NSCDC Ranks and Salary Structure of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps

Ranks in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)

NSCDC is a para-military agency in Nigeria empowered by lay Act No. 2 of 2003 and amended by Act 6 of 4th June 2007. The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps was established to provide safety measures against any form of threat, attack or disaster against Nigeria and her citizens. They carry guns like other armed forces


NSCDC Rank Structure just like any other ranks in the Nigerian Police, Army, Navy, Airforce and FRSC have an organized chain of command. The ranks in the NSCDC starts from the Assistant Cadre to the Commandant General.

Just as the Nigerian army have commissioned and non-commissioned officers, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence has the Cadre and Superintendent Cadre.

Also be aware that the NSCDC new salary structure after the increase on minimum wage is also based on the level of your ranking if you want to be a civil defence officer.

Graduates are placed in level 8, HND holders are placed on level 7. Medical doctors on level 12 while lawyers and those who have masters degree are placed on level 9.

If you are looking for information on how the Nigerian Civil Defence rank its officers, this post should be valuable to you.


Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Rank Structure

I shall list the hierarchical structure of ranks in the NSCDC from the lowest to the highest rank with their various levels below:

Assistant Cadre- Level 3 to 5 (The lowest ranking officer in the NSCDC)

Inspectorate Cadre- Level 6 to 12

Assistant Superintendent Cadre II (ASC) Level 8

Assistant Superintendent Cadre I (ASC)Level 9

Deputy Superintendent Cadre (DSC) Level 10

Superintendent Cadre (SC) Level 11

Chief Superintendent Cadre (CSC) Level 12

Assistant Commander (AC) Level 13

Deputy Commander (DC) Level 14

Chief Commander (CC) Level 15

Assistant Commandant General (ACG) Level 16

Deputy Commandant General (DCG) Level 17

Commandant General CG (The highest rank in the NSCDC) Level 18

New Salary Structure of the NSCDC: How Much an Officer in the Civil defence is paid

Although, I couldn’t get the new full salary scale as salary level in NSCDC after this minimum wage increase depends on your rank and promotions.

As earlier said, they are structured just like the Nigerian police and the military. There is no special salary structure for graduates. Recruitment into NSCDC in Nigeria is competitive.

An officer with NSCDC on level 8 step 1 (Assistant Superintendent Cadre) salary is around N121,000, while for Inspectorate Cadre on level 7 is around N69, 000.

If you know other NSCDC new salary structure figures after the new minimum wage increase, please let us know using the comment section below.

Just recently in November 2018, President Buhari increased the Nigerian Police Salary Structure so as to encourage them in the fight against crime, kidnapping, armed robbery and other security challenges in the country.

We are yet to see whether this increment will affect the salary of civil defence corp officers too and other paramilitary agencies in the country especially now that the president has increased the minmum wage from N18,000 to N30,000.


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