President BuhariIn three months time, President Muhammadu Buhari who peregrinated to Aso Rock on the basis of transmogrifying the status quo ante bellum will be spending one year in the highest office in Nigeria. During the course of his marathon campaign, he promised to counter insurgency within 100 days in office and rescue the missing Chibok girls who are now women.

Although they have technically ended Boko Haram insurgency on the pages of Newspaper as if we are living in the Republic of Idiots, it beats rational imagination that the dreaded terrorists are still unleashing terror on the people why the president and his cabinet heap praises on his administration before the altar of the International community that he has ended insurgency based on his imagination.

Our president also promised making electricity constant without increasing the tariff, but today our dear country is the heartbeat of darkness before the international community while NERC increased electricity tariff without consulting the consumers; the President also goes about flouting the orders of competent courts of jurisdiction.

Are we living in the republic of idiots with lost memory that can’t decipher the truth from falsehood? There was also the promise of stabilizing the Naira if elected. Baba pledged to do that by ensuring that the Nigerian Naira is equal to the American Dollar but today, One Dollar is sold at almost 400 Naira. Our currency has become an embarrassment before the International community thereby making it to genuflect before other countries’ currencies.

Are we living in the Republic of Idiots? At a campaign rally in Kano and other places, Baba promised to create three million jobs yearly to solve unemployment palaver, eight months down the line, the President has not created ten jobs out of the three million jobs he promised.

This is a clear obituary of truth in an administration which promised to lead by the truth and nothing but the truth. What will Baba Go slow tell the world he has achieved in May 29, 2016? One year after his ascent to the highest office in the land?

Time waits for no one.


Written by Chigozie Ani, Edited by me, Maduawuchi Innocent Obialo.


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