The Night Love Died in Nigeria

Love was killed in Nigeria in a conspiracy among Nollywood artistes, musicians and famous personalities. It was killed with so much infidelity and desire for new things. This started when Segun Arinze was left by his beautiful former wife, Anne Njemanze. When they got married the film “could this be love” was produced, celebrating the union of two opposite features elaborating why a beautiful woman would stay with Segun(no offense).

fred and agatha amata

As we were enduring that, Fred and Agatha Amata hit Nigeria with their story, at this point love was already having typhoid, it was taken to hospital to be treated, after diagnosis, it was there that love knew that it had gonorrhea because Goriola Hassan had separated with Ayo Adesanya. What a blow!


Nigerians were expecting a miracle for the only thing they hold dear to survive. They expected their role models to show them a way out. One of such mentors, who had exhibited that Nigerian girls had hope in her movie “The Only Nigerian Girl” also announced her breakup- Stephanie Okereke got separated from Chikelue Iloanu. She was seen as a woman who will be with her husband through thick and thin, but nobody knew what ended the marriage. The love between them crumbled.

Like that was not enough, love was further stabbed like the way Brutus stabbed Julius Caesar, as Fathia and Saheed Balogun continued to stab it on the sick bed. They only stopped because Frank Edoho and Katherine Obiang took the baton from them. In other for the theirs to be different, they stabbed love below the diaphragm. At this time love was almost dying in the movie industry with hope that Nigerian musicians will save it.



It begged Tony Payne and 9ice to save it, stretching it hands in pain, with voice as loud as night’s serenity. But alas! They did not, they handled it over to Tiwa Savage and Tee-bills who dragged it out in the mud to kill what was left of love’s life. The two T’s, although started love’s journey with an expensive Dubai showing, but struck it to its grave in what was a public crucifixion in Nigeria. With Teebillsz public utterance and Tiwa’s media confession, they pierced the destructive knife down love’s skull till the cerebral fluid finished dropping and love breathed its last.

So I ask, when those who have money, fame and luxury can’t keep love alive, is it in poor homes that it will survive, forgetting that love loves comfort.

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