure

This is to help facilitate the Enrollment procedure at the National Identification Management Commission (NIMC) centre. You can as well skip this step and go straight to the NIMC centre but that would mean spending more than enough time there. You can do this on your own provided you have a computer and a printer or go to the cafe nearest to you.

1. Visit the NIMC website ( and lookout for the “Pre-enrolment Portal” button.

2. Click it and register (create an account). After that, login and proceed to the Pre-enrolment form page where you are required to fill the form correctly. The Information required are in headings such as Personal Details, Address Information, Parent Information, Next of Kin Information, Place of Origin details, document data, Disability Info and Physical Features data. Fill the form correctly and cross-check to make sure you there’s no error(s).

3. Save the information, generate a 2D bar-code that contains the Information you just provided in an encrypted format.


4. Print out the generated 2D barcode on an A4 paper and head to the nearest NIMC centre close to you. While going, go along with a valid Identity card. This could be a voter’s card, School ID card, NYSC certificate or a driver’s license.

Registration At The Nimc Centre

At the NIMC Centre, you have to queue (except of course if you’re lucky). When it gets to your turn, your height will be measured. After that, you are then assign to the available official to get you fully registered.

Present to this official your valid means of identification and the generated 2D bar-code you printed out. You then wait and watch as he/she scan the bar-code to retrieve the information. He/she will then confirm the information from you before saving it.

After that, your passport photograph will be captured alongside your fingerprints and signature.

The last step is simply scanning your Identity card and you will be issued an acknowledgement slip which you will use to collect your National Identification Number Slip (NINS) same day or 2 days after depending on how it is done in the centre.

The Plastic National Identity card will be ready for collection in 6 months after the Enrollment.

How To Check The Status Of Your National Id Card

NIMC had made it easy for us to track and know whether our National Identity card is ready for collection.

To check this out, go to the NIMC website and click on “e-id Card Status” and you will be required to provide your name and your unique National Identification Number (NIN).

This NIN and your tracking ID is printed on the NIN Slip given to you. After entering these, the status of your National Identity Card will be shown to you.


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  1. Musa Yakubu

    Why my own ID card is not yet ready I registered my own since 2013 April and is not yet ready 4 collection

  2. Evans Nwankwo

    I registered for nin since 13/09/2014 but I have not received my own id.What is the problem.

  3. Benjamin

    I registered since 15th January 2016 and i have not received my Identity card or any information on it.
    what is the issue?

    1. Its a common problem but i suggest you go the immigrations office to do it.

  4. muyiwa onipede

    pls i want to confirm if my national id is out

  5. Abdulyekeen Opeyemi Lawal

    I have registered at the Abuja HQ since 2014, and till the moment the status is telling me not ready. Am I suppose to re-apply or what should I do? Please tell me.


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