The Nigerian Army Salary Structure: How Much Is a Nigerian Soldier Paid?

Contrary to the belief by most people that the Nigerian Army are being paid heavily, the opposite is the case as the Nigerian Army salary structure after increase in minimum wage reveals that these men who risk their lives to defend the sovereignty of Nigeria go home with stipends.

In this post, we shall expose how much officers and men of the Nigerian army receive as salary this 2019 and their history.

nigerian-soldiers-salary-nigerian-infopediaA Nigerian soldier is being paid according to his or her rank and years of service. The Nigerian Army’s basic function is to safeguard the nation against any sort of external aggression, support the interest of its citizens and country and it is known to be the largest in West Africa, however according to a report on most of the soldiers can perform a little more than the basic defensive operations.

The list below is a report seen as of December 2018.

Salary Structure of the Nigerian Army (2019)

Salary structure for non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian army after increase in minimum wage:

Private Soldier earns about N48-49,000

Lance Corporal earns about N54-55,000

Corporal earns N58,000


Sergeant earns N63,000

Staff Sergeant earns N68,000

Warrant Officer earns N80,000

Master Warrant Officer earns N90,000

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Commissioned Officers

Second Lieutenant- N120,000

Lieutenant- N180,000

Captain- N220,000

Major- N300,000

Lt. Colonel- N350,000

Colonel- N550,000

Brigadier General- N750,000

Major General- N950,000

Lt. General- N1 million

General- N1.5 million

Those are the current salary of Nigerian soldiers. What is your take on the new Nigerian Army Salary structure 2019?

UPDATE: The Real Salary of Nigerian Soldiers Fighting Boko Haram

You might be wondering how much is the salary of soldiers fighting Boko Haram?

According to an authoritative report, it states that Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram earn N60K as salary but another report debunked it and put the correct figure as N49,000 equivalent to $249 monthly or £157 monthly while daily feeding allowance is N500.

You should be aware that the Nigerian army is the largest of the Nigerian Armed forces but not the highest paid. It is their sole duty to be responsible for land warfare operations, just like the Navy is responsible for protecting the water boundaries of the nation. On the other other hand, the Air force is responsible for securing Nigeria’s air space against external threats.

The Nigerian Army is among the most equipped military in Africa and its affairs are dully managed by the Nigerian Army Council. The Chief of Army staff is also the head commander of the army and his salary the highest.

Since its inception, they have been involved in various peace keeping missions and series of combats, both on the local and international scene. Latest of these wars is the war against the Boko Haram insurgents.

Real History of the Nigerian Army

Prior to independence, the Nigerian Army first began as the Royal West African Frontier Force which was founded in 1900.  Officers were dully trained by the British which saw them participate in the Second World War in support of Great Britain as part of the 1st (West Africa) Infantry Brigade, the 81st and 82nd (West Africa) Division and. They were also involved in combat at the East African crisis then.

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During the independence period, the number of indigenous men and officers in the Nigerian army was totaling 18,000. Payments made to these officers then was in shillings. It was not until in mid 1970 that the number rose significantly to 126,000. At these time, salaries of these military men were paid in pounds.

These officers were split into three divisions. The reason for the increase in number was due to more able bodied people enlisting in the army due to the Nigerian civil war. Then, salary structure of the Nigerian Army officers had not yet being allotted by the supreme military council due to the crisis that rocked Nigeria. Possibility, officers were paid using the British pounds and scale.

History had it that it was until 1973 when the use of Naira was introduced, there was a high level of corruption among the commanders in the army. These led to the series of coup d’ etat that surfaced in the following years which ushered in regime upon regime in the country. It got to a point were Lieutenant Colonels were commanding brigades and sergeants were commanding platoons. The warrant officers then commanded officers too as divisions were fighting independently.

However, many inexperienced hands and poorly trained men who had no job enrolled in the Nigerian Army. This caused the image of the military to dwindle as lack in discipline and professionalism saw cases of civilian massacre, supporting a political divide infused into the army.

It was General Olusegun Obasanjo, who made an effort to reorganize his division when he was appointed the General Officer Commanding of the 3rd Division at that time. As a result of the reorganization by Obasanjo, salaries improved as he was able to improve on the logistics of division. This improvement heralded the end of the civil war as offensive tactics were deployed to defeat the Biafran soldiers.

After the Nigerian Civil War, there were casualties recorded which reduced the number of able bodied men available in the army to 62,000. The 3 divisions were also increased to four divisions which were stationed at different regions. This was to augment for the previous regional structure Nigeria operated before the civil war took place.

Each of these 4 divisions logistics were interwoven as they had access to weapons, armories and other equipment at their disposal so as to improve the cooperation among them. The 1st Division was stationed at Kaduna as its headquarters, the 2nd Division was stationed at Ibadan as its headquarters, the 3rd Armored Division was stationed at Rukuba Cantonment Jos while 81st Division was stationed at Enugu as its headquarters.

While the Nigerian military might not be the strongest in Africa 2019, it has participated successfully in a number of international peace keeping missions and tactical combat operations. The Liberian war is just and example and infact, ECOMOG established by ECOWAS in 1990 is currently dominated by the Nigerian Army.

