The basic desire of every rational Nigerian citizen is that peace and sustainable socio-economic development should prevail in the country. This desire permeates the thinking of the leaders and the led. The problem of Nigeria has for a long time been attributed to leadership failures, others suggested defective political and economic structures, and yet others spoke of the “Nigerian factor”. Well, whatever, the reality is that in comparison to her other contemporaries, Nigeria has been a complete disappointment in both expectations and achievements.

Nigeria is a nation born in optimism in 1960 at independence but has in her many years lived in a state of doubt and uncertainty. Within these years, several analysis and conclusions have been made on critical issues responsible for the problem of Nigeria. This is because all the countries compared to Nigeria in 1960 have made visible progress, developed relatively stable political and economic systems.

It is true that Nigeria’s problem is unattractive; but if we continue to blame Mr president for all the problems in Nigeria, what will then be said of the governors that are receiving their complete monthly allocation, some of them enjoying an increased internal generated revenue yet unable to pay salaries, unwilling to develop their state; like the case of Abia State where the governor is busy owing the state workers several months salary and flagging off never completed projects. I have discovered that many of our politicians; especially those on the opposition parties are generously wicked, their aim is just to tarnish the good image of Mr President. Am not holding brief for Mr President, but he should not be singled out for blames.

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The last administration succeeded in bringing Nigeria and Nigerians to the surface while our basic foundation was left to decay. They were only interested in siphoning and diverting the public money into their own private or personal account with little or no challenge. I expected the last administration to develop a saving culture which has been a major problem to this present administration and a major reason for the suffering today. They encouraged looting and all sorts of official corruption which are the major set back to this administration and the country as a whole. I see Nigeria as a house under renovation where the occupants would have to be discomforted to be comfortable.

But i always ask my self this question, Do we really believe in the dynamism of life? because if our country is to be salvaged, we must begin to face the realities, stop the syndrome of self-deception and face the main truth. Hence, the need to go back to our foundation, as a result, we need to shun ethnicity, party affiliation; and come together to help Mr President rebuild our nation; noting that the reason Nigeria is still at this stage is because nobody is ready to sacrifice, everybody is just talking and no nation can grow without a genuine sacrifice from the people.

President Buhari has made great success in security, corruption fight; which is the bedrock of Nigeria’s under-development, international relations; which will propel our development and others too numerous to mention. He has instituted a strong mental and physical revolution, the reason why every Nigerian today seem to be aware of all the government activities.


But my worry is that we have not used it right. We want change but do not want to change our perceptions and attitude. We do not want to acknowledge the fact that Mr president is building a foundation that decline in oil price can not fall. He is developing an economy where we can feed and cloth ourselves. We have forgotten that Mr President did not take over a developed economy rather a mismanaged one, that means the situation we are in now was going to happen no matter the government in power. Mr president mean well for Nigeria and Nigerians.

I therefore urge all of us to unite against underdevelopment, militancy, terrorism. Lets stop this blame games and get to work. Lets sit up, support Mr President to achieve a meaningful growth and development with the knowledge that tough times never last but tough people do. When we do this, it will be well with us and our generation and those yet unborn will be proud of us. God bless Nigeria, God bless Nigerians.

By JOMO IROHA. 08091038310. He Writes from Enugu Nigeria.


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Jide Adeyoye Franklin

Jide is a prolific writer, researcher and a certified author on Nigerian Infopedia. He is a very experienced tech personality with knowledge in SEO and current trends online.

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  1. Ogechi Udorji

    I totally disagree with this write up. Making president Muhammadu Buhari look so clean and innocent is appalling. I’m sure he knew what he was getting into when he started nursing the ambition to rule Nigeria. He must have done his feasibility studies. One of the problems I have with him is the way he went about blabbing and branding Nigeria and Nigerians in general, corrupt. His attitude chased away investors and the economic downturn is part of the repercussions of that act. The man presented himself as a messiah, making promises he knew he couldn’t fulfil and now that he failed, he has been playing a blame game.
    in the case of ethicity I’m sure you know he has been favouring the northerners the more in his government.
    honestly voting him is one of the mistakes I made.
    concerning the issues of the governors, what do you expect when the corruption is seated at the head? Does it mean nothing could be done to curtail their excesses? Well we have a paddy paddy government so they can get away with anything.

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