Full List of MTN Data Plans in Nigeria (2019) & How To Subscribe

MTN is a mobile telecommunication service provider that operates in over 20 countries and have about more 232,6 million subscribers across its operating countries making it the eleventh largest mobile network operator in the world and the largest in Africa. While this company’s headquarters is in South Africa, about one-third of its revenues come from Nigeria, where it holds about 35% market share.

MTN Nigeria as stated above has the largest share of subscribers in Nigeria.  It also has the widest coverage and the first privately owned mobile telecommunication service provider in Nigeria.

Aside calls, MTN Nigeria also offer internet services. The internet is accessed either through the use of data or airtime.

Accessing the internet using airtime is known as “Pay as you go” and it cost 5 Kobo per seconds. Our focus is on on it.

The focus of this article is MTN data plans in Nigeria, their subscription code and validity period.

MTN offers data plans that ranges from daily, weekly, monthly, 2-months up to 3-months. The plan you go for is determined by the amount of data you use for a period of time and how much you’re willing to pay.


Before discussing the data plans, let see how to activate internet browsing on MTN.

How To Activate MTN Internet Browsing Settings On Phone

Usually most smartphone now a days comes with automatic settings or the settings are sent immediately you on the phone.

However if for whatever reason you phone does not have the settings, we are about to show you how to activate your smartphone for surfing the internet.

Send a text containing SETTINGS to 3888 to get the automatic configuration file, it is free of charge, save the settings immediately you get it and you’re good to go.

To get it manually, use these settings below:

Account name: MTN GPRS

Access point name (APN): web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

IP Address:

Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)

Username: web

Password: web

Below are all MTN data plans that can be used on your smart devices:

MTN Daily Data Plan

The MTN daily data plans are usually mini data plans that last for 24 hours and are usually small in small. It ranges from 20MB to 150MB. Usually, some people use this for testing the browsing speed of the network in a new place before paying for a bigger plan. Imagine using this plan on an android device. Without turning off background data, the data will finish before you finish reading the news

  • 20mb for N50 – dial *131*1*1*1#
  • 50mb for N100 – dial *131*1*1*2#
  • 150mb for N200 – dial *131*1*1*3#

MTN Weekly Data Plan

The MTN weekly data plan ranges from 150mb to 1Gb. You only need to choose the most suitable for you.

While some people can finish 1Gb in a week, some people can barely use 500mb in a week.

  • 150mb for N300 – dial *102#
  • 750mb for N500 – dial *103#

MTN Monthly Data Plan

The MTN monthly data plan last for 30 days which is a month. The minimum amount of data in this section is 1.5Gb.

This is suitable for most users that are average internet users and done watch stream or download a lot.

  • 5GB For N1000 – dial *106#
  • 5GB For N1000 – dial *110#
  • 5GB For N3,500 – dial *107#
  • 10GB For N5000 – dial *116#
  • 22GB For N10,000 – dial *117#

MTN 2-Month Data Plan

With this plan, MTN gives you 50GB of data for N20,000 and it’s valid for 60 days (two months)

For the activation code, dial * 118# or Text”118″ to 131 on your MTN line to subscribe. Except you are a heavy user of data or its for organizational use, this might not be for your use.

MTN 3-Month Data Plan

The MTN 3 month data plan gives you 85GB of data for N50,000 and it’s valid for 90 days (three months).

To activate, simply dial * 133# or Text”133″ to 131 on your MTN line to subscribe. Just like the above, it’s also meant for heavy users or organizations.

Alternative Way Of Subscribing To An Mtn Data Plan

There’s a simple way you can use to access all these data plans. With this alternative way, you only need to memorize one USSD code and with it, you can access every other plan. No need to memorize all the codes above.

Dial *131*1# and follow the prompt until you get to the data plan you wish to subscribe to.

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