MTN 4G LTE Services: How to Activate MTN 4G on Smartphone

How to Activate MTN 4G LTE service on your android or i-phone that supports 4g LTE

MTN Nigeria has released their 4G LTE data plans that will see internet speed being taken to another level. This will come as a plus for regular MTN data subscribers who are on 3.5G or 3G networks. Although, the use of 4G network in Nigeria isn’t that popular, this step taking by MTN to provide such service to Nigerians will help boost data and internet productivity.

To activate the MTN 4G LTE service as a subscriber, you’ll need to swap your SIM card for a compatible 4G sim card from any MTN office or outlet near you.

How to Know if my Smartphone is Compatible With MTN 4G Network?

MTN 4G network currently run on Band 7 (2600mHz) and they’ve made it easier for everyone to confirm if your sim card and smartphone supports their 4G services by following the instructions below:

  • Text 4G to 131
  • You should get a message like this to know whether your device is compatible “Yello! Your device is 4G ready but you need to upgrade your SIM to enjoy MTN 4GLTE…

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  • If your android or Iphone is compatible with the MTN 4G service, visit any MTN service center near you and request for a SIM swap to 4G compatible sim.
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