Nigerian Police Recruitment 2016: Has Anyone Received a Mail or SMS From the Police?

We recently published an announcement from the Nigerian Police that the Screening for those who applied for the Nigerian Police Recruitment 2016 will hold on June 6.


The announcement on the 2016 recruitment of the Nigerian Police also gave assurances that text messages and mails will be sent to shortlisted applicants for the Nigerian Police Recruitment 2016 Screening exercise.

All those i have contacted concerning the Nigerian Police screening exercise said they have neither gotten a text from the Nigerian Police Commission or any mail. Please if you have gotten it, lets hear you in the comments section below so that Nigerians who applied for the Nigerian Police Recruitment exexerce will be better informed.

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  1. I really want them to email me

  2. I doubt if anyone has received an email or text messages

  3. I want them to email me too

  4. i have never received any mail or sms,i always check my email box and my phone

  5. Ifepariola modupe Titus

    I apply and I have not gotten any messages or mails for you and I meant all ur requirement will be looking forward for it

  6. Lol, well I hope its going to be transparent and fair,I have not received any email or text for an interview.I really wait in expectation.

  7. we don’t receive any mail or text

  8. No maill or sms for now

  9. I’m waiting for them to send me through e-mail!

  10. Me I am still waiting for NPF to send me Email or SMS.

  11. Olalere Taofeek Oluseyi

    I am also looking forward to read their mail in my inbox

  12. Chukwueggu Chiedozie kelvin

    No mail or text from them too

  13. Even Me I Haven’t Gotten Any Inmail Or Sms Text Yet, I Keep Waiting Thanks.

  14. I hv not gotten any text or email, not even one around me who applied

  15. I have never deceive a text message or a mail from them

    1. I hv nt received any text message or mail.

  16. Elom Matthew Akama prosper

    even me I have not receive any ooo

  17. Luga Celestine Terna

    No email or sms alert yet

  18. hello every one be patient

  19. i haven’t receive any mail or text message from NPF, none of frnds or any body that i knw received anytin yet from NPF

  20. E-mailing or texting would be done after the exams/screening and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for Zonal screening.

  21. Elom Matthew Akama prosper

    if any one have received pls notify .
    my email is

  22. Bilyaminunurudeen

    Am also waiting and hoping to receive NPF SMS or email too but no one yet

  23. May be my hang. Please resent it to me. Thanks.

  24. Can you please tell us the screening centers?

  25. Umar mohammed kwalam

    I have never received any mail or sms.

  26. Umar kambu kwalam

    Still I’m waiting for the mail or sms.


    I received an email last week which says I should scan my credentials and send it to the email provided for me which I did but since then I have not received any email or text again

  28. I thought is after receiving the SMS or e-mail then u will go for screening. What if u are not qualify to write the exam, how will u know?


  30. never receive both two (sms or email)

  31. Hw is the screening going to be

  32. Hello every one should be patient.

  33. ogundana stephen temitope

    I have nt receive any message frm any place,so am waiting to Send me message.

  34. No text nor mail yet. Hoping soon it will come

  35. I hv not received any mail or text message

  36. I’ve not received any mail or SMS & I know up to eight other people that applied, none of them have received

  37. I’ve not received any mail or SMS & I know up to eight other people that applied, none of them have received.


  39. I have not receive an email or text message concerning NPF or PSC. am still expecting.

  40. pls am eager to received my email or sms loading…

  41. NO EMAIL NOR TEXT.. Pls if anyone receive it.. Notify me through my email

  42. I haven’t yet

  43. I’ve not received any sms or email

  44. dahir usman umar

    yet we did not receive anythin

  45. Muhammad sani Garba

    I think there is nothing like that, cos many of my friends apply it and none of them got anything in the name of invitation.

  46. From the info on their police service commission, when u finish screening from ur respective police state command, shortlisted candidates will be contacted. But if u have any contrary info, don’t hesitate to let us know.

  47. I have not receive

  48. I have not received any email or text message

  49. Pls i really need the job

  50. No email or SMS yet as i wish to hear from them soon

  51. As the Matter of urgency, the police commission should inform the eligible candidates of the screening exercise. I’ve not received any mail or SMS.

  52. No email, no sms

  53. No, don’t thing anyone receive such text or mail

  54. i av not receive any message, but there are many candidate that failed to meet up with education or age criteria !

