The Nigerian Police Salary Structure: How much is a Nigerian Police Officer Paid

In one of our posts, we wrote on the salary structure of the Nigerian army which exposed how much a Nigerian soldier earns monthly. Today, we shall look at the new Nigerian Police Salary structure to expose how much a Nigerian Police officer earns monthly and yearly. (updated, 2019)nigeria-police-salary

The Nigeria police force duty is to enforce the law in Nigeria and are being paid with tax payers money. As at present, the force has a total number of 371,800 men and able bodied officers scattered among the various departments of the Nigerian Police. Although, the federal government has said in a recent report that it would increase number of the force officers to 650,000.

The Nigeria police was established in 1930 and have 36 commands spread across different states of the nation. The 36 commands are further grouped into 12 different zones which are controlled by 7 different administrative organs with over 2,000 police stations spread all over Nigeria for easy reach. The head of the Police in Nigeria is the Inspector General of Police whose salary is also the highest in the force.

Before we delve into the new Nigerian police salary structure this 2018, lets look at the various arms in the NPF.

Arms of the Nigeria Police

  • Administrative arm
  • Anti-Fraud Section
  • The Central Criminal Registry
  • Special Anti-Robbery Squad
  • X-Squad, General Investigation
  • Special Fraud Unit
  • Legal Section
  • Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Interpol Liaison
  • Homicide
  • Police Mobile Force
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Unit
  • Force Intelligence Bureau
  • DCI Kaduna Annex and Counter Terrorism Unit.

Note that a Nigerian police officer’s salary is dependent on his or her rank in the Nigerian Police and grade. That being said, we shall take it from the recruit to the Inspector General of Police and you will learn about new salaries of different ranks in the Nigeria police force.

Also with the new munimum wage increase from N18,000 to N30,000 recently by the president, it is expected that officers of the force should see an increase in their pay.

President Buhari announced recently that he has increased the salary of the police officers in the country. Please refer below for the new figures.

1. Police Recruit

Salary per month – N9,019.42
Annual Salary – N108,233

2a. Police Constable Grade Level 03

Salary per month – N43, 293.80

Annual Salary – N519,525.6

2b. Police Constable Grade Level 10

Salary per month – N51,113.59

Annual Salary- N613,363.08

3a. Police Corporal On Grade 04 (1)

Salary per month – N44,715.53
Annual Salary – N536,586.36

3b. Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (10)

Salary per month- N51,113.59
Annual Salary – N613,365.08

4a. Police Sergeant On Grade 05 (step1)

Salary per month – N48,540.88
Annual Salary – N582,490.56

4b. Police Sergent On Grade 05 (step 10)

Salary per month – N55,973.84
Annual Salary – N671,686.08

5a. A Sergeant Major On Grade 06 (step 1)

Salary per month – N55,144.81
Annual Salary – N661,737.72

5b. Sergent Major On Grade 06 (step 10)

Salary per month – N62,204.88
Annual Salary – N746,458.56

6a. Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 (step1)

Salary per month – N73,231.51
Annual Salary – N878,778.12

6b. Cadet Inspector On Grade 07 (step10)

Salary per month – N87,135.70
Annual Salary – N1,045,628.4

7a. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 08 (step1)

Salary per month – N127,604.68
Annual Salary – N1,531,256.16

7b. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 08 (step10)

Salary per month – N144,152.07

Annual Salary – N1,729,824.84

7c. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 09 (step1)

Salary per month- N136, 616.06
Annual Salary- N1,639,392.72

7d. Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 09 (step10)

Salary per month -N156,318.39
Annual Salary – N1,875,820.68

9a. Deputy Superintendent Of Police On Grade 10 (step1)

Salary per month -N148,733.29
Annual Salary -N1,784,799.48

9b.Deputy Superintendent Of Police on Grade 10 (step10)

Salary per month -N170,399.69

Annual Salary -N2,044,796.28

10a. Superintendent Of Police On Grade 11 (step1)

Salary per month – N161,478.29
Annual Salary -N1,937,739.48

10b. Superintendent Of Police On Grade 11 (step 10)

Salary per month – N187,616.69
Annual Salary-N2,251400.28

11a. Chief Of Superintendent Of Police on Grade 12 (step1)

Salary per month – N172,089.06
Annual Salary -N2,065,068.72

11b.Chief Of Superintendent Of Police On Grade 12 (step8)

Salary per month-N199,723.96
Annual Salary -N2,396,687.52

12a. Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step1)

Salary per month – N183,185.73
Annual Salary -N2,198,228.76

12b. Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step10)

Salary per month – N212,938.16
Annual Salary – N2,555,257.92

13a. Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step1)

Salary per month – N242,715.65
Annual Salary – N2,912,587.8

13b. Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step7)

Salary per month – N278,852.79
Annual Salary -N3,346,233.48

14a. Commissioner Of Police on Grade 15 (step1)

