Nigerian Dailies: Best Daily Newspapers in Nigeria- Top 10

Different types of newspapers in Nigeria exists and millions of copies are sold around the country on daily basis. For the sake of this article, we shall list the popular newspapers in Nigeria. If you looking for the list of daily newspapers in Nigeria today or even daily Nigerian newspapers online, this article will help list the best Nigeria’s daily newspapers around.


Nigerian Newspapers are printed materials that contains educative, political and entertaining information that is passed from a print medium or media and its put out for public consumption. Information on a newspaper are permanent and can be used for reference in the future.

Although the idea of newspapers fading away globally is taking shape as the online medium (internet) disseminates information faster than the print medium, some people still prefer newspapers because their perception is that information on newspapers are seen as trustworthy when compared to the information seen on the internet.

In no particular order, below are the list of top daily newspapers we have in Nigeria today.

Most Read Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Leadership Newspaper

2. National Mirror Newspaper


3. The Guardian Newspaper

4. Sun News (Online)

5. Nigeria Tribune – oldest newspapers in the country.

6. This Day Live – the first Nigerian newspaper to print in full colour.

7. The Nation newspaper

8. The Punch newspaper Nigeria is the second most read newspaper in Nigeria both online and offline,

9. Vanguard newspaper

10. Nigerian Telegraph


Most Nigerian dailies now have online platform, some also publish weekends. Other Newspapers not mentioned here are also reliable but the above listed are the most popular read newspapers in Nigeria.


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