Nigerian army proved itself to be experts in mobilizing, deploying and sustaining brigade-size forces to provide the needed support for the peacekeeping operation in Liberia.  They have also participated under the umbrella of ECOMOG in conflicts in various countries, like Sierra Leone, Somalia, Rwanda, Angola and former Yugoslavia.


Nigeria’s participation in Liberia in 1990, 1997 and 2003 was mainly responsible for the quelling of the civil war in that country and the ousting of Charles Taylor, who was later exiled into Nigeria.

The Nigerian Army was also involved in 2004 at Dafur, Sudan as part of the Africa Union Forces.   The Nigerian army also deployed troop to Mali in 2013 as part of African-led International Support Mission to Mali.

The Federal government is responsible for payment and upkeep of men of the Nigerian Army. The government equally provides accommodation for them.  Many think they are paid heavily, but this is not necessarily so.  They risk their live to protect Nigeria, but the amount being paid cannot be said to equate to the services they deliver.

We just hope that the FG with this new increase in minimum wage, will look into the Nigerian army salary structure this 2019 and improve it to help our gallant soldiers cater for themselves.


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  1. Abdullahi jabo

    They deserve it and theres need of upgrade it once again.

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      no need to upgrade it because non of ur family member is there right?

      1. Benjamin

        Fool. Read and understand his comment first.

  2. Harry Moscow

    They should be greatful,so a private received the salary of a director in the state.hmmmmm now I knw,they should just keep there mouth shut.

    1. shuaibu abdu

      herry Moscow ia your father a senator? how on earth will you compear a soldier with a state directors, can directors live there family and go to war let me tell you no body desaved to be pay good salary more than a soldiers those people give there life’s for just #48000 can you that

      1. Honeygurl

        I totally agree with u.

      2. adam ibrahim

        Yes soldiers sofurse 2 pay high salary

      3. Tolani

        I m not gona blame u cos I knw u all be an officer ,do u care to knw d risk d so call pple ar taking? If u don’t knw DAT amount if jst for a pinut .rrubish

      4. justice

        shuaibu May u live long as long as u knw the see #48000 as a big money may be his a poor man to d core dat u can give him 20000 nd he will do wat ever u ask him to do,poverty is a disease.God bless u once again shuiabu.

      5. Young Army

        harry is a fool thats all nothing else , he aspect only his fatrher to be collecting huge money

    2. Ya'u Sani Auwal

      Y did say so? Can u compare there work? Is not dsame, this one dey always sleep for his house but soldiers na from bush to bush, inside sun, rain, cold, no food no water to drink nd so on

    3. Halilu Ismaila Shuwaki

      Pls Herry let me ask u. Is Dir in d State work for 24/7 did he pass thru any regurious training? Pls u should be responsible when comments

      1. Funtua

        Shuwaki very good of you sir

    4. Zakaria Nuhu Midalah

      that man harry is a wicked human being, a director who goes to work twice a week and you compare him with a soldiers who work for weeks, months, year away from their family. if not for our wicked leaders s soldier deserves more salary than any one.

      1. sadiq hussaini

        u are 100% right

      2. michael

        maybe his father is a director.. no too blame am, maybe na becus hunger done wipe am, he is now thinking others shouldnt get paid than his father.. henry u can join the army and tell the government to pay you $6000 per month and feel it…. to me soldiers should be payed far much more than that… to go war no be yam ooo, infact apart from their salary.. any war or fight they embark on, they should be paid three times thier salary, cus no one knows who would come back alive…

      3. bode 1

        God bless u, don’t mind dat idiot or wt ever he calls his name. Hw can u compear a soldier with a der wrk. D sametin.

    5. Lucky Kenneth

      U are a big fool to comment this jagons, a man that has layed down his life for the peace n progress of this great nation, someone that can die at any given time just for some stupid pple like u to close his eyes very well. Pple like u will never go forward not even ur black minded generation

      1. iSmalia isah

        Very good ,that man who has been jealous to army because of money he is a foolish man

    6. Urchman

      What a stupid comparison you just made there…the least person in rank should receive Atleast 300,000 and not this peanuts. Nigeria has the money!

      1. Prince

        I love you my brother our country did not want our army to progress but then want than to die

    7. Austin

      A fool you are.

    8. kingsley

      Harry, so your mentality is so poor that you don’t know that a soldier’s life is always at risk just for the sake of his people and country

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      Harry Moscow abi wetin b ur name c “by D Grace of God it will never better 4 u & ur generation, thunder will fire u + ur family” 4 dat comment u make did u know what they called soldier? I know u don’t know let me tell u c we die b4 anything happen 2 u pple, we sweat 4 u pple we ready 2 die becos of u pple, if it’s 4 me and my family I can defend my self but what of u? As am talking 2 I received bullet b4 motor Don hit me 4 check point b4 all those is it 4 only my family now u open ur mouth say private receiving director salary in D state OK thank u by D Grace of God u will receive “bullet” “motor will hit u” so if u didn’t die c how D thing sweet 4 body. Nonsense ungrateful fellow.