Salary per month – N266,777.79
Annual Salary -N3,201,333.48

14b. Commissioner Of Police on Grade 15 (step6)

Salary per month- N302,970.47
Annual Salary-N3,635,645.64

15. An Assistant Inspector General Of Police

Salary per month – N499,751.87
Annual Salary – N5,997,022.44

16. Deputy Inspector General Of Police

Salary per month – N546,572.73

Annual Salary – N6,558,872.76

16. Inspector General Of Police, (IGP)

The highest rank in Nigeria Police Force is the Inspector General of Police. He is appointed by the president and can be sacked by him also. The IGP is usually appointed on a four year term. He must leave office and the president will appoint another person to replace him when his tenure expires or if he is sacked. His monthly salary after the increase in minimum wage is more than what the other police officers earn; see it below:

IGP Salary per month -N711,498
IGP Annual Salary – N8,537,976

Those are Nigerian police salary structure as listed above. What is your take on the new salaries of the Nigerian police take home pay if the new minimum wage is added.

We also take a cursory look at the hierarchy at the Nigeria Police Force starting from the highest position which is currently held by the Inspector General of Police down to the least rank which is the Police recruit.

  • The Inspector-General of Police
  • The Deputy Inspector-General of Police
  • The Assistant Inspector-General of Police
  • The Commissioner of Police (In-charge of contingents in a state)
  • The Deputy Commissioner of Police
  • The Asst. Commissioner of Police
  • The Chief Superintendent of Police
  • The Superintendent of Police
  • The Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • The Asst. Superintendent of Police
  • The Inspector of Police
  • Sergeant Major
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Constable
  • Police recruit

Now that we know the hierarchy in the force, lets know how the new Nigerian police salary scale per month and their yearly take home pay looks like, so you can judge for yourselves whether the Nigerian police is being paid well or not. Refer below

  • Police Recruit’s salary per month is N9,019.42 and his salary per annum is N108,233
  • Police Constable Grade Level 03’s salary per month is N43, 293.80 and his annual salary is N519,525.6
  • Police Constable Grade Level 10’s Salary per month is N51,113.59 and his annual salary is N613,363.08
  • Police Corporal On Grade 04 (1)’s Salary per month is N44,715.53 and his Annual Salary is N536,586.36
  • Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (10)’s Salary per month is N51,113.59 and his Annual Salary is N613,365.08
  • Police Sergeant On Grade 05 (step1)’s Salary per month is N48,540.88 and his Annual Nigerian police Salary is N582,490.56
  • Police Sergeant On Grade 05 (step 10)’s Salary per month is N55,973.84 and his Annual Salary is N671,686.08
  • Sergeant Major On Grade 06 (step 1)’s Salary per month is N55,144.81 and his Annual Salary is N661,737.72
  • Sergeant Major On Grade 06 (step 10)’s Salary per month is N62,204.88 and his Annual Salary is N746,458.56
  • Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 (step1)’s Salary per month is N73,231.51 and his Annual Salary is N878,778.12
  • Cadet Inspector On Grade 07 (step10)’s Salary per month is N87,135.70 and his Annual Salary is N1,045,628.4
  • Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 08 (step1)’s Salary per month is N127,604.68 and his Annual Salary is N1,531,256.16
  • Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 08 (step10)’s Salary per month is N144,152.07 and his Annual Salary is N1,729,824.84
  • Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 09 (step1)’s Salary per month is N136, 616.06 and his Annual Salary is N1,639,392.72
  • Assistant Superintendent Of Police On Grade 09 (step10)’s Salary per month is N156,318.39 and his Annual Salary isN1,875,820.68
  • Deputy Superintendent Of Police On Grade 10 (step1)’s Salary per month is N148,733.29 and his Annual Salary is N1,784,799.48
  • Deputy Superintendent Of Police on Grade 10 (step10)’s Salary per month is N170,399.69 and his Annual Salary is N2,044,796.28
  • Superintendent Of Police On Grade 11 (step1)’s Salary per month is N161,478.29 and his Annual Salary is N1,937,739.48
  • Superintendent Of Police On Grade 11 (step 10)’s Salary per month is N187,616.69 amd his Annual Salary is N2,251400.28
  • Chief Of Superintendent Of Police on Grade 12 (step1)’s Salary per month is N172,089.06 and his Annual Salary is N2,065,068.72
  • Chief Of Superintendent Of Police On Grade 12 (step 8)’s Salary per month is N199,723.96 and his Annual Salary is N2,396,687.52
  • Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step1)’s Salary per month is N183,185.73 and his Annual Salary is N2,198,228.76.
  • Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step10)’s Salary per month is N212,938.16 and his Annual Salary is N2,555,257.92
  • Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step1)’s Salary per month is N242,715.65 and his Annual Salary is N2,912,587.8
  • Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step7)’s Salary per month is N278,852.79 and his Annual Salary is N3,346,233.48
  • Commissioner Of Police on Grade 15 (step1)’s Salary per month is N266,777.79 and his Annual Salary is N3,201,333.48
  • Commissioner Of Police on Grade 15 (step 6)’s Salary per month is N302,970.47 and his Annual SalaryisN3,635,645.64
  • Assistant Inspector General Of Police’s Salary per month is N499,751.87 and his Annual Salary is N5,997,022.44.
  • Deputy Inspector General Of Police’s Salary per month is N546,572.73 and his Annual Salary is N6,558,872.76.
  • Inspector General Of Police, (IGP) is the highest ranked officer in the Nigerian Police Salary per month amounts to N711,498, while his Annual Salary is N8,537,976

