10 Most Influential Politicians in Nigeria

Politics in Nigeria as well as in the world is a dirty game. In Nigeria, there are some politicians that are influential. Most of these influential politicians in Nigeria are either involved in the decision making process in Nigeria or have influence over a particular tribe or ethnic group.

Either ways, this article on Nigeria’s most influential politicians is my own personal opinion as to who calls the shots in Nigeria. Although, the list might look bias as I won’t mention some names, below are the criteria I used in preparing the list

1. They are wealthy and have many politicians attached to them

2. Their decisions have influence on a particular tribe or even the whole country

3. Some are seen as elders statesmen who must be consulted before certain decisions are taken.

4. They are respected by many and have occupied various political positions in Nigeria


Top 10 Most Influential Politicians in Nigeria

1. Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Popularly called Jagaban, Bola Ahmed Tinubu was born on 29 March 1952 in Lagos. He is seen to have influence in Lagos and is the most successful politician in Lagos state politician. He is a leader to the Yoruba people and also to the APC. Tinubu’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 billion.

2. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

He is popularly called “OBJ” or “Baba”, Obasanjo was born in Ogun state and is often tagged the most successful politician in Nigeria. He was once a military head of state and also a democratically elected president.  Obasanjo’s net worth is estimated at $1.6 Billion.

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3. General Muhammedu Buhari

He is currently the President of Nigeria and was elected on the platform of the All Progressive Alliance in the last general election. He is also the leader of the Fulani/Hausa people.

4. T Y Danjuma

Yakubu Danjuma is a Nigerian politician and multi-millionaire businessman. He was Nigerian Army Chief of Army Staff from July 1975 to October 1979. He is also a leader to the Northerners and a prominent figure in Nigeria

5. General Ibrahim Babangida

He is popularly called “IBB”  and is believed to be among the richest politicians in Nigeria. He was born in Minna, Niger state on August 17, 1941 and was one time a military president in Nigeria. He is seen as an influential figure to the people of the north. He’s net worth is around $50 Billion.


6. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

He is the immediate past president of Nigeria. He ruled as president of Nigeria for 6 years before he lost to President Buhari. He is loved my many and also hated by many. He is said to have massive influence in the south south and south eastern parts of the country.

Other influential politicians in the country includes:

7. Sule Lamido

8. Ibrahim Kwakwaso

9. Edwin clark

10. Bukola Saraki. Do you know that Dr. Bukola Saraki is the richest senator in Nigeria. Find out the details HERE


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