Nigerian Phone Numbers: Prefix For All Nigerian Networks

A complete list of Nigerian Phone/GSM Numbers prefix for all Nigerian networks is what this post is all about (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT).

Most users of Nigerian networks are always in search their corresponding prefixes. Calling customer care agents as to which network starts with 0809, 0704, 0802 can be difficult and sometimes time consuming.

We have carried out our research on all these and compiled a list of prefix for all Nigerian phone numbers. Below is a list for all networks numbers prefixes in Nigeria


The GSM numbers below are owned by MTN Nigeria

  1. 0803
  2. 0806
  3. 0703
  4. 0706
  5. 0813
  6. 0816
  7. 0810
  8. 0814
  9. 0903


The following prefix are for GLO network in Nigeria.

  1. 0805
  2. 0807
  3. 0705
  4. 0815
  5. 0811
  6. 0905


The following are the number prefixes for airtel in Nigeria at the moment.

  1. 0802
  2. 0808
  3. 0708
  4. 0812
  5. 0701
  6. 0902


Etisalat network has the following as their prefix

  1. 0809
  2. 0818
  3. 0817
  4. 0909

Below are for NTEL and SMILE Networks 2017

NTEL 0804

Smile – 0702

These Nigerian GSM network phone number prefixes were all gotten from the different telecommunication websites and can be trusted.

I believe with the above prefixes, you will be able to know the answer as to which Nigerian phone number that started with 0702 was either MTN, Airtel, Glo or Etisalat and clear the confusion easily.

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