New Police Salary Structure 2019 (Monthly)

While we know that the salary of police officers after minimum wage would be increased, we haven’t had information on that.

Here is the New Increased Nigeria Police Salary As Approved by President Buhari in November 2018.

1. Police Constable (PC) II – N84,000

2. Police Constable (PC) I – N86,000

3. Sergeant Copral (SC) – N96,000

4. Sergeant Major (SM) – N119,000

5. Inspector Of Police (IP) II – N167,000

6. Inspector of police (IP) I – N254,000

7. Assistant Superintendent of police (ASP) II – N271,000

8. Assistant Superintendent of police(ASP) I – N296,000

9. Deputy Superintendent of police (DSP) – N321,000

10. Superintendent of Police (SP) – N342,000

11. Chief Superintendent of police (CSP) – N419,000

12. Assistant Commissioner of police (ACP) – N483,000

13. Deputy commissioner of police (DCP) – N531,000

14. Commissioner of police (CP) – N1.5million.



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    xo painful n dia was a saying dat wen a criminal with gunz sees a soldier with gun he respect but wen he sees a police man with same he shoots n make sure d police never survive it even wen d police is weak to do anything dey will always kill ten without mercy,
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    SP = Major
    CSP = Lt. Col.
    ACP = Col.
    Pls is there any justification in the Salary structure? Before the coming of IBB, the Police were receiving higher than the military, so what went wrong, why are the Police being treated as second class citizens? God bless you

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    Sya what ypu may about the NPF l, they put their lives on the line every day for all.of us. They lament the corruption, whem you speak to a St officer within the force they will lament their sadness at the reputation forced upon them by poor pay. I have proof.

    Check then UN international peace keeping force records the NPF is ranked as one of the best in the world but only outside Nigeria when getting paid correctly. That ought to tell us something. How in the world can the National Assembly sleep at night. Paying IG of police $24,000 a year. I am sick to my stomach

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    Am a police constable,to be sincere to we all our salary is not up that mentioned above, we are suffering sincerely speaking some police officers do what they do which is not part of the ethics of the job because of not being paid well does it worth it risking our lifes just for peanuts they called salary..we are suffering and nothing is being done I do not blame the SARS for what they do most times our leaders on top are the reason for all these,they do not have better plans for we the average Nigerians their motto is we should struggle strive to survive.we are indirectly facing slavery but God is our strength..

  66. Shela

    All this was very disheartening to read. It is a shame how the police are paid in your country. I am disgusted. Here in the US. Police are paid very well. It is a good job to have. Although us as a people still feel they are under paid. But after seeing the pay your police officers paid I suppose our officers are lucky. Lucky to have a government that knows the value of its police force. I think your officers should have a strike. Lay down their duties and demand better pay. An all man walk out would get the attention needed. This just can’t go on like this. It’s just plain pitiful.

  67. Jesus is lord

    Pay Police well &really see the impact in ours society, I sure the reason while this officers are sometimes misbehaving is due to their take home and they may likely want to metup with there mates,true take home:recruits #allawi called: #2,250 some #4,560 varies, but constable #39,000 corporals #43,150 sergeants #46,647 inspectors #68,125 &etc. Please dis is real &serious let Nigeria gov. Stand for challenge of Nigeria Police now,if this gov.want magic to happening in d force._angry man is an angry man,even use any name called.

  68. Jesus is lord

    Bad! Let address better allowance for Nigeria police please

  69. Adewumi John

    I will be glad if this is the exactly payment of the Nigerian Police Force per month. then I pray God should let me be among the new recruitment.

  70. isaac

    only god knows the exact salery police men and women earn monthly,all this one na stories

  71. sunday goerge

    what of the recruit

  72. Abubakar Ishaku

    The new police salary it’s a lie they are only deceiving us, their is no any increment in police salary ask any police officer if they have pay Him or Her but they tell the world that they have increase it liers

  73. Olalere Michael Dare

    The write-up did not portray the reality of the salaries paid to the personel concerned.

    1. If it doesn’t portray, could you help us with the one that shows the true salary because we got this from a reliable source

  74. Chijioke


  75. Fakunle festus

    Please when is police constable recruit starts around the state

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