      1. judith

        I cant stop laughing. Pls have pity on him. He is jst ignorant and ungrateful.

        Thank u for all the sacrifices you and your colleagues make for our country.


      Our salary is not enough look at politicians who busy embezzling what is meant for arms procurement, only their siting allowance alone for 1 Month is covered our sergeant in the Army 1 full year salary. Please they should look inward and increase our salary for Good.

    11. starlight

      It’s only God dat wil purnish u Harry moscow, I can even see in ur name dt ur a cow. If u re. A man enuf com and collect weapaon and go to war front. Idiot

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      You’re just a frustrated fool… You can leave your current job and join them… Later on, they post you to a war front. To know what they face their. You better keep shut.

    13. Ayo ola

      You just talk like a goat without control how can you say that pls if you don’t know how to comment keep your dity mouth .well I don’t blame you none of your family is a soldier because they are not fit to be one

    14. zacks Adaya

      what do u knw about d job, do u think is a lazyman work ask is not easy

    15. KENNEDY

      DO U KNOW SOME PRIVATE SOLDIERS ARE Phd holders? Directors with PGD some first degree

    16. auta

      What is dt ur village name ur very stupid idiot u will go and die for maiduguri

    17. Oluwabukunmi Bamidele

      Harry Moscow if you happen to be a soldier risking your life for the nation will you be happy to collect such stipen? Can a director withstand the kind of pressure and intimidation our soldiers are passing through? you know that the Nigerian soldiers collect the poorest salary and takes the highest risk in the world by fighting Without sufisicated weapon? Guy I think you still have to rephrase your mssg..

    18. usman abuabakar

      I don’t, or should I say is not ur fauth at all. what have you done to your country? Have in any way do or contribute to peace in your country even if by allowing any of your relations to join any of the forces in Nigeria to put he/her life down for your family to sleep well, go about their daily activites freely everyday????? I knew the answer is NO!!!! You nw, you are in another man’s country opening mouth to talk on soldiers of your country? that place where you are can you say anything about anybody? not talk of there Army? can you? sha bi you school in Nigeria and now you ran away to that place. One day you or any member of your family will pay for your words.

    19. Dbdikos

      Harry, well I don’t blem u bcos u are always with your family as i am talking to you now, am in d bush i ve nt seen my beautiful wife n kids for 2 good yrs now.A director sees his family on a daily bases what i see always in the bush are wild animals and wild enemies. Can a director withstand the weight of an AK47 for a day? I ve been with it 4 over 20 yrs now, I, as a staff sergeant ,can nt bust of a single room for my self but a director has houses scaterred alover. Please kindly n honourably apologize n withdraw your your post. A recruit deserve more than $2000 let alone a private that has tasted battle.



    21. WiLlYwAx02

      You are ignorance lead you in dark

    22. Iceking. Naked Wire.

      Bloody Civilian like you, if you get have just two days of military life experience, Oga Titus you will give up ghost. I don’t think you have a brother, sister, wife, uncle,aunty,relative,friends or even your enemy that is serving in any of the Nigeria Military or Paramilitary body. If so, you suppose to know that the cash they are paid is not equivalent to the risk of the Death signed work…. They are just serving their country .God Bless every DEAD OR ALIVE Souls of Nigeria MILITARY OR PARAMILITARY FORCE. GOD BLESS NIGERIA..

    23. Ebenezer

      U are not serious with what you said ingrate fellow

    24. Ebenezer

      You are an ingrate fellow

  3. Admin

    I agree with you


    who ever says the army don’t deserve more is a suspect and a witch so spear not a witch to live die by fire, do you know what our father’s passes through? pls take example from American soldiers. Thank you

    1. Admin

      they deserve the best for their gallantry effort

  5. Ejike kingsley

    That’s goog enogh.

  6. David Igolo

    The Nigeria Government need to upgrade Soldiers salary because the risk they take for Nigeria unite and stay as one

  7. daniel

    I don’t know how true this figures are. Cos I see this guys soldiers living large. Show me their payslip then I will know what to say.

    1. Bass

      The salary received by commisioned officers as stated above is not correct. For instance, a 2Lt salary is about 155,000.Hence the scale for officers is quite spurious. For the other ranks, have lost touch with the exact amount they are paid but whats stated there is not too far away from the actual.

      1. Ado Mamuda

        The other Ranks salary is small de gvt need to increase their own bt officers own is reasonable.

        1. sadiq

          God should help Nigerian army and gives the general wisdom to overcom his enemy insha Allah.and no his saboteur in his domain

      2. WiLlYwAx02

        Truely yeah

  8. Osi

    I will never like to be a soldier, but this is not yet enough for one’s life. please upgrade it.

  9. AG

    Other ranks salaries need to be review upward!
    But officers cadreā€˜s ok!

    1. michael

      infact for me those that go to war, that is the other ranks should be given special allowances that is five times more than their normal salary.. cus war is not film that we watch on BBC or other adventure channel…. its more than that… a soldier can die in his first battle… as for u harry moscow, hmmmm well let me believe u are an ignorant child who msuffers from poverty of #48000, but plss its better to wish others well so u can also make progress… plsss withdraw that comment and apologize for your careless comment.. God bless ur soul… And God bless the nigerian amry more

  10. zibite

    The salary is okay is just that I want government to shoulder other responsibilities like free education for their wards and building of more houses in the barracks inter alia. #GodBlessNigerianArmy!

