Nokia 3310 Version 2.0: Price and Specification

NEW: Nokia 3310 Reloaded: Longer Battery Life, Camera and other Cool Features. 

Nokia is still in the business of connecting people and this time, they have come back with a bang. Do you know that Nokia has relaunched its Nokia 3310? Yes! Nokia 3310!


It will interest you to know that Nokia has resurrected their old fashioned Nokia 3310 and given it a face-lift. The new Nokia 3310 is still very much a feature phone but much improved. Going back in time, Nokia has been able to relaunch of one of their strongest and most reliable mobile phones of all time and it is none other than the Nokia 3310.

The cost of the new Nokia 3310 is expected to be reasonable enough as opposed to the first version of it and this phone has so many features that were upgraded from the last Nokia 3310 version which was launched 17 years ago in the year 2000.

The new Nokia 3310 was unveiled during HMD’s press conference at Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC) in Barcelona this on February 26. HMD is the Finnish company with exclusive rights to market the Nokia brand. This is one of the coolest phones around at the moment and everybody wants to get hold of theirs.

The features of the new Nokia 3310 are cool and just imagine that feeling you will get when you are holding it right in your hand. The new Nokia 3310 doesn’t really have much apps though but the T9 texting ability will sure blow your mind and it also has a new colour version of Snake.

Its longer lasting battery, camera and other features are super cool too. The new Nokia 3310 comes in a light plastic body (79g) and a plastic screen. It has a 240×320, 2.4-inch color display screen with a polarized layer, it comes in four colours; glossy red, glossy yellow, matte dark blue and matte grey. It has 16GB internal storage, a headphone jack, SD Card slot, 2MP Camera, and 2.5G internet connection.


The new Nokia 3310 does not have WiFi or GPS connectivity hence, it cannot install social apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

If you are willing to ditch modern technology for the innocent days of text messaging, polyphonic ring tones and Snake, this phone is for you only that it is much improved than the previous edition.

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