Medical Doctors Salary Structure in Nigeria: How Much Do Medical Doctors Earn?

In this article, Nigerian Infopedia shall take a look at the salary structure of medical doctors in Nigeria monthly. The medical profession is one of the noblest of professions in Nigeria. Nigeria, the most populous black nation on earth has over the years, produced the best minds in the field of Medicine. The dignity of being a medical doctor is perhaps the reason most science students move heaven and earth to make sure that they get admitted into medical school.


The training received at medical school is not child’s play, this is because several years are put into perfecting the things thought at medical school and because human life is very important and at the mercy of the medical doctors should one get sick and require treatment. Facilitators ensure that these life savers are thoroughly prepared to face the most challenging of tasks ahead. Having said all these, the question now is how much does a medical doctor earn in Nigeria? 

Certain factors are considered when looking at the amount received by a Nigerian medical doctor monthly and such factors may include the experience of the doctors and the sector (Public or Private) they work in. So how much do Nigerian doctors earn?

Medical Doctors in private hospitals don’t earn the same as those in public hospitals. In private hospitals, doctors receive as low as N80,000. It could be higher depending on the location, case load and experience of the doctors. In order to earn more, most doctors who work for private hospitals shuttle between two or three jobs, doing shifts from one hospital or clinic to another.

In government-owned hospitals, many attempts have been made to regulate the salaries of doctors and the latest is the Consolidated Medical Salary Scale – CONMESS. However, challenges still exist with implementation and there are still disparities in what is paid in federal hospitals when compared to some state-owned hospitals.

Starting salary for federal government Medical doctors is between N195,000 – N220,000 excluding tax and other reductions. Entry level salary for state doctors vary depending on the state. Some states pay their medical doctors N150000, the highest one can find in States is around N240,000.


How much a doctor earns also increases considerably with time, experience and specialty. But those who earn the most are the senior doctors, consultants. Some of them earn up to N800,000 per month. This tells you that government doctors are paid more than their colleagues in the private sector.

It is worthy of note that the lack of proper funding and good pay package for our doctors has led to a situation where other countries are poaching on us and recruiting our doctors leading to brain drain. The best hospitals in Nigeria cannot be compared with their counterparts in many foreign countries. No wonder wealthy individuals prefer to fly their families abroad for medical attention even at the simplest complains of a headache.

Do you feel the figures stated above are contrary to what is obtainable in Nigeria today, do you want to air your views about this? Feel free to use the comments section below.


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  1. ubong ubom

    a consultant earning upto 800,000 a month is not but evn professors dont earn upto this. Government should do more as this does not match with their efforts

  2. Uche

    Why can’t the years spent in school be reduced to at list 5yrs the first year in school is useless to them I bet you cos I am a medical student too

  3. Uche

    Why can’t the years spent in school be reduced to at list 5yrs the first year in school is useless to them I bet you cos I am a medical student too in Nigeria

  4. Maryann Asemota

    Nice one! I came across an article where it was stated that a survey was carried out by in 2017, and that salary data for different professions were gathered all across Nigeria. The survey result showed that a medical doctor earns an average salary of #250,000 a month. This excludes other financial benefits and multiple job earnings. The survey also found out that the salary increases with the years of experience in the field and while an entry level doctor earns an average of #170,000, an average middle-level doctor earns an average of #270,000.

    1. you are right as being a medical doctor is one of the lucrative professions/career in nigeria

    2. DETOY

      I was actually smilling when i read that article; just curious about what people think about doctors salaries in Nigeria. Which doctors are they talking about. these values may be true for doctors working with the federal gorverment where things work and they are not just new doctors and they are the minority. the majority work in private sectors and some states where they pay them less than 100k per month. some states deduct up to 29k per month from there salaries as task.

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