    1. eric

      As you’re now, can you work in an organisation worth billions of naira, and your been paid peanut for your hardwork? Remember you work day and night non stop, u barely go out for lunch, even have time for your family for just 48k no allowance. Please, before you comment on anything make sure your capable of doing what you’re to say not just opening your mouth. People like you are the once supporting the greedy old politicians for rubbish…

  11. Larry G

    A corporal shld earn @ least #100,000 per moth,infact dis can’t be compare to risk involve in dere day to day activities.

  12. Makpane

    That is nothing compare to the risk involved, their salary structure should be at least doubled. People that think otherwise do not know the life of a soldier. All these politicians looting the country are adding no value to our lives. How much does a senator earn? Does he do the work of a General in the military? They are not worth N500,000 per month!

  13. Nigeria soldier deserve more salary jare, govt should giv dem enough salary, I salute dere courage in fighting for d defence of dis nation

  14. dadu

    Pls stop deceiving Nigerians. The salary of officers particularly captains and above is inflated in ur figures. Even a Lt Col does not collect upto Wat u wrote for a major.

  15. Gboskey

    Not a fantastic salary though but judging from other civil servants, police and the paramilitary services, you will understand is not too bad. A captain is like some body on level 10. I don’t know where else such level receive 220. There is general need to upgrade the emoluments of workers, not just the army.

  16. Abel Negedu

    What is OK about the salary.. Nonsense is that how the other arms of the military are been paid.. An mwo in the army receiving a salary of a flight Sergent in the Airforce.. Something is wrong somewhere. If u no nothing abt the military don’t come hear n make stupid comments

  17. elam Philemon Kwangshing

    The Nigeria soldiers deserve more salary and prayers from Nigerian’s

  18. clevf

    Love you all naija army anybody wa say their (solder) life no go better na auchi and benin thunder go fire them AMEN

  19. Kate

    A director that goes to work whenever he likes and closes whenever he likes and a soldier that works 24hrs around the clock who should be paid better @Harry Moscow.

  20. Sulaiman

    I dont normally comment on public discuss, but on this i will.My attention is drawn on one Mr Henry’s comment: First of all Yes a director recieve same amount with a private soldier, does the private soldier steel from government purse? can the private soldier send his child to the same school the director (thief) child? what happens to the overhead cost director put on every contract? well Mr Henry, look around, Allah is merciful you hardly see a soldier retire and suffer high BP, paralysis or an ailment. simple reason is because they survive on their sweat and thier kids always flourished, example, some soldiers children became Chief of Army Staff, Doctors, Engineers name it. So Mr Henry, it is not how much you take home but what you take home.

  21. ugochukwu Adaba

    they deserved more than that…

  22. mujaheed: imam

    they deserved more than that

  23. saleh Eche

    their salary suppose to start from 100,000 the lowest person
    suppose to be hundred thousands

  24. ms

    Is only God can pay a soldiers

  25. ms

    Is only God can pay a soldiers

    Common their uniform they use to buy if you are dought confirm frm any of them my brother Is among.

  26. Mary

    The salaries up there is just their Basic salary. Some allowances are paid a part from the basic salary.
    In any case, our Soldiers are doing well. No salary is too much for them. God bless the Nigerian army.

    1. Ahmed A

      @Mary. Who told u dt d salary figures above are just their basic salaries? Do u have a soldier in your family or as friend who disclose dis to u? U better confirm details source of ur information b4 putting it in writing for public digestion. D figure is all and all completely and there is no other allowances somewhere else.

      1. Harrison

        I Wonder the risk of life on this little token although I attempted to join years back

    2. Joe

      They’re not receiving any allowance.. Am a soldier’s wife.A SSgt.for that matter

  27. Shehu Musa

    May Allah saved us from the oppressors, and bless what we end with.

  28. Usman

    @Harry Moscow I want u to know soldiers doesn’t have time for their selfs, that 48000 is what he earn without any allowance while a director earns allowances even more than his basic salary. @Sunday those soldiers u saw living large may be their family have money and I bet u if u gather 100 soldiers is hard to see 10 that can save 5000 every month, they have to buy uniforms which is hard to get, their family will eat and he will also eat while on duty or so. To be a soldier is not easy at all.

  29. Daniel Revelations

    It’s ok, if need be, they should increase it, they deserve it.

  30. Elijah Obot

    If people where to be rich according to their work l believe soldiers will have been the richest people on the planet.

  31. Ab

    Pls what’sdo ssalary structure of the Airforce?

    1. Admin

      Will publish it soon. still researching on it

  32. afather

    God blessed Army

    1. afather

      Private soldiers are being paid 49,000 thousand inside d 49,000 they will use 20,000k to buy camouflage 15,000k to buy green uniform some of them have serve d nation for morethan 20yrs they are still private soldiers pls admin help me calculate how 2 manage d remaining money for ur 4 children school fees nd also take good care of ur wife nd ur family’s with ur relative thanks

      1. Austin

        U forgot to
        Mention boot #20,000, Barret, belts and so on that a soldier is not issued, and of course you must have them… The way and manner you do so is entirely your business…. God have mercy.@afather.

