NYSC: Best States For National Youth Service In Nigeria 2019

nysc-members-nigerian-infopediaWe recently published a post on all you need to know concerning NYSC orientation camp. In this post, we shall expose the best states for National Youth Service in Nigeria and the highest paying states for NYSC.

As we are aware that the NYSC 2019 Batch A posting would soon commence. Most prospective corp members and graduates would be surfing the internet on the three states to chose as their best states for National Youth Service.

To answer the question – What are the best states for National Youth Service in Nigeria?, we used the following factors to create a formidable list:

  • Security
  • States that pay the highest allowance (allawee)
  • Hospitality

Most graduates would opt for big cities while some would want rural areas. Either ways, the choice is yours.

During my experience as a Corper, medical students are posted to hospitals and they are usually paid more than other corp members.

Best States For National Youth Service In Nigeria 2019

  1. Lagos State (South west)
  2. Ogun State (South west)
  3. Plateau (North Central)
  4. Akwa Ibom (South south)
  5. Enugu (South East)
  6. Rivers state (South south)
  7. Cross River (South south)
  8. Osun State (South west)
  9. Niger state (North Central)
  10. Abuja

List of Highest paying states for NYSC

  1. Akwa Ibom -N20,000
  2. Lagos state – N15,000, N10,000 to corp members in ministry while  N5000 to those serving in Local Government Areas.
  3. Enugu State – N10,000 (no more paying)
  4. Sokoto – N4,000 & N9,000 to those serving in state hospitals.
  5. Niger State currently pays N6,000 and it is constant
  6. Ogun State – N5,000
  7. Osun state – N5,000 (no more paying)
  8. Delta State – N5,000
  9. Ekiti State – N5,000
  10. Kano State – N5,000
  11. Abia State – N4,000
  12. Oyo state – N3,800
  13. Cross River State – N3,090
  14. Bayelsa State – N3,000
  15. Zamfara State- N3,000
  16. Kebbi state – N2000
  17. Ebonyi state – N10,000

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  1. Collins

    Mr. Poster,try to verify your post before posting. I’m serving in Niger State currently and there’s nothin like State payment, infact the states in Nigeria are not empowering the youths of this country at all. NYSC scheme needs to be investigated by EFcc because a lot of scam is going on there, What they account for in orientation camp is never what is spent on corps members in camp. PPA posting should be on the field of your proffession, somebody cannot graduate from Estate Management only to be posted to teach English Language in one secondary school while a graduate of English Language is being posted to Ministry of works and housing, they can’t be productive. If this is the objective of the NYSC, I think it should be scrapped because its not giving room for improvement. Thank you.

    1. JETHRO

      I’m of the opinion that since the original aim of the scheme is no more what is obtainable,its better they abolish it. Whenever I look at what is in on paper concerning the scheme comparing it with what is going on in the system, I weep. I’m currently serving. I studied agricultural and bio-enviromental engineering Technology. Only to land me to a military base.The question I asked was what I doing here?. Though I was rejected and left for months searching for a place myself. It was not funny. Not until my relocation I was busy doing nothing as a corp member. The government should just pay off graduate or better still empower them in different skills for this one Year instead of wasting their time and I bet you things will get much better.

    2. Democracy

      Pls do you know if they pay corper doctors?

  2. lorda

    Who said state allowance in akwa-ibom is 20k.pls d highest pay state is Lagos. Am serving in akwa-ibom presently, its 10k.tnx

    1. Mercy

      pls can I add you on facebook, what’s your name on facebook?

    2. Its now 4,800 in Ibom. Serving there at the moment

      1. Neroine

        Please am a batch a corp member will soon be going what if Delta state?

      2. Neroine

        Please am a batch a corp member will soon be going what of Delta state? Any idea the firms that accept coppers?

      3. Emmanuel

        Are they paying the alawee steadily/consistently?

      4. Maina Yahaya

        Dee add me on Facebook please
        username: Khangos Maina Yahaya
        I need to ask u some tins cos m considering Ibom too

      5. Desmond

        pls I’m serving in Akwa. Ibom too need to meet u on something important call me on 08186178866

  3. Samuel

    Osun state aren’t paying a dime to corp members anymore, the state is dead broke, they barely pay workers salary not to talk of common core members like me.

  4. jude chuks

    what of JIGAWA state that pay 5,000 and 10,000 to health workers and they are not listed.

