Nigerian Navy: Ranks In The Nigerian Navy

Do you want a career in the Nigerian Navy and are looking for the ranks in the Nigerian Navy, then you are at the right site and page. This post will show you the various ranks of both the commissioned and non- commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy.

Commissioned Officers

There consists 12 ranks in the Nigerian Navy for commissioned officers and they are:

  1. Admiral of the Fleet
  2. Admiral
  3. Vice-Admiral
  4. Rear Admiral
  5. Commodore
  6. Captain
  7. Commander
  8. Lieutenant Commander
  9. Lieutenant
  10. Sub-Lieutenant
  11. Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  12. Mid-Shipman

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For Non-Commissioned Officers

There consists 7 ranks in the Nigerian Navy for non-commissioned officers and they are:

  1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  2. Chief Petty Officer
  3. Petty Officer
  4. Leading Rating
  5. Able Rating
  6. Ordinary Rating
  7. Trainee

These are the ranks in the Nigerian Navy, be patriotic to your country by letting others know what you have learned by sharing this post. God bless Nigeria.


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  1. Muhammad hudu

    What of customs ranks

    1. Admin

      will look into it

  2. Aminu Danladi Sadiq

    Sir, i ‘ve a pass degree in sociology n anthropology but i did a professional Diploma in education immediately(PDE, a post-graduate studies) n i’m a member of ISmn thats institute of strategic management Nigeria. N i’m 28 years. Can i apply?

    1. Admin

      Sorry, the age limit is 26 for the Navy

  3. Olatunde

    Admin pls can u get the salary structure for customs,immigration and civil defense?

    1. Admin

      Ok, will research on it

      1. Please do you have the salary now

  4. Iboro William

    Please what rank will an NCE(or call it ND) holder assume when he is newly enrolled into the Nigerian

  5. Godswill Rusademe

    Um… Sir, is it possible to get past questions of the NDA entrance exam? I’m a 100 level Civil Engineering student at Niger Delta University, But I have a thing for the Academy. I don’t have worries over my physique.
    Please Reply.

    1. Yes I have NDA past questions but its for sale at N2000 only

  6. okunola ibraheem

    hello do u av nigerian navy recruitment apptitude past question? if yes pls name d price and procedure to get 1.. tanks

    1. I don’t have it now but will get it soon

      1. chinwenmeri

        sir pls I need ur help.
        pls sir call me on dis number or whatsapl me I want to interact with u sir.
        Facebook name.

  7. Gabriel

    The Navy Rank for non commission is weong

  8. emmanuel

    Sir u said d form is free but in my city is hard to get

  9. Onyemakonor Chidinma Priscilla

    Please what is the rank of a wheel symbol in the Nigerian Navy?

  10. Slim Nentok

    Sir the rank of non commission officers you wrote is not correct.the the right ranks for non commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy are as follows:
    Master warrant officer
    Warrant officer
    Petty officer
    Leading seaman
    Able seaman
    Ordinary seaman

  11. Grace Sonate

    pls i need the nigerian navy past questions,who have it pls?

  12. Darry

    Please Admin,I just graduated from the University from The IT department. Can I apply for the Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Course without going for NYSC?

  13. peter okwafiaka

    Sir ,can I apply for short service, I have HND in mechanical engineering, 26years old..

  14. peter okwafiaka

    Sir,if the Nigeria short service is out ,can I apply,I have HND in mechanical engineering, an also Nysc has be satisfied

    1. If your course is specified, you can apply for the short service.

  15. peter okwafiaka

    Sir when the short service is coming out

    1. we don’t know yet but we will keep our ears open for information concerning the NIGERIAN NAVY SHORT SERVICE NEWS

  16. Peter

    I love Nigeria Navy.
    Dreaming and seeing my self as a navy officer always makes me happy and I always imagine how i will serve my country Nigeria while in the Navy with out mistakes. Money is not what I want but selfless service for my country and the pride of protecting lives, Nigeria boarders and property dying as an officer in service or retired. God help me to achieve my dreams.

  17. Unlimited

    Pls sir, what rank will a Bsc holder begin with in the Nigeria Navy.

  18. Nelson

    Is navy classify into 2 kind such as war navy and the other work on sea?

  19. precious gallas

    sir,please when is the next navy recruitment coming a 200level student of library and information science.please what will be my rank in the 20 years old

  20. Aminchi Paul chosen

    what rank will and NCE holder get ?

  21. Ifeaka

    i am presently in my final year studying intelligence and security studies…can i apply for navy short service in NDA after my schooling and what rank will i attain after my training in NDA

    1. Why don’t you apply for Navy DSSC

      1. Ifeaka

        please enlighten me about DSSC programme in the Nigerian navy…and what rank will i attain after the DSSC programme

        1. The dssc program is mostly for graduates in the university and it’s a 6 months training programme after which you first rank in the navy will be sub-lieutenant

          1. Ifeaka

            but i want to be a combatant

  22. What rank will some one with(ND)level attain when he join Nigerian navy

    1. You will be among the non commissioned officers

  23. David banjo

    Sir please what will A (HND) hold when he get to Nigeria Navy

  24. Adeniyi Esther Olufunmilola

    Please how can you assist in getting NDA ‘s past questions?.Could you kindly send it to my e_mail address?,thanks.

  25. Adejumo Babatunde Naheem

    Please sir, i’m an ND Holder and i want to apply for Nigeria Navy but i don’t want to be in a non commission dept so i was thinking of to proceed so as get my HND but i’m thinking of the age limit cos I’m 24 and by the time i will finish everything i will be at the age of 27. please i want you to enlighten me on this please

    1. 27 can still apply for commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy

  26. Bar Oscar Madu

    what rank will a lawyer with L.LB and B.L be placed as a naval officer

  27. Imo bright

    pls our able admin, I need the past questions for someone applying for Short Service Course in the Navy, I studied mechanical engineering at University of Nigeria, Nsukka. pls why replying send me ur account details and ur phone number.

  28. ogundana

    can I use maritime academy certificate to join Navy

    1. Only when it is listed

      1. Anonny

        Hello admin. I’m still doing my NYSC, yet to complete it. Can I apply for navy DSSC? It’ll pass out March 2019

        1. No you should only apply when you have your certificate because it will be demanded of you at the exam center and training ground

  29. aminu hussaini bello

    I knew if I apply with my diploma I will be ratting , but what I don’t know is that able ratting or ordinary ? please answer me

  30. Usman ibrahim matthwe

    am 27 years i have first degree in mathematics with a cgpa 3.12 can i apply/

  31. Pippy

    Hello Admin I am a Priest with BA in Religion and 35 years old. I want to serve in the Navy. What are my chances? Please enlighten me. Thanks and remain blessed.

    1. It all depends on your age and the grade of your result. Are you a catholic priest?

  32. Olawale

    Is it possible to apply with Hnd without Nysc certificate if the person did not serve.. Pls I need your reply admin

    1. Yes you can but it will not be under the Direct Short Service Course because its for only graduates and NYSC certificate is a very important requirement for it

  33. okwe ezekiel

    Can a third class graduate apply for direct short service and which rank can he apply for?

  34. Chris Emelie

    Hello, please what’s the possibility of one getting the Nigerian Navy DSSC?
    Is it super tough to get?

  35. James Samuel

    Morning sir, sir am in ss2 from ogun state sagamu sir how can I Nigeria navy

    1. James samuel

      How can I join Nigeria Navy

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