Mark Zuckerberg Visit And The Nigerian Mentality

Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria. It’s a sight to behold. A man worth $54b, in Naira, thats about 22 trillion Naira. He jogs on the street of Lagos with no escorts,  no fanfare, no extravagant show off, no unnecessary awareness, a trillionaire.

mark zuckerberg

But welcome to Nigeria, where a yahoo boy who just duped a white man of two million Naira would go on all designers just to pass a message that he has indeed arrived or better still when an ordinary local government chairman drives with a gamut of escort with noisy sirens just to announce his presence.

Even pastors who do not even do anything but lie and extort ignorant people would preach with armed bodyguards all over, meanwhile they emphasize on God being able to protect you from all dangers. Who is deceiving who.

pastor chris okotie surrounded by guards

Anyways, I envy the great Zuckerberg, his charitable lifestyle is unparalleled, second only to Bill Gates. His humility is unmatched, and his impact on our world is invaluable. I forget to mention, he’s an atheist, but of more value than millions of ‘them’…

Meanwhile, thank God he didn’t announce his visit. The Federal government would have formed a committee to receive our “August visitor”. He would be met by masquerades and cultural dancers.


And lest I forget about the road jog and pictures of him in Yaba, if he had announced his visit, he would be surrounded by soldiers and pot bellied ministers would jostle over themselves just to have a picture with him but yet, he chose to jog unguarded showcasing how free the seventh richest billionaire in the world is even in the open; something a common commissioner in Nigeria can never do.


Meanwhile, APC would record it as one of the achievements of GMB while PDP would claim the visit was finalized under GEJ. What a mentality. If only Nigerian leaders could take a cue from the lifestyle of Mark Zuckerberg, Obama and other great leaders who live a humble life and lead the people in a manner worth emulating, then this nation would be great.

Meanwhile, history was once again made  in Nigeria on Tuesday 30th, August 2016 when the founder and CEO of the world’s largest social media network, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria unannounced.

This piece was written by Lary Awani and edited by Chizoba Ikenwa.

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