  5. I served in Plateau State in 2007. Neither the state nor the school I served paid a dime. Left for me, each state will pay her corp members like state bursary.

  6. presh

    Lie lie lie…am n akwaibom…itz 10k oo..inshort 9800..almost evrytin u wrote there is based on heresay…

  7. Musa

    Lie Niger is not paying currently serving there.

  8. addo

    Sokoto pays peanuts to medical corper when compared to kebbi their neighbouring state. its 4times wat sokoto pays. pls stop dis hype and do a recent research. moreso Ogun has nt paid medical corper since a long tym ago

    1. Pelumi

      Please do u know how much kebbi state is paying physiotherapist?

    2. mimi

      sokoto state government pay 5000 but not on monthly basis they pay 45000 instead of 50000 at the end of the service to each call members, but as for the medical corpers (doctors to be precise) they pay dem 500000 at the end of the service which is 50000 every month

  9. Muhammed M.

    I served in Niger State from May 2015 to April 2016. The issue of state allowee is not true bcos the state is not paying penny since 2014


    pls research well before u post info…..Akwa Ibom state is paying 10,000 and it is not regular…they will to pay u until 4month after u start serving….pls edit that amount u quote.

    1. Sam lucy

      pls how much is Akwa Ibom paying now, am seeing 4.9k and 10k?

  11. Sony

    Please do well to get your facts right so as to avoid getting the public misinformed..!I served in Ogun state and not even a dime has been paid corpers in the name of state allowance since 2014…Thanks…!

    1. Is christiana

      Did you serve under state? Only their state workers are entitled to this…. Local, federal or private institutions are not invclusive

  12. Jerry

    Jigawa not listed. They don’t owe corpers. It’s a steady 5k paid bimonthly as 10k.

  13. Benue state is paying 25k

    1. Thanks for pointing it out

    2. Engr Eddy

      Guy why you too Dae lie like this, any state for nigeria Dae when Dae pay 25k? Please stop that thing you’re saying

    3. Philips ujah

      Hahahahah ur father ooo.. Y u dey lie na???

    4. Are you sure?
      Are you currently there?

  14. Amala

    Mr. Sky, are u sure of Benue allowee

    1. Wich benue. State that is owing workers salary for nine months is paying 25k. Dnt mind Sky.

  15. Thanks for this great information, am going for my service any moment from now.

  16. tajolad

    are u sure of benue?

  17. Angel dj

    tank u very much folks…… I really appreci8 all ur views….of has indeed bin educative…….. now I knw wat am Gona meet tanx all…..tanx mr\mrs admin

  18. David

    Lol, wat of kaduna and kastina states? How much alawi?

  19. adewale

    B lyk say all d states I choose no dey pay o

  20. popoola oluwashina

    How much is osun paying now

  21. emmaski

    Am currently serving in Niger state and there is nothing like state allawee oooo

  22. Mercy

    What of Abuja? Any Allawii?

    1. Preye

      Abuja doesn’t pay dat I know of. but u can try ur luck.

  23. ebony

    Pls I need to know if plateau State pays corpers and how much?

  24. francis note

    Please o, when is the time table for 2017 batch A coming out cuz I’m tired of waiting o.

    1. E-star

      on 10th of this month

  25. Mhzta_dharmy

    Does anyone knows how much Kwara state pays? I need the info Pls. Thanks

  26. Hezy

    Payment or no payment of allawee, your safety is of paramount important, no go follow allawee go enter wahala oo #loveofmoney#

  27. Rita

    How Much Is Ibadan Paying

    1. heard its N3000, but not sure

    2. Bayo

      ibadan is not a state, therefore no pay! *dodges slap*

  28. Kemmy

    How much is Abuja payingekeminijo

  29. BRAIN

    Kindly mention d best 4 states for serving.

  30. Rita

    What Of Abuja How Much

  31. vicck

    Ekiti state is not paying anything. If you found yourself in a village with wicked proprietor, na die ooo.

  32. Emmanuel

    Are they actually paying the alawee steadily/consistently?

  33. jenn

    pls how much is ondo paying?

    1. Tola

      I heard dey aint payin anytin o.

  34. Tola

    I was posted to ondo state. Who knws anytin abt deir state govt allowance and also how their nysc orientation camp is?

    1. Last time I checked, they were paying nothing

  35. Liah

    Pls I was posted to jigawa….dos anyone have any information concerning der????