  33. Clet Legend

    Their salary is too small.. compare to what they are passing through can our government allow a soldier to die just for. 48,000 naira.. do u guys know how much is our senators and governor’s recharge card allowance..they. Should encourage and motivate these men that have vow to give their lives just to make sure that our country Nigeria is being defended and protected.. government should pls do something about this(by increasing the salary)and also increase those other uniform personnel salary, e.g like the NSCDC,police, prisons,immigration and others.. these people deserve a better salary compare to what they are being paid.. God bless Nigeria

  34. Didioma

    Harry… so a director in ur state receive N48,000 monthly… pls which state is that… people like you should confirm some information before posting or commenting cos comments are used to evaluate the masses mind on issues.

  35. C4 bravo bravo

    a solder with a family of 5, him self, wife and three other children, 48000, to feed them, how much will he paid for school fees,hw much will he safe to buy land an built a house, dnt foget he also has family he sends money to, inlaws inclusive.
    same solder will serve his country for 35year and he is paid 3mils if he is a master warrnant officer. a senator wil serve for 4year do u know how much they pay them? wen u r a solder u dont have right to ur life, u cant stay with ur family, ur life is no longer us. obey d last order.
    how many other rank solder has a good car, that he or she buy with his or her salary… d welfare for d.other rank is not good enough everyday u see solder dieing in d battle field, no body cares about their dead bodies. work for 35years u can not build a house for urself and have good life with ur family instead u suffer as if serving once country is a sin. u r treated like a second class citizen.

  36. Samuel Brown

    Wonders shall never End! !!! Please the Salary structure of #300,000 for Major & #220,000 for Capt in Nigerian Army? Is it in Nigeria or in the dream? Who is deceiving d World again? There is God oh!…make una dey fear God. I f d salary reach like that, dont u think their life wiould have been better…..This is a big DECEPTION.

  37. Austin

    Google US army and see what soldiering is like, the list private soldier in the US army goes home with about 20,000 usd (8m naira) per month exempt other allowances, their welfares are of the state of the art. And some people are here advertising poverty by saying trash.

  38. Michael

    Why are comparisons, every one job has its own dangers & hazards & when takin a job, u must have agreed to all d benefits & dangers, bsyds these are jst basic pay,when u see d allowances accruing to dem,atimes its worth more dan d pay. We jst pray for Gods protection for all.

    1. sylvo

      Maybe u will send one ur sibling to join the army and have a taste of what they are passing through, we re here talking about suicide life, instead of comment positively and u re indirectly supporting that trash posted by harry

  39. muhammad murtala

    pls what of the senators and house of reps

    1. Admin

      Will do a research on it and post it soon

  40. wino

    From de private to master warrant officer salary should be taken to consideration coz dia are de one doing de job for example in boko harm today how many officers die when ever u see it in de news headline out of 100 soldier 95% will be a private no allowance for dem and u are compare de suffer of dis soldiers with de state director dat de salary is almost 100 thousand and all de allowance will be payed from there u will who suffer most

  41. Ifechukwu

    D info s very true, I can attest for very very sure,may be d soldier in quote has gone for mission in Liberia or Sudan. As for dis salary scale s as correct as never

  42. Ibson419

    Who told them to entre with no qualification? anyhow they are being treated is how they deserve to be treated

    1. Obialor

      How sure are u that u possess better qualifications than they?

  43. Gyobe Victor Mwanda

    Please what is the salary structure of the Nigerian Air Force? Thanks

  44. Abu

    the army are the highest pay unlike the police who work day night with just a stipend.

  45. uduak amos

    Any1 dat choose a career must 1st count d cost. I don’t tink it right to say pple should b paid as much as dey risk. I appreciate wt our army put on d line for our peace but dat come wit d choice of work and d country der find demself.u will b shock how much a medical doctor or a nurse make in nig (peanut) and how many of dem ve died from treating patients,but dats d job dey ve chosen and should ve count d cost b4 getting in I say considering how much every oda person is making I will say der salary is fair (but can be beta).

  46. mustapha mohammed

    Hmm we para military our salary ix too small.I’m workin wit prison department I received #66.000 as inspector of prisons plx what ix the salary structure of para military CONPASS thanks

  47. civic

    The people fighting the battle are earning less amount while the senior officer are huge amount

  48. olatunde

    a soldiers dat dosnt knw hw to handle his or her office ll remain in 1 rank 4 thousands of years

  49. Posh

    If NNPC security are being paid N750,000 monthly because they are permanent staffs, d least a soldier should earn monthly is N1,000,000. Pls go confirm from NNPC refinery. We have security men here who earn as much as N750,000 monthly.

