Minumum Wage in Nigeria vs Minimum Wage in Other Countries (Compare)

The latest news on minimum wage in Nigeria shows that the various arms of government of the country are not ready to discuss not to talk of increase the minimum wage to a reasonable amount owing to how expensive things in Nigeria has increased and even the economy.

minimum-wageWe did a little research on how much some countries collect as their minimum salaries and found out that Nigeria is at the losing end when compared to what other countries collect. What even shocked us was even the salary of a lawmaker in Luxembourg and that of a Nigerian senator salary. The difference is just too glaring.


1. Nigeria – $38 (N18,000).

2. Algeria – $175 (N83,000).

3. Belgium – $1,738 (N810,000).

4. Cameroun – 36, 270CFA ($75) N38,000.

5. Chad – $120 (N60,000).


6. Denmark – $1,820 (N900,000).

7. Libya – $430 (N190,000).

8. Japan – $1000 (N450,000).

9. Cote D’ivoire -36,607CFA $72.

10. New Zealand -$3,187 (N1.4m).

11. Luxemburg – $2,500 (N1.1m).

12. Spain – $760. (N300,000).

13. Switzerland – $5,620 – N2.5m.

14. USA – $11 per hour.

Ironically, Nigeria politicians earn the highest salaries the whole world. In Luxemburg where minimum wage is $2,500, their lawmakers are paid $7,400. In Libya where minimum wage is $430, law-makers earn $3000. In Nigeria where minimum wage is $38 (N18,000), law-makers earn $65,000 (N29m). What a shame.

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How long will this continue?



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    We no go gree

  2. shiekh jamiu AbdulQadir

    Very soon there will be a revolution against these oppresors,and am happy s6e northern lawmakers are now tasting violent reactions from the masses.until it spread across the country the animal farm pigs will not have a change of mind

  3. Muotolum victoria

    this is something the government should look into

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    this is serious government should take action .(2015054109) quiz no. 20

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    Nigeria government self…(88)

  6. josh

    f**king highly corrupt country.

    1. its our bad leaders who are to blame

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