  55. i’m confused i apply for NPF, but i have not recieved their email or text neither do i know were will i write the Exam. because i’m from Kaduna state but stay in lagos

  56. As at today, have not receive any sms or email from NPF

  57. Smooth blessing tare

    No Mail no text..

  58. No text no mail

  59. I have not received any mail or massage

  60. no email no SMS. Hope this is truly going to be Fair.

  61. no email nor text message. I can’t figure out where we stand.

  62. I have not received any notification.

  63. i have not recieved neither

  64. i have never receive anything like invitation from them in both of my inbox nor my mailbox.

    1. Not at all, Neither text nor email. Pls if any have received kindly notify others….

  65. my brother have received a massage in his mail since yesterday he is applying for Asp,but is in

  66. Onwukwe Franklyn. N

    Please, am still waiting for the text. I have not seen or receive any text or notification based on the recruitment. Please i will be greatful if mail is sent to me.

  67. Leonard Charles Odoh

    I have never recieved an sms or Email, nor seen anyone who have received. Everybody is just complaining.

  68. I have never received an SMS or Email, nor nor seen anyone who have received. Everybody around me is just complaining.

  69. Chinekezi uchenna

    Please who have gotten the text, because I have not seen mine. Wounder when they will make this known to the public to enable us get the necessary things they will require from us.

  70. Emenogu onyema lemy I have not received any mail oh

  71. I hv not receive d sms

  72. I haven’t either…..we’re waiting

  73. Am not receive any thing like text or email

  74. I ve never received any SMS or email,I’m looking forward

  75. I have not receive any email or text was going on majority of ppl are complaining of not receiving text or email and then on 6 screening will commence.

  76. I have gotten dia mail did morning..

    1. Are U serious? If yes, what is its content like?

    2. Are U serious? If yes, what is d content like?

  77. As for now i have not receive any sms or mail from them.

  78. I got mine around 6pm yesterday. I am to be at d venue 8am on monday.

    1. Can forward the message to me thanks

  79. I received yesterday afternoon, don’t shake, U will all recieve urs too.

  80. I have received email now

    1. How is the message like?

    2. Good day, pls in this message do they ask u to come to ur state of origin

  81. i just got a mail

    1. Can forward the message to me thanks

  82. nothing at all.

  83. Can some1 pls forward the message as a sample

    1. I have not receive any e-mail or SMS till now…

  84. no mail or text please i will be very grateful to receive it

  85. I just received 1 now

  86. I got both mail and SMS…it is only if you are shortlisted you will get it

  87. Musa Hussaini Muhammad

    No SMS or mail received

  88. i got a text message but no email. and it dint specify d date for my own screening

  89. Lynda Chukwunuruokwu

    I have not received Emails or SMS

  90. Lynda Chukwunuruokwu

    I have not received anything

  91. olawoyin michael folasayo

    so sad…. till now, am still looking totally confused. so sad fellow Nigerians

  92. I haven’t got sms and have checked my mail no message was send to me

  93. I received a mail on the 2nd of June. my screening is on d 13th of June.

  94. As for now I have not received any email or sms

  95. I have not received any email or sms the screening on 6 june

  96. nothing at all

  97. olawoyin michael folasayo

    ok, i found my name at the police headquaters and i did not receive any mail or text.

  98. Am still waiting for d Email and SMS up till nw and d screening is on 6 june

  99. NO email or SMS for now

  100. ezema kelechi henry

    I got a text and equally saw my name on the npf website but no email msg

  101. Tachim Kiritmwa Gokir

    We haven’t received the first email after registration. the one congratulating applicants for successful registration.

  102. Tachim Kiritmwa Gokir

    I haven’t received confirmation mail after filling the form. How do i get ?

  103. Please can anyone make this clear to me? I was screened but didnt receive any text or email on my phone. My email is and my phone number is 08036913785. Thanks npf their effort.. Does that mean i’m qualify for the exercise?

  104. I was shortlisted and received message on my phone, but not yet received any invitation message on my email box.

  105. Please I saw me name on the list but still haven’t received any mail nor text. How do I go about this? Pls I need help

    1. If you saw your name on the list go for the screening and explain yourself to them there. Don’t miss the Screening and Good luck

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