  50. abdulsalam

    In fact I am so dissapointment for this petty salary given to nigeria soldier.they live to kill and they kill to live just to protect their country even without knowing the consequence in the day of judgment.they should be the one that will earned highest salary in Nigeria just bcos of their efforts,and following reason :they live without family, friend, admirer, wife and their children.they live in bush,forest in dark,with courage, they face war at any given time no night clubs,they only enjoy in bush and live with their foe,they lay down their live just to rescue their country.pls nigeria government should add up to the salary of nigeria soldiers. I respect nigeria military and love u all,God bless nigeria

  51. Joseph

    the worst about the Nigerian army pay issue is the gratuity which comparatively is peanut. a staff Sergeant is paid a paltry N2.7M after 35years of service to his fatherland! imagine!
    admin, do a research on that please.

  52. deji

    Chai see something, Primary school teachers dey collect pure water as take home, hmmm pikin wey forget him root don lost oooo.
    See senators with GmG bag every month. God dey!

  53. Jonathan

    How I wish that the rank and file are paid well but come to think of it,don’t you think that it will be counter productive in the sense that when a soldier is made too comfortable he might not even want to do those same thing he use to do b4. I think it’s a matter of choice you either want to serve your country or u go and look for money else where. Good solders are those that enter the job for the passion,respect and desire to serve their country, No amount of salary will be compared to the life they lay down for you.

    1. Admin

      What you say is fair but let the government increase their pay and also fend for their families when they lose their lives on the battle field

  54. Kev

    abeg do for doctors and lawyers.Kudos.

  55. Danladi Ibrahim

    Just to draw the attention of Mr so called Harry Moscow, if u didn’t know hw sldr’s life is kindly shot ur mouth, Let me tell u what u r supposed to confirm first but because ur sponsored to come nd talk rubbish just like a blind folded man, Nhmmm did u know that out of that 48,000 the sldr’s r buying their uniform, boot, sports wear, feeding his fmly including him self, transported him self while going to visit his parent nd even expect to give them something, no trnsp/leave allws, even the NHIS Cover only 30% if ur treatment is above that 30%, then it must involved ur 48,000, Mr so call Harry Moscow kindly go to the barks if u don’t hv a brother as a soldr confirm from any one, just thanks them for their patients nd job weldone, I respect the Nigeria military for that,

  56. pamela

    but…these are not even the true figures of what they actually earn. Its far below what has been published here. God help the nigerian army.

  57. Kalu

    I beliv the very best way to take care of our military is not through salaries, bcos these salaries are noting compared to the wahala they go through. But their take home at the end of the service year or years, it will help them, if not themselves, then the immediate families..

  58. Bayo

    Let us behave like gentle men. I know is painful but if we think about the other side the fault came from our leader becus the are full of corruption and embezzlement and jeopardizing our new govt if not Buhari would have wake up for long. may God bless u

  59. D C Amadi

    It means that a colonel earns more than a professor with ten years experience

  60. edcie

    If these figures are true then these soldiers need not complain. Their needs are well provided for.

  61. solomon i

    Harry said is Point of view save ur insult and talk abt ur own point nt fully sportin him bt 9jarians shop try and understand english language he was askd wat his take was and besides this people swore to serve the country not for the sake of money.a military mans child is her nations child


    6. THEY DON’T PAY SANITATION BILLS and lots more

    1. Tunde

      Well, I’ve not said much but at d same time said a lot…. What does living conditions look like in the barracks?

      1. Heard its not an easy life

        1. Yonathan Yonathan

          And unhealthy

    2. Babagordy

      During the war in Sierra Leone I was passing bye and I saw Nigerian soldiers ordering people to offload a truck covered with plastic tarpulin. By the time they pull the first load out it was corpse of fallen soldiers. I ran as my feet could carry me because i do not want to witness such a gory sight. The is the result of their own occupational hazard, no amount is too much to pay a soldier for his job, that is why the US government will give a soldier twenty points ahead of anybody if one is applying for a new job or benefits from the federal government.

    3. usman abuabakar

      better still you can go join the military to enjoy all this things you mentioned! let me clear you and any other person like you who thinks foolishly like you do, there is nothing in there that we don’t pay! try and make finding before you say anything. don’t talk of anything you don’t know about.

    4. joyc

      only wen they are in d barracks and have u seen how houses look in d barracks

  63. Adebanji


  64. stev

    The least rank in the army should be paid nothing less than 100k a !month. That’s equity.

    1. eflico

      am first class graduate teaching ur children in secondary school, and my salary is 38,000. and u soldier man wit common sec cert complaining that 48k is not much for u. who force u to joined army after all u use ur money to buy it, so u deserved that amount base on ur educational background. or do u think that ur better than a teacher, and mine u for gud three month some state are still owe teachers salary and u hv never miss ur own even once. some of u don’t even hv the o level cert self. abeg go sleep jarre hmm soldier,!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. James gibson

        Dear mr president@buhari,we need change just as u said u will.. Look into our matter.. Haba fa, a soldier dies and his family has nothing to live on.. Baba buhari save us nw or allow us to die for nothing..

      2. James gibson

        May God in his heavenly vengeance course ur entire generation and they will remain suffering for the rest of their lifes.. Amen

      3. KHAMEES

        Eflico ur an illiterate u don’t even nk how to comment, did anybody force u to teach,howmany hours u teach daily? How many times u go to school weekly,and u still go back nd sleep for your house with that dirty ashawo say na ur wife.idiot u said ur a graduate u still behave illiterate u don’t read news u don’t know the condition of ur country,u don’t know the challenges of ur country u don’t know who are the Nigerian soldiers,Read more…..

