Nigerian Navy Salary Structure Of Senior Naval Officers 2019

The Nigerian Navy Salary structure is an information that you won’t come across easily on the internet. This updated report on how much a Nigerian Naval officer is being paid was gotten from a Nigerian newspaper, Leadership. 

The military in Nigeria is a fundamental organization in the sense that security of the territories of the nation rest on their shoulders. We know that the Navy is the military branch that protects the territorial waters of a country and the officers of the Nigerian Navy have lived up to that expectation. No wonder recruitment into the armed forces is highly competitive.

To know how much the men and officers of the Nigerian Navy earn on monthly basis or their salary range, we researched the internet for answers. The truth is that this information is normally hidden as their salary scale is not always made public. What we gathered from words of mouth is that they are not the highest paid branch in the military but the Air force.

The recruitment form for Nigerian Navy DSSC normally comes yearly on October and mostly university graduates with second class upper or first class are mostly favoured during the recruitment process. This allows those who are interested to join pick up this recruitment forms as applicants.

Entering the Naval College is not an easy task as you would have to pass the training at the base which runs for 6 to 7 months maximum before you are given your first rank as either a Sub-lieutenant for Direct Short Service (DSSC) or Rating (SSC) at the Navy Basic Training School (NBTS).

As you expect, the monthly salary range of ratings in the Nigerian Navy should be lesser than the senior officers as their ranks are different (See ranks below). Aside the normal salary package being paid to any member of the arms of the Nigerian armed forces, there are other benefits attached to being a member of the armed forces since you have given up your life in defending the territorial borders of the country.

See the monthly Salary of a Sub Lieutenant in Nigerian Navy Here


According to the report, below is what some high ranking officers in the Nigerian Navy earns on a yearly basis:

Nigerian Navy Salary Structure For Senior Officers

  • Admiral in the Nigerian Navy – N16,303,140
  • Vice Admiral earns ₦13,363,229
  • Real-Admiral earns ₦12,038,945
  • Commodore earns ₦7,385,856
  • Captain earns N3,715,859
  • Commander earns ₦3,380,086

Although we couldn’t find the Nigerian Navy salary structure for its lower ranked officers, officers ranked at Rear Admiral or above do earn lifelong full-salary pensions, while those ranked at Commodore or below receive a pension of five years’ worth of their salary.

Nigerian Navy Ranks for Non-commissioned officers

This category of officers in the Nigerian Navy consist of only six ranks. Here, the Warrant Chief Petty Officer is the highest ranking non-commissioned officer, while least rank is the trainee.

The six are arranged in the order of their seniority with the most senor coming first and the least officer coming last.

  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Leading Rating
  • Able Rating
  • Ordinary Rating
  • Trainee

Nigerian Navy Ranks For Commissioned Officers

The commissioned officers are the ones that make the decisions and occupy the leading positions. They are more respected than the non-comissioned officers.

The noncommissioned officer is still subject to the commands and orders of the commissioned officer any time and any day.

Even if the commissioned officer is a fresh graduate and the non commissioned officer had been in service for years, the latter must still obey the former in all things.

As a graduate, after your DSSC training you are made a sub-leuitenant. Apart from the remuneration you get, there are other packages accrued to being a senior officer. It is the common order that operates in the Nigerian Navy and the case is the same in other arms of armed forces in the country.

Order, discipline and hierarchy are three important things that the Nigerian military thrives on and they will never want to sacrifice those core statutes for anything.

The 12 ranks in this category of officers in the Nigerian Navy are highlighted below and they are arranged in the order of their seniority:

  • Admiral of the Fleet
  • Admiral
  • Vice-Admiral
  • Rear Admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub-Lieutenant
  • Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  • Mid-Shipman

Please note that the information written here concerning Nigerian navy salary range of the men and officers of the Navy can be changed or increased at any time by the Federal Government. For now the figures above are what we could gather.


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    1. A Nigerian Airforce officer is paid according to his or her rank. The higher the rank, the bigger his salary and allowances

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