Men: Seven Signs To Know She Has Friend Zoned You

Hey bro, if you like her and you just cannot understand why the feeling is not mutual but she is actually friendly to you, it just might be that you have been friend zoned and the question of having a relationship with her that transcends beyond being “more than friends” does not arise. 

The “Friend Zone” refers to an interpersonal relationship in which one member wishes to become romantically involved while the other would rather remain friends only.

Here are seven signs which show that you just might have been friend zoned by her:

1. She Addresses You As “Just A Friend”:

Irrespective of how many “cute” hours you both might have spent all day together, which may occur everyday, she still introduces you to her parents and all those who care to listen that you are “just a friend”, for instance, “Chizoba is such a kind hearted guy but he is just a friend” or “I just like Nkem, he is my bestie”, this should help you accept your fate in the Friend Zone.

2. She Avoids Being Seen With You In Public:

Bro, once you both are out and she makes excuses every five minutes to make use of the rest room, to avoid being seen with you in public so people do not get the wrong idea about you two, that should give you a hint that you are not the main guy but the friend zoned guy.


3. She Always Tells You About Her Hookups:

This might actually be the most challenging part of being in the Friend Zone. Reason is because you get to hear all about other men that she is giving ALL of her while you are not even on the first ten on her list.

Trying to convince her that those other guys are not good enough for her because you feel you should be her one and only is like pouring water on a rock, it will not sink in, it will just evaporate into thin air. This does not matter to her because she cannot see you as anything else. Sorry!

4. She Always Seeks Your Advice:

She keeps asking you for tips on what guys want in a woman, not because she wants you to woo her or that she feels something for you but because she clearly has her eyes on another guy and is seeking ways to make him notice her through the wisdom in the advice that you render. Bro, take heart, you have been friend zoned.

5. She Tries To Set You Up With One Or Two Of Her Friends:

My man, if she constantly tells you of how perfect you are with this or that friend of hers, you should know that she is indirectly telling you that you are not perfect for her, stop crying, it is well, your friend zone is on an epic level.

6. You Are Always Doing Her Favours:

Maybe you helped her study for her final exams at the expense of your own studying or you covered up for her at work, even traded shifts with her and she still cannot read your message, forget it, you are just a friend and will remain a friend.

Can you remember giving her rides from one place to another without being invited into these places? You actually drove her to her Prince Charming, deal with it!

7. You Are Her Shoulder:

This is the worst way to realize that you are most definitely in the Friend Zone. Whenever you end up consoling her each time she has a heart break, trust me, you are in her friend zone.

She only remembers to cry on your shoulders when she has had a terrible break up, you are the one she comes crying to, the one she wants to sit on the couch with and share a bucket of ice cream while crying her eyes out, you have most definitely been certified as “just a friend” and have been relegated to the place called “Friend Zone”.


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