For Married Women: Eight Tips To Help You Get Pregnant With Ease

These simple tips are for married women who for one reason or the other find getting pregnant a challenge.

Every married woman longs to carry her baby to feel the joys of being a mother and these steps should be beneficial to you.

1. Eat Healthy:

Avoid junk foods. These foods actually taste good and are really sweet but in the long run, they can be a stumbling block to your getting pregnant.

Eat healthy foods, foods rich in protein, they stand you in good stead to get pregnant. You should also reduce your caffeine consumption as this can reduce the fertility of a woman.

Also try to avoid high cholesterol diets.

2. Maintain Healthy Body Weight:


Strive to keep your body from being underweight or overweight. Striking the right weight balance can promote your chances of getting pregnant.

An overweight woman can take twice as long as a woman with the right weight to conceive. If your body mass index is greater than 25, you are overweight and if it is above 30,you are obese; anything less than 18.5 qualifies you as being underweight. The normal weight values is between 18.5-25.

Calculating your body mass index (BMI) is easy. It is simply dividing the value of your weight (in kilogrammes) by the square of your height (in metres).

3. Do Away With Alcohol:

Alcohol should be avoided if you want to conceive. There is strong scientific evidence that alcohol can reduce your fertility. No matter how small or how large the volume of intake may be, the impact will do more harm than good to your fertility. Avoid or do away with it completely.

4. Avoid/Quit Smoking:

Cigarette smoke contains over a thousand chemicals generally known as ‘TAR’ that is capable of throwing the spanner in your work to get pregnant. They may result in loss of egg cells and ultimately reduce your fertility. Avoid or completely stop smoking cigarettes and Indian hemp if you are trying to conceive.

5. Reduce Too Much Strenuous Workouts:

Are you a fitness junkie? Very good. Staying fit helps keep your weight balanced, fitness in itself is not bad but like the saying goes, “too much of everything is bad”, learn to reduce too much strenuous workouts as they can affect ovulation process and cause menstrual disturbances.

6. Have More Sex In Your Fertile Window:

Chances are increased when a woman has more sex during her most fertile period. This period in a woman’s make up is called “fertile window” and it can run for about six days.

All five days before her ovulation and the actual day of her ovulation should be the time best suited to have sex as it is widely believed that the woman is most fertile during this time.

7. Pre-Conception Planning:

Consult your doctor or reproductive health official to help guide you on the best possible ways to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

8. In-vitro Fertilization:

This process is done outside the body in the laboratory. Here, the egg cells are taken from the woman and fertilized by the sperm cells of the man in a liquid medium and then implanted into the woman after 2-6 days to establish pregnancy.

Hope you find these tips helpful. This is not an expert medical advice as I am no medical doctor but a biochemist. I believe it should guide you on your journey to being pregnant and happy. Try it out.

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