New Shopping: Shopping at Classifieds

image03You have definitely heard something about classifieds. Probably, you have heard A LOT, for they are becoming more and more popular. But do you really know what real classifieds is?

Classifieds website is a place, which has gathered dozens of thousands of advertisements posted by people from all over Nigeria. If we compare this online shopping spot to real physical place, we will get a market. Like at real market, people sell goods here. They also display everything and try to explain why you need their stuff in the most attractive way. Buyers can even bargain with sellers wishing to get the lowest possible price. Only encounters are digital, and there are no any other significant differences.

You can argue and try to prove that real markets are much better. But can you buy there everything without leaving your home or office by several simple clicks? Can you get clothes, electronics, stuff for pets and new furniture at one place? Can you get a shopping spot for free, without paying any rent? You should definitely do it all with classifieds. You can definitely do it with website

This website is the biggest of its kind in the entire country. Where else can you find over 520,000 active advertisements and over 10,000,000 monthly visitors? That makes Jiji No. 1 in marketing. We also provide the best selection of things available: twelve categories, which are divided into smaller sections and comprise everything you can imagine. And those are not just empty words, for items are represented in the range from a hair pin to a new house. And don’t even say it doesn’t impress you, for it does for sure.

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Though is a place for shopping online, it preserves the most important principles, like personal communication. Here users communicate with each other, making the new shopping function according the best old rules.


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