      4. Samuel

        #Efilco# u must be an illiterate do you think soldiers r nt educated? you r wrong they spend five years in the academy studying courses like u do in the university and also receive training as well, u will almost die during training. U said who force dem to join, it is the Heart of a Patriot which is something you lack, without the soldiers you probably will be a slave in other countries where your certificate will be nothing but a piece of shit, you are an ungrateful bastard. I am a First Class graduate from Adekunle ajasin university and am an officer, I also doubt that u r a First Class graduate cause if u are you will be retained as a Lecturer. God bless Nigeria my country

    2. Yonathan Yonathan

      So Commissioned officers and non commissioned officers will be on the same scale

  65. daniel smart paul

    teaching is not harmful than force.
    is not u teachers who complaning for security? l can you are one of the bad people who doesn’t want to progress of this nuation.

  66. soldier is wall that protect every human being if he fall u too fall (die)

  67. iam a son of an army sergent i never saw my dad for 1,1/2 years when he went for peace keeping in lebanon from 4th arbon battalion ogoja cross rivers state,can a director do that?

  68. never saw my sergent dad for 1& half yrs for lebanon peace keeping ,from 4th airbon bat ogoja crs,a director cant do that

  69. moment

    This is not fair, our Nigeria army are doing a great work and they should be rewarded with an improve salary not this kind of salary scale. The government should do something about this salary.

  70. musa rogo ikon Allah-

    Nice but we need more salary in this year

  71. Mark D

    well seriously Nigeria army deserve more than that,,,, I checked and observed what d Nigeria army r facing within dis country and outside d country’s,,,traveling out for operations and spend many yrs or months without sitting there eyes for there families…. pls d FG should also take d Nigeria army as d number one arm force of d country(Nigeria) and given then all there entitlement (salary) they deserved

  72. Kennedy

    I think a little more upgrade in the salaries of the noncommitioned officers and men will be fine. But the government should work hard to make the value of our naira improve, so they can do more with what ever they are paid.

  73. Lasisi Raji

    the truth is that Naija don’t even deserve a drop of a soldier’s blood. the defence of the nation is the foundation of her success. a soldier’s salary should be worth thrice the salary of a director in the federal parastatals. for crying out laud this guys suffers injustice. they should be more and more appreciated. allowance should be paid as at when due. not this one that there is no allowance at all.

  74. Biyi

    It’s unacceptable

  75. Gapsuk tagurum

    Harry moscow u de mad u no know say soldier deserve 2b paid modan any egencies in this country?U better repent b4 the God of army b4 u are struck by the GOD army.fool at 40

  76. ken

    soldiers need even more than that.

  77. chiadinizu

    Direct from CBN say baba

  78. chiadinizu

    Everything will be alright by Godgrace.Na pay directly from cbn to their acct is d best

  79. Please president have mercy upon this people (soldier). I had a conversation made by people on net

  80. Chima

    Solidars need to be paid more than any body ,even if private they collect 200k e no too much for them. Curse to live your family to go fight e nor easy pls not every body are to comment curse some don’t have sense .if e easy to fight make those when say the money too much go fight .

  81. Tajudeen uthman

    I pray may Allah be with them and protect them from all evil doers . Say the trUth the money is nothing to their lives , if they are paying them in billions and not even in millions or thousands the sacrifice they are doing more than that. They endanger their lives just because of you and I. I can tell you my brother is an Army of the Top Rank , I swear by Allah its about 1 year we have seen him, not only that he yet to marry, we always be in fear whenever we hear of loosing one soldier. So never compare them with any body even the police their job is even a little bit secure and save than soldier . May Allah be with us.


    Do u know that from the same 48k we buy uniforms (20k)… boots (15k)..and other costly military kits. we will still use those kits 24hrs under the rain and sun without compromise. God help us.

  83. This is not fair, the government should do something about this. For heaven sake, this is too poor for someone who served his fathers land by laying down his life for his country.

  84. Igboanude

    I am so much impressed by the comments and support various commentators are giving to the soldiers. The reality is that the amounts given here are almost correct. In fact, the order ranks in Nigerian Army have been suffering untold hardships for years but were not allowed to speak out due to the nature of their job and the various governments has done nothing to improve their lives. I hope general BUHARI will do something.

  85. Edmor

    They totally deserve the allocated salaries in fact the once on the low salary scale should be reviewed ASP. My concern is the 1m 1.9m as salary the so called General I think it needs to come down drastically. A US army general go to war front may not be to face combat but they run the show with highly intelligent etc. Ours protect the politicians and help to move funds abroad. Private, Lance need good salaries.

  86. Ambima Likita

    I’ll join them soon God willing.

