How To Make Straight “A’s” Every Semester

Are bad grades getting in the way of your academic success? Chances are, you may need to change your approach to studying before you will see your grade improve.

To Make Straight "A's" Every Semester

Truth is, there are no shortcuts to doing well in classes. Earning a college degree is 1% inspiration an 99% perspiration. So, roll up your sleeves, and try the eight study strategies to make straight “A’s” every semester that are shared by many successful college students.

8 Ways To Make Straight “A’s” Every Semester

1. Don’t Skip Classes

Totally obvious, but essential for success in class, is to attend all classes. Some lecturers/professors take roll. Many do not, but unless you are physically and mentally present, you cannot possibly catch all that is going on (even if you borrow someone’s note).

2. Study, Study, Study

Another obvious one here? Perhaps, but the rule is you should be spending at least three hours outside of class for study everyday if you want to make straight “A’s” every semester in school. And for some classes, you will find you need a lot more time than to master the material. So, here are some suggestions: study early and often. Breaking your studying into shorter period of time will make led of a chore-and give your mind time to absorb the material before moving on.

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Develop and practice good study habits. Make it a habit, and studying will become second nature to you. Know your best study methods, some people need complete silence while others like a little noise. Find what works for you and stick with it.

Study with friends to gain supports, but… Don’t turn it into a social event. A study buddy can be a great tool as long as you actually get some studying accomplished. Learning is critical to better grades- so do the work before heading out to have fun.


3. Write It Down

It is up to you to remember due dates for assignments and test dates. A day planner or big calendar is great for organizing your life. Record all the important dates (including exams, term paper deadlines, and other assignments) at the beginning of each semester and update it regularly as the needs arises.

4. Study Your Most Difficult Subjects First

The courses that are most difficult for you require the most energy. Study the hardest material first ad save the subjects you enjoy for later. Try getting up an hour earlier to study the subject before breakfast. The rest of your day will be a breeze!

5. Location, Location, Location

If you’re serious about getting work done, find a place with few distractions. Establish guidelines with roommates or family members for quiet times make the library, empty classrooms your study sanctuary.

6. Memorize and Understand

Face it, you’ll probably need to memorize a certain amount of information, remember is not enough to memorize the key for you will be to remember and understand what you memorize. What can help? Generate examples, create memories, make summary note, identify key words, and self-test to meter the material.

7. Study Everyday

Students who makes A’s spend time on their studies each day. Stay on top of for courses and don’t get behind on your reading, assignments, papers e.t.c. Review your notes every 24 hours of taking them to head off forgetting and to clarify them so they will have more meaning when you study for tests. Oh one more thing: use small blocks of time- you’ll be amazed what you can get done between classes.

8. Get Help Early

Find out if your courses have study guides, a web site, and supplemental instruction sessions. Consider joining or forming a study group, getting a tutor, using a Math lab or help with math, going to a Foreign language Lab for assistance with foreign language, seeking help with papers at the writing center and attending an Academic Success Programs, workshop, seminars will be of great help, explore all positive possibilities, yes pull out all the stops! You will definitely succeed in making those good grades you crave for.

So what do think on this little How To Make Straight “A’s” Every Semester write-up. Please use the comment section below if you have any other idea in making good grades in school.


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