  36. Architect Abdulfatai Onire

    Kwara state did not pay any amout 2 their corper.

  37. anambara pays 8k but pls guys how much does ebonyi state pay

  38. Kolins

    Please guys I’m contemplating on which state to choose I’m thinking of Lagos, Rivers, and Ogun. Which one is good in terms of setting up a network marketing business

  39. crystal

    Please how much is kano state paying ooo

  40. crystal

    Please ooo, how much is kano state paying ooo

  41. akanbi oluwatosin

    please is there any member that is serving in any state now and what are the state that is paying ?

  42. Adeola

    I definitely know that Enugu & Ogun states don’t pay.

    1. I just confirmed that too

  43. tintty

    how much is Akwa ibom paying now?
    I’m going this april 2018

    1. i heard its 10k but it depends on your PPA (place of primary assignment)

  44. Sam lucy

    how much is Akwa Ibom now and I keep seeing 4.9k and 10k, pls reply

    1. When a new governor comes in, things change. During akpabio’s regime, corp members enjoyed. I can’t say for now

  45. Smice

    Pls Am Confused On Which State To Put, Nt Necessary About Allawee But My Safety, Pls Guys Am Going April 2018

    1. For safety, avoid states like Yobe, Benue and the Boko Haram infested states.

  46. Mr.dre

    i need more info abt the most safety state to serve, im going by april.

    1. The truth about safe state to serve for Nysc is a thing of concern as whatever area to choose can be prone to danger since the fulani herdsmen attack is now prominent in Nigeria. For now, the south south states and south west states are the most safest to serve as a youth corper

      1. ussy

        This is just the best candid advise

  47. Meshack

    Benue state is paying 10k

  48. Angela

    Please,which northern place is best to serve,in terms of safety and consistent allowance.plz need ur reply immediately.tanx….

      1. Angela

        Plz how much do they pay their copper. (Niger State)

        1. During my time in Niger state, the former governor paid us N6000 monthly but as i heard, it seems this current governor no dey shake body at all

  49. Merit

    make una no go die becos of alawee oo.

  50. Mbally

    Pls guys ur safety is more important than what u will get from d state u want 2 go 4 ur service.Although,it is very wise of u 2 go 4 d two(safety and alawee) bt first consider ur safty mọṣt importantly.U can loss d alawee n get it back in future even more bt once u loss ur life u wil never get it back.Once u ar gone,u gone so pls choose wisely n make a move.Pray 4 d best.Pls,when is batch B mobilization taken place?

    1. Thanks for the advice, I hope Corp members will listen. We haven’t heard any info concerning the batch B mobilization list

  51. pretty

    pls how much is ogun state paying

    1. I dont think they pay at all


    how much is lagos,paying corp members in LGA’S especially ETI OSA, BCUS AM GOING THIS JULY BATCH B. THANKS

    1. A corper told me its 10k but still verify from other sources

  53. Anietie Essien

    well done guys. Please if a person doesn’t wanna go in particular batch and stream, can he go ahead to print call up letter after registration. Is there any room to change one’s choice of states to serve during revalidation? pls kind reply. Thanks

  54. valadour

    pls what of nasarawa,delta,calaber,anambra, who has any information on this places

  55. gidejonsin

    Gombe is actually a nice option for corp members. Gombe is one of the peaceful state in the north, and they pay their corp members N6,000 monthly.

  56. Orllard

    Current youth corps member should please give a statement of their state of service, kindly help a prospective youth corp. Thank you

  57. Orllard

    Current youth corps member should please give a statement of their state of service, kindly help a prospective youth corp. Thank you very much in anticipation

  58. Rafwealth

    nice one.

  59. Okunola

    Most Peacefl State, Osun, Kogi, Imo Etc. O Na Lik Money O

  60. Ahuchauba Chidi

    What about Abia state

  61. Ajibola Kola

    What will you guys say about Plateau… Candid advice pls

    1. Plateau is a good state but we can’t say whether the state government still pays it corp members due to poor economy of the country

  62. Bara3gahata

    Nice post, love the comment aspect. I represent 2019 batch a, from rivers state, who can help me suggest a state from the north, west and east based on close distance and big alawee.

  63. Dj Swag

    I was posted to Edo state, please what is the situations of things over there and how much are they paying corp member as thier state allowance

  64. Wilson

    Some one should please give me info about Nasarawa State!!!

    Add me on WhatsApp


    Thank you

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