Nigerian Police Character- Is the Police Truly Your Friend?

A friend in need is a friend indeed and a friend indeed, is a friend in need. The Nigerian Police has over the years, helped maintain some level of peace in Nigeria.


Some officers in the Police Force still do not discharge their duties in a manner that is worthy of emulation. The Nigerian Police Force character is seen by most Nigerians as the most corrupt due to acts like collecting bribe, not being objective in their dealings,e.t.c.

What do you think can be done to revitalize the character and image of the Nigerian police force?

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  1. Police should adequately funded and disciplined just like the army and navy,I think with this and intensive lectures and training should be organised for them on the need to be contented with their salary,I think with these Nigerian police will be less corrupt.

    1. Honestly, you spoke my mind. If you see how much a police officer is paid in Nigeria compared to other countries, you will weep for them. Even the police barracks in Nigeria are not well kept. I just pray the government look into this

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