National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) PhD Courses & Fees

NOUN is one of the accredited Nigerian University where distance learning is provided. With both full time and part time courses offered at NOUN, postgraduate and undergraduate students are sure to get the best academic experience in the country.


The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) was established in 1983 but started offering academic priogrammes in 2002. It was in 2009 that the School of Postgraduate Studies was then established.

All these has helped to expand the knowledge, enhance the skills and even add value to students attending this school, especially when they indulge in professional career pursuit or engage in business activities.

While this page seeks to list out the Phd courses offered in NOUN and the fees, we would also give a breakdown of fees for prospective students who wish to enrol at the Open university.

PhD courses that are available at NOUN include

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) programme (By Research) in:

  • Public Administration

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme (By Research) in:

  • Christian Theology/Religious Studies
    English and Literary Studies with specialisation in English Language, Literature in English, African Oral Literature

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme by Research in:

  • Agricultural Extension and Management
  • Applied Mathematics (Industrial Option)
  • Crop Production/Protection
  • Animal Production
  • Applied Biology
  • Polymer Science
  • Environmental Science/Climate Change
  • Waste Management

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme

  • Educational Leadership with specialization in:
  1. Educational Administration
  2. Educational Management
  • Science Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Mathematics Education

Please note that every programme in the school are by coursework and research.


Here is an analysis of fees PhD candidates are expected to pay during the course of their programme.

  1. Application form | 10,000 | 10,000
  2. Registration fee per annum | 150,000 | 150,000;
  3. Course Registration Fee (where applicable, per courses) | 10,000 | 10,000
  4. Laboratory Access Fee (where applicable, per courses) | 20,000 | 20,000
  5. I.D. Card | 2,500 | 2,500;
  6. Library Fees | 10,000 | 10,000;
  7. ICT Administrative Charges | 10,000 | 10,000;
  8. E- Facilitation | 6,000
  9. Examination Fee | 3,000 | 3,000;
  10. Re-sit Examination fee per course (where applicable) | 4,000 | 4,000.

Undergraduate School Fees (New students)

If you are new student, this is the breakdown of the fees you will need pay for eash semester.

Fees | 1st semester | 2nd semester

Registration Fees | 2,500 | 6,000;
Caution Deposit | 3,500 | 3,500;
Orientation Fees | 1,500 | 1,500;
Matriculation Fees | 1,500 | 1,500;
I.D. Card | 500 | 500;
Library Fees | 3,000 | 3,000;
ICT Administrative | Charges | 10,000 | 10,000;
E- Facilitation | 4,000 | 4,000
Jamb Regularization | 6,000 | 6,000.00
Result Verification Fee | 5,000.00 |5,000
Total Compulsory Fees | 33,500.00 | 41,000.

Returning Students School Fees

Fees | 1st semester | 2nd semester

Registration Fees | 2,500 | 6,000
Library Fees | 3,000 | 3,000
ICT Administrative Charges | 10,000 | 10,000
E- Facilitation | 4,000 | 4,000
Total Compulsory Fees | 15,500 | 23,000.


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  1. Oyekunle, Lukman Oyewole

    Can someone with M.Sc (Biochemistry) apply for PhD in Applied Biology or Environmental management?

  2. Badru Saleh.A

    can someone with masters in school media with an Mphil/Ph.D grade apply for Ph.D in Educational Planning?

  3. Hezekiah Sanya Okunlade

    can someone with proceed to MPhil grade apply for the MPhil at NOUN or what such person should do to progress in the academic programme?

  4. Ekebosi Nzubechukwu C.

    Is there a Ph.D.program in Criminology and Security studies. Can someone with Sociology apply for admission.

  5. Ihejiere Walter

    I did peace studies and conflict resolution in Msc. what course can I use to do my PhD?

    1. Samson adegboyega Sodeko

      Is there no PhD in peace studies and conflict resolutions

  6. Morolake Adama

    I have MSC social works administration
    what PHD course can I run with NOUN please
    thank you



  8. akabe odanteni moses

    i have certificate in theology, diploma in christian religious education, B.A. theology (edu) Masters in Sysytematic theolgy from TCNN and Masters in CRS from University of Jos via TCNN i want to further to PHD in Theology do you have such course for me? and with these above mentioned certificates am i qualify?

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