  87. JOKE

    May God forgive those in charge of their salary structure,if we can not take care of people that are protecting us,then tell me with all those training.GOD HELP US

  88. uzoma favour

    Am very happi that some pple are responsible and also have respect fr the military is nt easy am tell u I remove cap fr them becus thy risk there life fr us make sure that we are save some one like harry will be a greedy man once he become a leader so u guys should nt mind wht ever he is saying if he said is easy let him try enter bush fr one day and see hw it is so pls wht am being or asking our govt is that the military salary need upgrading pls at list thy have families

  89. Jerry

    Infact i want to take it personal with henry Moscow. He is a thief and an idiot cos non of his generation has ever gone to army training not to talk of becoming one. How on earth can you compare an ordinary civil servant with someone that has being in sambisa forest for months risking his life trying to make peace in Nigeria.At least I have a nephew who just came back from sambisa forest who the so called bokoharam shot on her chest but he survived it by the Grace of God. Please Moscow know the type of comment you make in puplic opinions

  90. kamal

    insha Allah, am inn shortly.

  91. nasir

    This is absurd. Nigeria don pass that level na of paying this kind of amount

  92. snowball

    Why is it that there is no salary harmonisation among the Army, Air Force and Navy equivalents?
    Why should the Navy receive more than the Army?
    The military is a very risky organization to work, yet the way the government and most senior officers treat other ranks in term of welfare is uncalled for.
    No allowances, just the meager salaries.
    Can’t the government borrow a leaf from the US government?
    Once you are a soldier in the US, you can single handedly take care of the welfare of your family and that of your siblings.
    Where is Nigeria going to?
    When are we going to put the welfare, morale and the psychology of our troops first?
    I have experienced it.
    Soldiers are suffering.
    Yet if a soldier is told by a superior officer to do something and he refuses, he will be locked up for insubordination.
    If a soldier dies, the family suffers before they can even get the stipend called gratuity of their late father.
    It’s not supposed to be like this!
    The government is saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring that the children of the deceased soldier(s) get full scholarship to university level, and also have a good place they can call their home.
    Seeing these, the spirit of the dead will peacefully rest.
    But the way the government and top military officers are handling things right now, I bet you the dead are not happy, and one day it will boomerang on the government.

    I rest my case!

  93. Dbdikos

    Those that hate peace are the only enemies of soldiers n will never wish them well.that idiot that is compiring a pravite salari with director that has never witness sleeping in the jungles where wild animals eg pitons are his immediate freinds will ve guts to wormit rubish i belif 2ru his anus, thunder fire you! A recruit should take home montly $2000 let alone a private that has tested battle can a director withstand a weight of an odnary AK47 in a day? I dont need anytin frm u but to withdraw that your senseless post.

  94. kayode olajide

    ther is alot of thief in nigeria army hw can a private soldier receive 48000 per month wT can it buy frm it

  95. Salihu hassan Misau

    @Admin we wanna know salary of President,Vice President and their Ministers

  96. Mustapha nura

    With god all things are possible:
    useless gov’t

  97. helda maxwell kefas

    This not fair the government should do something boko haram are killing soldiers slaughter tham like animal gvt abeg help the familie of the die in fighting for country.

  98. Mohammed babagana

    I am immenesely grateful to all nigeria government uniform especially army navy and airforce it also i give absolute compliment please nigeria govenment see the military salary military is not a small job, military is a valiant work army

  99. I will be happy to be one of them to deffence my countrie nigerian because of this boko haram issue.thanks God i apply Airforce now may God almighty gift me.

  100. Kenneth T. Zinas

    Hmmm, I just remembered Umar Yar’adua, the federal most do something about it.

  101. Emma

    May God bless Nigeria soldiers and I pray to become one

  102. babak

    May God bless Nigerian soldiers and i hope and pray that their least salary should be increase to #150,000

  103. Nwakile Maureen Uzoma

    IF that is the case they need increment in their salaries cause they risk their lives for the citizens quiz n0 61 group 7

  104. judith

    How can a married man with at least 4 children cope wit dis salary considering d present price situation of things in Nigeria.
    Dis is way too poor and has to be increased.

    Mr Moscow I pray that God will grant u wisdom.

  105. baffa zidane

    The money is too small for soja

  106. Lakus Kinset DAPDIL

    The government in power should correct this abnormalities.This is because to join the army now a candidate most have a secondary certificate unlike before that anybody can come in even without any result.Secondly we are in a digital world now and the level of scientific experimentation is growing at a speedy level.

  107. Olaoluwa

    Kudos to all army and all military and paramilitary here in our nation Nigeria, God bless and protect you all, by the case why is that to enter into that job so difficult xpecially if you don’t know some hierarchy people cos i have apply for this job more than three time and pass all the medical screening and exam still dey don’t pick me, last year Oct. I went for the navy too and same thing happen and i am doing this voluntarily not by false, so my question now is that why can’t dey employ people free of charge and what they have to do is the training and give them the job… Awua all the way
    kasata kasata weee waaa wooo
    never say die until my bones are routing
    i am good to go, good to go
    but with all this na #48000k its unfair under the sun, under the rain they will follow they will go and still our government they pay this kind token for those gallant officers hmmm naija… #May_God_in_his_own_mercy_come_manifestand_ take_control_of_our_government_himself. God bless Nigeria Army, God bless Nigeria…

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